The Best Nootropic Supplements For Online Poker

The masses are taking their daily health more seriously as we become more educated on the positive effect of supplements and how they can impact us.

From pre-workout to immune-boosting supplements, there’s something for everyone looking to take their health in the right direction, and people are using nootropic supplements now more than ever in everyday life. It can help a variety of people in a number of different fields, from students to professionals. The benefits of nootropic supplements can be significant for online gamers too.

There are many facets to online gaming; there’s eSports competition with high winnings on the line, casual online gaming on a console, playing on mobile devices and even poker. In fact, the 2014 World Series of Poker Champion Martin Jacobson supported using nootropics for poker, specifically Ciltep. If online poker players are looking to get an edge or indeed gamers in general, then they might be dismayed to find that reviews of the nootropic pushed by Jacobson are not favorable.

However, there are some nootropics that will do the job perfectly, as we’ll get into with this piece.


Poker can be an intense game full of ups and downs, wins and losses, and as humans regulating our emotions, that roller coaster can be a challenge. Aniracetam can help pull a bit of the emotion out of things allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on the game at hand. Aniracetam is also considered helpful in the creativity department, which can help in a pinch and help the player come up with creative solutions at the table. Lastly and most importantly, in our opinion, it helps protect and restore memory; there are a lot of actions and exchanges happening at the poker table, and making sure you’re retaining and reacting properly to what’s happening is crucial to winning. By stimulating receptors, aniracetam may improve memory, concentration, and reaction time.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Catecholamine is directly associated with memory and impulse control, two things that are constantly tested at the poker table. Enter N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, which helps with cognitive functions that are absolutely critical if you’re looking to win games of poker consistently. Players have a lot to remember, such as poker hand rankings, variants, pot odds, what their opponents have already done, and more. This exists outside of poker, too. In games like Overwatch 2, you’re keeping track of your team composition, and how your opponents are set up can be the difference between a victory and a loss. Keeping the mind as focused as possible is a big step towards being successful.


Creatine is an amino acid located mostly in your muscles, but some people forget that creatine is also in the brain. Playing games competitively, especially ones such as poker, can be difficult, and the brain needs ATP to perform those difficult tasks. Creatine can increase dopamine levels; thus, after taking it for just a few weeks, you’ll see a marked improvement in memory and recall ability. It also helps prevent fatigue and tiredness, and with poker, where players sometimes stay up into the early hours of the morning, creatine can help the body stay alert and keep the brain functioning at a high level regardless of the time.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is a supplement that’s been used for centuries in some cases to help improve a number of brain functions. Studies have shown that Bacopa improves memory retention and the ability to process visual information. Bacopa Monnieri is also shown to prevent anxiety and stress, and when combining all of those positives, it’s perfect for an online poker player to use to keep their game in top shape. Players are constantly put in stressful situations during the match, and the wrong decision led by anxiety and stress can lead to a loss of money and even more stress after that. Bacopa Monnieri tackles numerous brain functions and emotions to help players focus on the table and hand at play.

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