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Flashlights are essential in your daily life – Be it strolling in the park or sudden power cut. A small sized pocket-friendly flashlight can always come in handy.

The TC 1200 Pro Flashlight is an extremely powerful flashlight. It is equipped with CREE LED technology and has 5 light modes. With a life of 100 thousand hours, it is a highly durable and long-lasting flashlight.

tc1200 pro flashlight

About TC1200 Pro Flashlight

The TC 1200 Pro Flashlight comes powered by 3 AAA batteries. It is 25 times brighter than other regular flashlights available in the market. Being made from Aluminium, it is highly durable and comes in 5 different light modes.

Being made up of aeroplane quality aluminium, it is incredibly light in weight. It is waterproof and has digital regulating output.



The TC1200 Pro Flashlight uses three powerful AAA batteries that give a very bright light output.

With the advanced CREED LED technology, it produces 25 times brighter light.

CREED LED Technology

With advanced LED emitters, it is a very efficient device. It is also engineered with a special CREE XML2 chip. CREE, as we know, is one of the leading manufacturers of LED chips and lights.


The TC1200 PRO has a 2000x zooming feature, due to its telescoping focus feature. This gives it a high resolution and focused light output


The TC1200 Pro Flashlight covers a light distance of about 2 nautical miles, which is the highest compared to any other light available in the market.


The TC1200 PRO is made up of aircraft specialised Aluminium alloy, thus ensuring the flashlight doesn’t break even when it is under high pressure.

Long Use

The TC1200 PRO flashlight has digitally regulated output. This ensures that the flashlight can be used for as long as 100,000 hours.

Multipurpose Clip

The TC1200 PRO flashlight has a multipurpose utility clip that makes it easy to clip on the belt or pockets during travel or daily chores.


The best feature about the TC1200 PRO is its size. Measuring about 5.09-1.90 inches, it easily fits into the hand.

Light Weight

The TC1200 PRO flashlight, though made of Aluminium, weighs only 5.6 OZ, making it very lightweight and easy to carry in a purse or even in hand.

Water Proof

The TC1200 PRO flashlight is fully waterproof according to the IP65 standard. So you don’t have to worry about it during a downpour.

Heat Protection

The TC1200 PRO has a feature of heat protection. This protects the product from high temperature of the surface, thus protecting the screen.

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The TC1200 has a tactical bottom push switch that makes it easy to use and is continuously on during its use.

Magnetic Base

The TC1200 PRO has a magnetic base. The end of the flashlight is made up of magnet. This makes it very useful as it can be switched on and kept in hands-free mode, attached to a surface. This feature comes to great help when one is working in a garage or under furniture.


The TC1200 has a scratch-proof lens that can be very easily removed with the help of a screwdriver for its cleaning or replacing.

Dust Proof

The TC1200 PRO is dustproof according to the IP65 standards, thus maintaining a clean and neat body.


The TC1200 PRO is designed in a way that it has a strong grip and does not slip from the hand. It also comes equipped with an anti-slip feature.


The TC1200 PRO comes with 5 different modes of the brightness of the light to choose from. It can be chosen according to the brightness needed.

Purchase And Price

The TC1200 Pro Flashlight is priced at a competitive. The pricing of this product is as follows.

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Pros of TC1200 PRO Flashlight


The TC 1200 PRO is made with the advanced CREE LED technology that allows it to give a very bright light.

It is made up of about 1200 lumens, which make it more powerful.


The TC 1200 PRO is equipped with a single die LED, known as the XM-L2 LED. It comes from the manufacturing house of CREE and is the best performing LED available in the market.

The XM-L2 provides about 20percent more lumens for better brightness.

Digital Regulation

The TC 1200 PRO has a digitally regulated output feature. This is specially made to maintain the brightness at a constant level and not decrease the performance standard.

Telescoping Focus

The TC 1200 has a telescopic focus that enables the flashlight to zoom in and out.


