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Watches on the wrists make a more significant statement than anything as a first impression. Plus if it’s a smartphone, then it is an altogether different ball-game. Rich in features and other utilities, smartwatches are one of the best investments along with a smartphone. All notifications can be seen at a touch. It’s very irritating to take the phone out of the pocket or purse for every message that you receive. Hence, a smartwatch makes it easier.

It helps in keeping track of your Instagram feed. It keeps track of the heart rate while on a morning run. It observes the depth of the diving area, oxygen in the tank and GPS co-ordinates. It is multi-functional. Some have a camera and can even play music. They are a great addition to the arsenal of gadgets.

Along with all of these above-said qualities, comes an issue. It is small and prone to be hit anywhere since it is on the wrist. When buying such an expensive gadget, its durability becomes a huge concern. If it is damaged once, then there are humongous costs for its replacement. Then there is the constant worry of the battery which quickly runs out of charge.

After considering all these points, a new venture has been launched from Hong Kong.

The name of the product is Tact Watch. With a wide array of features and remarkable durability, this is the best possible option for an avid gadget freak. No other Smart-watch performs or looks like this or performs like Tact watch.

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About The Product

Tact Watch is a product that is manufactured in Hong Kong. It is a creative collaboration of military engineers aiming for a tech-savvy and also a durable and robust watch. Designed with military parameters, this an all-purpose super sporty smartwatch. It has good features and excellent durability, which cannot be compared to a normal smartwatch which is delicate and fragile.

One of the most challenging aspect of manufacturing this watch was that it had to be of military standards. At the same time, it also had to cost-effective and affordable. But the best brains together finally did pull it off and created a beautiful and sturdy smartwatch called the TACT Watch.

The qualities of this one of a kind watch are amazing. Value for money is the perfect statement that would fit in the description. However amazing other smartwatches are, it will never have the same combination as the TACT Watch.


The TACT Watch is an amazing product. It is an everyday smartwatch, with all the flashy features, but without the usual weakness of built quality. By far, this is one of the best smartwatches available in the market now. This watch is possibly one of the hottest selling product in the smartwatch industry. With a fusion of world-class military-grade body armour and filled with amazing features, a dream for every gadget enthusiast wanting to find quality hand in hand with features. The features of this incredible watch are given below:-

  • Heart Beat Monitor — The T-Watch has a heart rate monitor. This helps in identifying the heart work rate as per activity. It is a very helpful feature as there can be a record kept as to how much and intensely the heart has worked.
  • Calorie tracker — The calorie tracker is a system that observes the amount of work done by the body and then notifies the amount of work done in terms of calories burnt by the body. This helps in calculating the ratio of work done to the amount of energy that has been consumed by the body to perform that set amount of work. This is really helpful for having control over consumption and spending of calories, to see the progress of workouts and the results.
  • Motion sensor — The motion sensor helps in the working of the two systems – the heart rate monitor and the calorie tracker. Both of these functions need to know how much movement is being performed. When there is a correct assessment of the amount of work done and the . movement by the body, the heart rate and the calories spent can be properly judged.
  • Sleep Monitor — This function is used to keep a record of sleep time. Proper tracking of the time spent sleeping leads to better planning, and this planning tends to improve sleeping patterns. When the sleeping patterns are fixed, the overall well-being is underway. This helps achieve mental and physical harmony of the human body.
  • Shatterproof Glass — All other smart-watches sport a normal glass. But the TACT Watch is equipped with a shatterproof glass. Since the smartwatch is worn on the wrist, there is a huge possibility of collision or dropping the watch. To resolve this issue, the TACT Watch is given a protective addition of a shatterproof glass to protect it and to keep the data in the watch safe.
  • Battery Life — TACT Watch boasts of an incredible battery life of 33 months !!! Other watches have a one-day battery and needs to be charged overnight so that it can be used the next day. On the other hand, the TACT Watch has to be charged once every 33 months. That is an incredible feat for a smartwatch.
  • Clock Integration — The clock is completely adjustable according to the needs and data. This integration is a basic featured of TACT Watch.
  • Connectivity to iOS and Android — It connects to both Android and iOS easily. All your notifications are at one turn of your arm.
  • Ultra Resistant to Impact — The body of the watch is made from drilling carbon coating.
  • Water Resistance — The watch is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters.

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How Does TACT Watch Work?

Tact watch has to be connected to the mobile with the help of Bluetooth, and you are good to go. There is an app for the TACT Watch that you can download. This application will provide all the details that are needed when the watch is connected to the phone. This will show details such as the heart rate, calorie count and notifications from the mobile phone.

