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Love is a gift everyone desires to have in their lives. It is why people think of fairy tales and dream of love at first sight. It is the reason you get dreamy when you see two love birds walking hand in hand or sharing their breakfast together. There is something powerful about having your own man for yourself. It feels like bliss to be the only person someone thinks about you and no one else. There is something that feels your heart to exploding capacity when you know you are wanted just as you are.

You have always desired this to be fulfilled in your life. But every time you get into a relationship it terminates prematurely. When you have given it your all and you are thinking it is going to go to the next level some dark cloud suddenly appears and your prince charming disappears in a puff. It does not have to be this way. You too can find love. All you have to do is take a step in the direction love points you. You can do this by plugging into Text Chemistry, the one way you will win his heart for good.

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About Text Chemistry

The world has evolved so much that before you engage in any other form of communication with your person of interest you will first text. Texting has become a game of wit that demands you either know how to play it or you lose out on relationship chances. Texting in the right way can snag you that long-awaited date or have your life partner clinging to you like you’re the air they breathe. This program is geared towards women who are trying to find their footing in the dating scene.

Text Chemistry is a way of snagging that man you have always dreamed you would have. It is a psychological way of capturing a man’s heart that has been created by Amy North to bring any man back to you. Amy North is a renowned relationship coach and best-selling author who has sold more than 100,000 copies of this program to women with great success. She hails from Vancouver, Canada, and has a YouTube channel that she uses to educate her followers on how best to date in this digital era.

This online program is set in a way that it doesn’t matter whether he had decided he was going to leave you. The moment you send him this secret text message he will only have eyes for you. He will leave every woman and focus all of his attention on you.

Hundreds of women have tried this method of texting whoever they would have wanted to be with. It does not matter if it’s your husband, ex-boyfriend, or someone you are having a crush on. It is said to be able to work in any case scenario. Please be advised that it has nothing to do with magic but a psychological approach to understanding a man.

What’s in the Package

Amy North’s program is a three-part series that involves you being taken through a simple step-by-step guide on how to nab the man of your dreams for good. This series is set up in a written manual that is broken down into easy to digest parts. You will also get 13 videos that explain how you will need to be in order to be a worthy player in the dating atmosphere. Here is the breakdown of the videos:

  • Part 1 Introduction.
  • Women’s Speak.
  • How to properly use jealousy.
  • Visual language.
  • The pros and cons of using emojis.
  • Part 2 Introduction.
  • Early texting success stories.
  • The power of humor.
  • Supernova texts.
  • Part 3 Introduction.
  • Real-life interaction 101.
  • How to cheer up your man.
  • Closing.

You will also get four bonus programs to help you unravel the texting chemistry mystery. You will have access to the whole of this online program the moment you purchase it on her official website.

Text Chemistry Review

How Does Text Chemistry Work?

Text Chemistry is almost like a cheat sheet that helps you go through the phases of dating while having a place of reference. It consists of a number of text messages that can help you reply to a man’s first messages in the online world. These text messages are put together with the understanding of how a man thinks and what he would want to talk about during the first stages of dating.

These text messages are great icebreakers that get a conversation going for any man. When you send such text messages a man will automatically want to reply to you so that he can keep you engaged. They will keep him wanting more and asking for more by always replying to your texts. The program calls this the “Attention Hook” as it grabs him and draws him closer to you in every way.

How to Use the Program

The Amy North program comes in both written and video formats. You can easily get to the information you need through the eBooks that come in the program. The guide in the eBook is well structured to go from the initial stages of a relationship to the developed stages where you are able to run with it as yourself. The program acts as a guide to get you through the murkiest waters in a relationship. These are the stages where you could easily lose a man if you are not careful.

You get to have text examples you can use at any time of your dating so that in case you are feeling lost, you will have a perfect response. As you get used to the system of how a man thinks you will be able to formulate your own personalized responses following the model Amy has outlined for you. Amy has spent years of her life studying how a man thinks. She has taken all the years of study and written them in an easy to follow guide that will get you to glory land when you follow it.

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How Often Should You Use It

Text Chemistry is a program that is tailored like your relationship guardian angel who is always a glance away. You can have an eBook with you on your phone even when you are on your text date. That way anytime you need a hand to get out of a sticky reply you can just sneak in for some guidance. The book is very easy to navigate making sure you don’t have to desperately go through chapters of information that are not helping you at that particular point in time.