The TC1200 PRO is made up of Aircraft grade Aluminium Alloy. It is also made to pass various tests like being run over by truck, dropped from a height and even boiled in water. Yet it has passed all the tests.

Thus the TC1200 PRO is a very tough and durable flashlight, made to last all circumstances.

5 Modes

The TC1200 PRO flashlight has 5 different brightness modes. It can be regulated according to your need. The first one is the High, second one is Medium, and third one being the special Strobe mode and the fourth one is the SOS.


The TC1200 PRO flashlight is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are strong for its brightness. It can also be attached with a Li-ion battery, which is rechargeable.


The TC 1200 PRO flashlight has a very strong grip. The roughened body makes it anti-slip and anti roll. Thus, you don’t have to fear about the flashlight dropping from your hand.

Trust Worthy

The TC 1200 PRO was first tested and given for use to the militaries and armed forces. It has gained the trust of armed forces and has started its journey to impress the public.


The TC 1200 PRO is specially designed to attain a long life of about 100,000 hours. As a result, it has a very long shelf life.


The TC 1200 PRO comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. You have to contact the customer services, and they will arrange to repair or replace it.

Free Shipping

The company offers free shipping. It does not have any delivery charge, regardless of the place from you are ordering.


The TC 1200 PRO has ongoing offers which allows the user to get 5 more flashlights free with the 5 flashlights they buy.

Cons of TC1200 PRO Flashlight

Unavailability of the CREE LED

The only con of this product is the fact that the CREE LED bulb used in the flashlight is tough to get if it is damaged or broken, both of which are very unlikely.

Why Should You Buy TC1200 PRO Over Other Flashlights?

  • Unlike other popular flashlights available in the market, the TC 1200 PRO comes with a lifetime warranty. This ensures that the flashlight is replaced or repaired every time it gets damaged.
  • The TC1200 PRO is equipped with a CREE XM-L2 LED chip, that helps it to give about 25 times brighter light, thus giving you a very good vision.
  • The TC1200 is a very handy gadget with a weight of only about 5.6 OZ. Thus it takes up very small space, unlike other big flashlights.
  • The TC1200, unlike other available flashlights, has a guaranteed lighting time of 100,000 hours, which is more significant than any other flashlight has to offer.
  • While most flashlights are either made up of fibre or steel, with a very durable Aluminium Alloy body, the TC 1200 is a very tough flashlight.
  • Compared to other flashlights available in the market, the TC 1200 PRO has 5 modes of brightness control. It can be changed according to the amount of brightness needed.
  • The TC1200 PRO has a scratch-proof, waterproof and dustproof body and glass.

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What is the price of the TC 1200 PRO flashlight?
The TC 1200 PRO flashlight comes for a price of only $56. It is a little bit costlier than the other available flashlights but is undoubtedly worth it.

What is the power source of the flashlight?
The flashlight TC 1200 PRO is powered by three AAA batteries. Once the battery is used up, you can replace with new AAA batteries. It also comes with a Lithium-ion operated battery, which can be easily charged.

Can I take it fishing?
Being made waterproof and having a telescopic zoom feature, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by water. It can also be used to watch along the shore and until some death.

How to get my money back once I find my TC1200 PRO flashlight is not working?
The company gives a lifetime warranty on TC1200 PRO flashlight. If there is any damage or problem with the product, all you need to do is to call the customer care and follow their instructions. They will either repair the damage or replace it.

Customer Reviews

TC1200 PRO Flashlight review


The TC1200 PRO has a very compact structure and comes with an Aluminium Alloy body. It is a very lightweight, small in dimension flashlight, thus making it portable.

TC1200, powered by 3 AAA batteries has the exclusive CREE LED technology and thus provides a 25 times more powerful brightness.

It has a scratch-proof glass, waterproof and dustproof body, has a very good grip and comes in a very modern design.

The TC1200 PRO is a must have flashlight for everyone, for daily needs, irrespective of any field of your occupation.

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