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Wood makes the home warm. Articles made out of wood give off an earthy feel to the room they’re in. They are inviting and homely. But wooden items can also be an eyesore, especially if you get them done by a quack carpenter. And you may have been there before where you end up stuck making do with a wooden item which was made for you by a quack. You decided to keep it because you had already paid up a fortune for it, but deep down inside, you are not pleased with it.

There are times when you have thought you could make yourself your wooden items. Maybe you even tried to do it at one point, but the effort bit the dust. If you have ever been in such a position, then you were pushed to your end. You just didn’t know how to measure and cut your wood right. You only wish you had real plans that were safe to follow. There is hope for you in that regard.

Ted’s Woodworking is a course of plans and guides that are meant for you who have always to make your wooden items but never had a blueprint to follow.

Ted’s Woodworking

About Ted’s Woodworking

Ted’s Woodworking is a course that has put together 16,000 woodworking projects. It was compiled by a retired certified master woodworker who perfected his skill over the many years he worked as a carpenter. Having gone through the challenge of finding woodwork schematics that gave good results at the beginning of his career, he labored to get his plans right from the measurements to the drawings on to the final product.

He then compiled these plans over the years and finally decided to share them with the world. He shared them with the desire to make your life easier if you desire to create a woodwork item and do not know where to begin. He is a trainer who teaches woodwork techniques and is also an author. He desired to fill the gap of lacking woodwork blueprints that you need to complete your project. He realized that was a need as the available plans do not satisfy this need.

What’s Inside

The package contains 16,000 plans that have been compiled over the years of a successful carpentry career. They are detailed plans that have been done for you, leaving the only part of the utility to you. You will get a step by step guide for every project in the package that holds your hand, so you don’t have to do any planning yourself.

Every plan comes with its cutting and materials list so that you can buy items based on a specific quantity and not estimates. This specificity allows you to save a bundle when you are specific with the materials you need as well as their amount.

You will get detailed schematics of the project you are undertaking, leaving no room for error. The pieces will just fall into place when you use these blueprints. They come in color, giving you very vivid imagery of where every part should go.

Not only that, but you also get these images in 3D, so you don’t get confused at any point of where which part goes where. These images cover your project from every possible angle and level, so you know how your project should look like way before you create it. You can have a clear mental image of how the end product will be like ensuring you do not get off the trail.

Ted’s Woodworking plans

Ted’s Woodworking plan

How Does Ted’s Woodworking work?

Ted’s Woodworking is a program that brings together 16,000 different woodwork projects broken down from the beginning to the end. You get these projects in a soft copy once you pay for the purchase. You can also get them on a physical DVD if you choose to. These 16,000 projects come with individual plans that are broken down into different parts of a project.

You get to have the materials listed down with their quantity. You will also have the cuttings needed to be listed down, so you know exactly what you need to do. Each project also has 3D images of how the woodwork item will look like. These images give every angle the final product will be viewed so that you can have this imprinted in your mind.

There are also numerous tutorials where you are taught how to use tools and methods of preparing the wood you are going to use. You get to learn a lot even from the free bonuses that you get, which teach you the art of carpentry.

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Benefits of Ted’s Woodworking

There are numerous benefits that you get from this program. The world of Woodworking is diverse and cannot be thoroughly exhausted. That is one of the attributes that this program seeks to cover.

  • Unlimited Resources: This program comes lauded with 16,000 projects, to begin with. That means that if you were able to do one project and complete it every day (which is impossible), you would need more than 43 and a half years to finish all the 16,000 projects. This is why this resource is seen as limitless. And to top it all off, you get to have a free monthly subscription where other new projects are sent your way.
  • Life-changing Free Bonuses: You will get four free bonuses that are life-changing. These come with free designing software, 150 woodworking videos that are made by woodworking experts that have already made it, and two eBooks that teach you how to start a woodworking business and give you a step by step guide on how to achieve numerous woodworking techniques.
  • Easy Already-Done Projects: The projects that you get in this program are so well laid out from the blueprint to materials, imagery, and then execution that you will not go wrong any step of the way. Ted has seen to it that you do not go through the challenges that he went through when starting out. That means that even if you’re a newbie you will have no problem in it.