The beauty is the more you read the eBooks the better you get at texting with that extra flair. You can watch the videos over and over again till they become a part of you. This will help you not stare at a text for hours wondering what you should say back. You will be armed with the right reactions for every text you get. You can even start conversations smoothly and get him to hang on to every word you say.

Therefore make this your daily habit so that it can become a part of you. If you really want to make a difference in your dating world then this program should be at your fingertips. The beauty with it is your fellow girl, Amy North, is telling you how to do what you are supposed to do. You will be in the very best of hands as she feels your struggle as a woman. You will only have to be faithful in keeping her close.

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Is Text Chemistry Safe to Use?

Text Chemistry is a wonderful collection of video and eBook program that guides you through the murky world of digital dating. It helps you unravel the mystery that this technologically advanced man has become. It will help you figure out how to best reach out to him in a language he best understands.

Benefits of Text Chemistry

Text chemistry creates romance through text messages.

  • Romance text teacher: One of its benefits is that it teaches you how to text in order to grab the opportunities of love that come to you. The texts are put together following years of study of how a man thinks and knowing which words to capture him by. These texts get the man hooked on to you.
  • Empowering women: This program helps you know the power you have in you as a woman. It gives you the courage to begin conversations or take charge when a conversation seems to be getting out of hand.
  • Self Expression Teacher: You get to learn how to best express yourself on text using the available tools you have. You get to learn how to use emojis, how much to text, when to text, how long to wait before replying, and a myriad of other lessons.
  • Secret Text Store: This program comes bundled with tons of text messages you can use at different times to help you go through a tough spot. There are texts for every season of your getting to know one another. One beauty of this text bank is that you are never stuck at any particular point in time.

Purchase & Price

The whole Text Chemistry package goes for $49.95 only and is packed with great information to get you through the toughest dating scenarios yet. You can be able to access all this from Amy’s official web page the moment you purchase it.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Amy North has given you a 60 day money back guarantee that is for your own security. If you feel you have not gotten value after one and a half months of use then you can always contact Amy for a full refund of your purchase. She does this knowing full well you are going to completely satisfied with the wondrous psychology of a man package.


What sort of magic does Text Chemistry use?

Text Chemistry is a program that has been put together to help women capture the attention of their male counterparts using psychological methods. There is no magic trick apart from using your mind to grab the attention of a man.

How often should I use this program for effectiveness?

Use the program as often as you like so that it becomes a part of you. You can listen and watch the videos or read up on the text messages and different methods of grabbing a man’s attention through the words that you speak.

Does the program have a trial period?

Text Chemistry does not have a trial period. It becomes available when you buy it online. The security you have is that it has a 60 day money back guarantee which assures you of sending your money back if you do not get the results you were looking for.

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  • Easy to understand guide how to text.
  • A bank of perfect text messages for every romantic occasion.
  • A packed package of video and text guides to lead you through a relationship.
  • A guide to understanding dating in the digital age.
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • An affordable price.


  • The program is only available in soft copy.

Customer Testimonials

“Finding love for me was always not so easy. But keeping that love was even harder. I struggled to get things running and always ended up saying something not so thoughtful before we were even close. Most times I ended up saying these things on text. I decided it was time to find a solution to how to text and communicate better. I stumbled onto Text Chemistry on my search and really loved the idea. I’m glad I decided to give it a try. Five months on and I’m nicely settled in my new found love.” Claire Robinson, 28, New Zealand.

“I’ve always struggled texting. I’m not such a talkative person but I end up saying something end up saying something in my few words that get men going in the opposite direction. When I came across the Amy North program I thought how great of an idea it was. It was almost like she knew the personal struggle I was going through. And it was a sweet relief hearing her talk to my individual case. I bought the program immediately and I’ve been doing so well getting guys interested in me. Now I have a man I’m crazy for and it’s going beautifully well. Rosemary Sterling, 33, Ontario.

“I have lived a life always feeling small and insignificant. It was like men never really saw me. I knew I wasn’t all that much of a looker, but I thought that maybe one day I’d meet someone who would see me for who I really was on the inside. It was like that day was not coming. I finally decided to get help. I wanted to know what was inside of me that was not working out. I found my answers in the Text Chemistry program by Amy North. I am now living my dream relationship. I’m so thankful! Betty Little, 37, Vancouver.


Text Chemistry is a program that has been formulated through years of studying and understanding the way a man thinks. It has been created with women in mind so that you can get all the help you need to grab a man’s attention from the word go to the point when you are together for life. It follows a step by step procedure through the natural phases of a relationship to the point you are in still waters. Grab a copy of the program today and start living your dream romance.

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