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When the sun gives way to the night you can be in some bit of trouble if you are not in a well lit area. You might be in the comfort of your home but want to get something from the attic or repair a blown bulb. You could be on the road and you need some emergency lighting. If you are in need of some powerful lighting then you need to consider the options.

In any of these situations you need to have a light that packs enough light in it. You also need to get a light that is compact enough to store in your glove compartment or stash in your jeans pocket. Should you be thinking in these lines then please consider the Tactilight X 360 flashlight.

TacticalX Flashlight

About the Tacticlight Flashlight

The Tacticlight X 360 flashlight is an extremely compact flashlight that will make you think little of it. But don’t let its size fool you. It is an extremely bright light in an aluminum shell. Packed inside this light is 800 lumens of brightness.

It is made tough to endure any testing times it goes through. The industry grade aluminum is responsible for this tough exterior build. This gives it the capacity to handle wear and tear to a great extent allowing it an enduring lifespan.

The flashlight has zooming options that give you varying light. You are able to zoom from its first x1 to x250, x500, x1000, and lastly, x2000. This allows you the focus that you need wherever you are. The light has the capability of reaching a target as far as 500 meters away allowing you great visibility.

One of the most useful light options is the strobe light which allows you to alert those around you of your presence in a dark night. A far better lighting option for emergency purposes is the SOS mode. This lets you alert people when you have an emergency in a remote area.

Key Features of the Tacticlight Flashlight

The Tacticlight is a superb flashlight made tough using aircraft grade aluminum. It is able to handle a lot of pressure of more than 8 tons. It is tough as a nail with the tests run on it having a forklift greater than 8 pounds driving over it. Another test has a jet fighter rolling over the flashlight with no impact on it.

The flashlight is also able to handle impact to a great extent barely registering any scratches on it. It is an enduring flashlight able to remain taut under impact.

The Tacticlight 360 is able to zoom to distances of up to 500 meters. It has up to five zoom options from x1 to x2000. This zoom option gives you amazing lighting wherever you are. With 800 lumens at your disposal you are able to see across a football field comfortably.

The Tacticlight X is made waterproof to keep it free of moisture even when it falls in water. It can endure rigorous use to the extent of working even when submerged in water. It is also shock resistant. Given an eventuality that the flashlight falls on live wires or something similar it is able to keep the current from getting to its circuitry.

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How Does the Tacticlight Flashlight Work?

The Tacticlight X is made simple to use. It fits snugly into the palm of any size of person. It weighs a comfortable 200 grams so you don’t get tired when using it. It uses LED technology for a bright and steady output.

The flashlight uses 3 x AAA batteries which are affordable to purchase. The beauty is LED bulbs consume very little power in comparison to their older normal bulbs. This ensures you last a long time before having to replace the batteries.

The torch has a double switch for ease of use. You can be able to access the different capabilities of the flashlight using this switch.

This flashlight functions as an emergency device because you can use it as a glass breaker. This is in the case that you have locked yourself out of your car or someone is stuck in a car.

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Benefits of the Tacticlight Flashlight

The Tacticlight is a bright flashlight that gives more than 800 lumens of brightness. It is able to throw this powerful beam up to 500 meters away. You have the ability to change the zoom with five different variations. X1, x250, x500, x1000, and x2000.

The Tacticlight is just 5.9 cm long making it nicely compact to fit in anywhere you need it to. Though small, it is a lethal tool that is able to break through glass if you need to free yourself from a place you are stuck in. It is only 200 grams heavy but maintains its strength despite being compact.

It has a variety of light modes including strobe and SOS modes to help during emergencies. These are apart from the normal light beam. The flashlight releases 10 watts of power from its powerful LED bulb.

Purchase & Price

You can be able to purchase the flashlight from its official website. Here you are able to get the Tacticlight at just $67 for one piece. You are able to save $18 per piece when you buy two pieces. And the more you buy the more you are able to save. For example if you choose to buy 4 Tacticlight flashlights at once you will save a whooping $25.

The flashlight also has great qualities like being:

  • waterproof,
  • impact resistant,
  • extremely strong,
  • shock resistant,
  • And fire resistant.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

The company has not set up any money back guarantee or refund policy for this particular product that is known. There is, however, a three year warranty that has been set up.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It has a brightness of 800 plus lumens.
  • It is fire resistant.
  • It uses 3xAAA batteries.
  • It is impact resistant.
  • It has multiple light options including normal, strobe, and SOS.


The flashlight comes with only two color options, black and white.

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Customer Testimonials

“The flashlight has been a dear friend when I go mountaineering every summer. It keeps me safe at night as I’m able to see everything going on around me.” ~ Ted

“I once got caught in some dense fog one day coming from work. That’s when I realized how Tacticlight is of great help. It has a powerful beam strong enough to pierce through the densest of fogs. I was able to get help using the SOS beam very quickly.” ~ Sandra

“I have to get to work very early before daybreak. I trust Tacticlight X 360 to light my way even when I’m in the warehouse. I have avoided every accident thanks to this flashlight that lights my way.” ~ Joe


If you are looking for a flashlight that will supply you with a great amount of light over a great distance then the Tacticlight X 360 is the flashlight is the one to go with. You get a compact package with a powerful output. The Tacticlight is a keeper for bright light using little resource.

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