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We live in a world that is fast paced! What is new today becomes old tomorrow. And the fact that everything that we need in today’s life is just a click away makes our sedentary life even more unhealthier to us. Gone are the days when we would walk down the lane to our favorite juice shop and relish some fresh fruit drinks. We order most of the things on food delivering applications on our phones and have it delivered to our door step. There could be many problems for us to head on to the unhealthy route and fall prey to many vulnerable health issues as well. At the bottom of it, we end up being obese or developing other health problems.

Now, the only way these days people keep track on their health is through smart devices like the smart watches. Smart watches are electronic watches that give you a day to day analysis of your activities be it the number of steps you’ve taken, the number of flights you’ve climbed, the amount of calories you’ve burnt, it also gives you a detailed analysis of your sleep cycle. Also, smart watches make your life easier, you can set reminders in them so that you have your to-do list for the day in handy.

The popularity of smart watches have emerged to an extent that it is soon to become the next most used and popular smart electronic device that we humans love after our mobile phones. And seriously, there’s no exaggeration in this. However, with so many smart watches available in the market, it is very hard to narrow down on one that will meet our requirements and also with our budget. Most of the elite smart watches come with a very pricey tag, some are even expensive that a smart phone itself! Therefore, to make your life easier and help you achieve your health goals and keep track of it, we’re introducing you to the most trending and popular smart watch in the market right now, the TechWatch! Read on to know more about it.

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A Brief Introduction About TechWatch

TechWatch can be considered as the smartest entry in the world of smart watches that promises you the same features like the big brands of the market out there, however, it comes with another pro that it comes at an affordable decent price unlike the other brands in the market that will cost you an arm or a leg.

If you are someone who has recently nurtured interests in taking care of your health and leading a healthy, happy life, then this watch is going to be your best friend in this journey. It will help you in monitoring all your health vitals with accuracy. This TechWatch will also help you with reminding you to your tasks which you otherwise miss out on maybe because you’re always on your toes busy with other works. By setting reminders on your TechWatch you can be rest assured that all those days of missing out on major tasks are gone.

The TechWatch will help you watch your everyday activities by keeping track of it in a detailed manner. Also, it does the work of logging in your pulse, sleep, heart rate, and so much more. This TechWatch smart watch has a Retina HD Touch Screen for smoother functioning, and the fact that it’s compatible with two most widely used operating systems on mobile phones, the iOS and Android systems, this smart watch is a 100 percent compatible with all of your phones.

When people head to buy a smart watch, they tend to search and look out for all kinds of features and pros. But they miss out one factor — the price factor! The entry of TechWatch in the market is driving away people’s misconception about smart watches falling into the non-affordable category.

How Does TechWatch Work?

Within a short period of time, this uber cool smart watch has won many hearts be it among athletes, everyday people, or businessmen. Wearing this watch is like wearing a personal assistant on your wrist that is capable of transforming even the busiest of days into carefree ones. The watch’s front and back is made of glass that is durable no matter how strenuous your everyday activities are. The watch’s comfortable silicon strap feels very comfortable for you to wear it 24×7, comfort while wearing your smart watch is highly important, because these watches are meant to be worn all the time for it to provide you with the detailed data. The TechWatch can be worn on a perfect evening as well as for training or casual purposes as well. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of TechWatch.

techwatch review

Characteristics of TechWatch

The TechWatch uses the latest technologies to provide you with assistance throughout the day. Some of its unique characteristics are:

  • Bluetooth Dialer: The Bluetooth dialer is not found in many smart watches. You can connect your smartphone and enjoy listening to all the mp3 music without having to take out your phone all the time to switch between songs.
  • Health Monitoring Functions: The watch has a pedometer that keeps a count on the number of steps you’ve taken. HR is a heart rate indicator which also updates you if you need to improve. Calorie Follower is included in the watch which keeps a track of calories you’ve consumed throughout the day. This will allow you to understand when you’ve gone overboard.
  • Android And iOS Features: The TechWatch smartwatch is very compatible as it provides you with notifications regarding incoming calls, WhatsApp notifications, general text messages, and Facebook updates as well.
  • LCD HD Touchscreen: This watch comes with a display of sturdy finish and has a touch screen of 240×240 pixels which is the right size of display for a smart watch.
  • Alarms: In this TechWatch you can also set alarms to wake up or sleep.
  • Reminder Support: In this TechWatch one can also set reminders for events like meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, seminars or even office conferences. It alerts you!