Purchase & Price

Ted provides several resources to you that cover projects that you would take a lifetime to complete. He provides a total of 16,000 complete projects that you can work on. He lauds Ted’s Woodworking as the number one carpenter’s resource. These 16,000 projects come with their fine blueprints that you can access in 3D diagrams. Each project comes with its bill of required materials, photos, and even cutting instructions.

You get access to a lifetime free monthly subscription that exposes you to the latest plans that have been made on top of the 16,000. That means that if you are ever to feel you have exhausted the 16,000, then you can always access more plans monthly. What’s more, you can also request custom-made plans based on whatever item you want to make.

To top it all off, Ted offers four bonuses, all free of charge for a limited time. The first bonus you get is the DWG & CAD Plan Viewer, which gives you the power to create, modify, and edit your woodworking plans. He also offers 150 instructional videos from veteran carpenters that will help you become a better woodworker. The third bonus you get is an instructional eBook on how to start a profitable woodworking business.

To top it all off, Ted offers the Complete Woodworking Guides, a 200 plus pages eBook that teaches you how to work with tools, how to create different joints, and essential tips and tricks to get you to the point of being a master carpenter. All this material is priced at $297 from the official website, including the bonuses. Ted is currently carrying a limited time offer selling off the product at just $67. This includes every part and bonus mentioned above, as a free lifetime membership of monthly subscriptions.

You will get access to all these plans from an online portal the moment you pay this small amount. If you’d like, you can also get all this information in the form of physical DVDs that can be shipped to you. All you need to do is request this package at check out.

Ted’s Woodworking review

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Ted is sure of the woodworking plans that he has put together for you. That is why he gives a 60-day money-back guarantee if you feel that you were shortchanged and have not got what you expected. Ted’s guarantee is a personal promise that you will get what you paid for and more. His joy is that you are fully satisfied with the purchase you make, and he will ensure that you get fulfilled with it.


How soon will I be able to access my plans?
You get access to your woodworking plans immediately after purchase from a secure portal. You also have the option of getting physical DVDs that cover the series. You can opt for this at the point of purchase. These DVDs will be shipped to you and will take a couple of days, depending on your specific location.

What will I get when I make the purchase?
You will get 16,000 woodwork projects with detailed plans on how to execute each one of them. You will also get a lifetime membership with a monthly subscription with new projects coming in. You will also get tutorials that train you on how to become a master carpenter.

Apart from that, you will get four free bonuses. These include 150 videos from master artisans teaching you how to be a better craftsman, free CAD design software, and two eBooks that teach you how to begin and sustain a profitable woodworking business and a guide of over 200 pages showing you how to become a better carpenter.

How much is the program worth?
The program is worth $297. It is sold at $67 only for a limited time until the demand rises more than can be sustained. So grab your copy as soon as you can.

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  • Sixteen thousand woodwork projects to choose from.
  • All projects come with detailed schematics.
  • 3D images included projects.
  • It comes with a cutting and materials list for precise purchase.
  • It comes with four free bonuses that add great value to the total package.
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Has the option of getting the package in a DVD pack.


  • The price is on a limited time offer that may expire at any time.

Customer Testimonials

“I always wanted to make my own furniture but had a tough time bringing what was in my mind down on paper. I tried a few projects but failed miserably. I even tried to buy one schematic to follow and it turned out horrific. I finally came across this program and it changed my life. Onto my seventh project and I love the process.” Ralph Dillinger.

“I have just finished my first project making my wife a rocking chair. She is so happy with it and she can’t stop praising me for such good work. I’ve literally rocked her world so thank you!” Matt Redman.

“I’ve always wanted to start off a woodworking business but never quite knew where to begin. I get such fulfillment from making wooden items that I felt unfulfilled without it. I knew I’d hit gold when I found Ted’s Woodworking projects. The in-depth plans are a sure way I will not lose out on any part of a project. The bonus guide of how to start a woodworking business changed my life for sure as I started my life-long dream. I’m now in my ninth month and still going strong. Thanks a lot!” Raymond Cheshire.


Woodworking is a great career to have. It also serves for a wonderful hobby as your reward is in the creation of different items that may even outlive you. You may have struggled to start out a carpentry project or career, but with Ted’s Woodworking program, you will be given a new start. You will get thousands of complete projects on paper with your work being to execute. Take the plunge today and transform your life.

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