tech watch review

Benefits of Using TechWatch

Let us take you through the benefits of using TechWatch that gives it an upper edge than other watches:

  • Battery Life Is Long-Lasting: When it comes to smart watches, this is a very vital aspect that you need to look into. You don’t want your watch to discharge midway through the day. TechWatch comes with a solid 3-5 days of battery life and can be charged to a 100 percent in just one hour.
  • User Friendly: The watch is apt for all kinds of activities and its touch screen is very easy to use and get adapted to.
  • Great HD Display: The display is very clear and colorful. It’s easy to read all the information on the watch without straining your eyes much.
  • Compatibility Is Great: The fact that its compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems makes this watch much more easier to use and connect with your mobile phones.
  • Very Apt For Active Lifestyle: The smart watch also comes with ECG (electrocardiograms) which can be used to analyze your heart health as well.

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Technical Specifications of TechWatch

  • Size: 100.000,1×30,5×30,5cm
  • Band: Silicon
  • Touch: Touch screen with retina HD
  • Weight: 99.8g
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Alarms: Yes automatic
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Battery:  I lithium-polymer battery
  • Compatible: With iOS and Android
  • Mesaage And Call Notifications: Yes
  • Case: Ultra-resistant aluminium

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Directions To Use TechWatch

  • Long press the button on the watch to start
  • Connect it to your smart phone through Bluetooth
  • Touch the health tracker button on the watch screen to read the calorie rate, heart condition, steps taken, etc.
  • Wear during running and walking
  • Long press buttons to reject calls or read the messages.
  • Recharge the battery for not more than an hour

Purchase, Price And Money Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

It is best advised to purchase this product from its official website. On the official website, one can avail limited period offers. And depending on the volume of TechWatch that you ordered, there is a possibility that you can avail extra discounts as well.

Once the order is placed, it will be processed within 20 days from the day of the order. If you receive a defected watch, you can file for a return and refund request after contacting the support team of the TechWatch. Make sure you raise a request within 30 days from the delivery of the product. The official website of TechWatch has all the detailed information regarding this.


Pros of Using TechWatch

  • Good battery life
  • Reminder alerts along with health activity tracking
  • Physical electrocardiogram features
  • Good quality used

Cons of Using TechWatch

  • You cannot bathe wearing TechWatch
  • You shouldn’t overcharge the battery of TechWatch

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Customer Reviews

techwatch reviews

Jeena: I am a runner, an athlete. There’s so much going on in my life that I seldom have time to keep a track of the activities that I have done throughout the day. At the end of the day I’m tired but I don’t know why I am. I always wanted something to track everything that is required as an athlete — the steps I take, the kilometers I have covered, the calories I’ve burnt and eaten, and most importantly how rightly is my heart functioning. I knew a smart watch will help, but the fact that it is so expensive always kept me away from buying one. One fine day when I stumbled upon an online advertisement of TechWatch, I fell in love with its features and the price tag it came with. I found a good deal on their official website and ordered for the same. Once I started to use the watch, my life has been so much easier. I love the fact that I can even set reminders on the watch that remind me to take my supplements on time and take the necessary breaks in between my work.

Harry: I’m a software engineer and the profession I chose for myself created a deadlock on my heath condition. I needed some motivation to become fitter and more spontaneous towards physical activities. My girlfriend suggested that a smart watch would be ideal. I looked up for a decent one with a reasonable price tag. I found an amazing one at a good price on TechWatch website. I immediately bought it and after using it I know how bad my physical capabilities were. I started of with 3000 steps a day as target and slowly upped the numbers. And within a month I’m doing nearly 7000 steps a day. How cool is that? The phone also helps track various other things which is an added bonus for me. It acts like my personal assistant too reminding me of upcoming events and notifying me about phone calls and messages. Life seems to be more sorted after using TechWatch.

Conclusion — The Final Thought

Life today is incomplete without the presence of gadgets like mobile phones and now the second most popular gadget that people are using are smart watches. If you have always steered clear from buying a smart watch because you thought it was expensive, then TechWatch will change that perception of yours.

This watch not just helps you track your health activities, but it also helps you by being your personal assistant by providing you with notifications about social media and phone calls. If your busy life makes you forget certain events, then this TechWatch will remind you regarding the same. You can also set your sleep and wake up time on this watch and it will remind you about the same. This watch will help you stay updated about how well your heart is beating as well. For all those music lovers, this watch will help you listen to your music and switch between songs without having to reach out to your phone all the time. So, what are you waiting for? Order one and live the smart healthy life you’ve always wanted to.

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