The TACT watch is a product which has all the qualities of a smartwatch and is very sturdy and strong. The smartwatch has features like the Sleep Monitor, which is a great addition when it comes to observing sleep patterns. It helps recognize sleep patterns and timings so that there is a proper time frame for sleeping.

There is a Calorie Tracker and a Heart-rate Monitor which helps to track the calories consumed versus the calories spent. The Heart-Rate Monitor shows the work done by the heart in a specific period of time. This provides data in such a way that athletes can use it to increase or decrease the tempo of their runs.

The watch has notification alert on the screen ,which shows incoming and missed calls. These alerts will flash on the screen. T-Watch saves on charge by avoiding features like touch screen, which consumes a lot of power and causes the smartwatch to run out of battery quickly. But here, the watch has a splendid battery life of 33 months. Charge every 33 months and its set to go.

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How To Use Tact Watch?

Simply connect the phone to the TACT Watch through the Bluetooth option to sync the call and message alert function. There is an application through which the data recorded on the device, like the heart rate the calorie count and the sleep monitor can be viewed and monitored

Benefits of The Product

T-Watch is one of the best value for money smartwatches available in the market today. There are very few smartwatches that offer as much as this brand does. It has a lot of features packed, and one of the best things about it is its military function design. It has a very sturdy outer shell to protect it from constant contact. The benefits of this product are immense. The following are a few of the benefits:-

  • It has Corning Gorilla glass to protect its screen from any damage. It is amazingly resistant and very tough. It is one of the best quality screen guarding companies in the world. They are the leading producers in the area of screen guards.
  • It has a very tough outer covering as well. It has drilling carbon coating, which gives it a very tough outer shell. This compound has incredible strength as Carbon is the strongest available element. So a carbon-infused shelling will be the best deal.
  • There are numerous health benefits too. It helps keep track of the heart rate and the calories burned in the process of the activity. This leads to huge benefits for athletes.
  • There are a few more useful functions such as its app, the remote camera function, calorie burn monitor, notifications for all incoming calls, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and so on.
  • The company promises a 33-month battery life. It uses much less energy than the other watches in the same segment.
  • The dial of the watch is self-illuminated. It means that time and certain other information can be understood even in the dark. It’s a great tactical advantage on the field of combat and stealth.
  • It is waterproof IP67 certified.

Purchase And Price

The Tact Watch is priced at a very reasonable $89. It is one of the best-priced watches in the segment. All these features at this cost is one of the best deals that a gadget enthusiast can get.

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Customer Testimonials

Robert ~ The watch is one of the best gadget investment that I have made in a long time. It has so many features that I am very happy about. I work in a wood mill, and there’s always hard contact. Hence, this watch is the best option of technology mixed with toughness. Many of my colleagues from work are planning a purchase of the same watch. It does help let me know of urgent messages and calls even in the most engaging of work.

Liam ~ The  TACT smartwatch is such a product where the feature-filled self is at par with its structural quality. The watch is amazing in the way the dial has been designed to incorporate such detailed information. This is one of the best watches I have ever come across. It has a great personality of its own. The moment I saw the design, I was a goner. It is one of they must buy items in terms of value-added gadgets.


  • It’s a strong and tech savvy smart watch.
  • A very pocket friendly product.
  • The watch is waterproof.
  • The battery life is fantastic. It has 33 months of battery life.
  • It has Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • The watch offers competitive features at competitive prices.
  • It pin-points all the health issues such as the heart beat rate and calorie counter in great detail.
  • It is a dependable piece of technology.


  • It is available only on the main web page.


Is it a good investment?
Yes, it is a good investment. The organisation offers technology along with safety .

Is the TACT dependable?
Yes. She smartwatch is entirely dependable and is of great value at that given price. It is modern and yet affordable at the same time. It is worth investing money into this gadget. This smartwatch has been designed and manufactured according to military designs. The durability of the watch is excellent.


The TACT smartwatch is a wonderful choice for all gadget enthusiasts. There is no other company offering the same as this company. The huge array of features, along with its design, is what makes it stand out. The smartwatch has such a beautiful array of utilities that leave the tech world stunned. This watch is very popular among tactical personnel.

It is made from a Carbon shell. The watch has high-quality protection from the roughest of hits. The IP67 certification makes it clear that the watch can be underwater up to 100M. The watch also has shatterproof Corned Gorilla Glass which is shatterproof. It is one of the sturdiest watches.

The TACT Watch also gives out a very feeling about how genuine the product is. All of these above-mentioned features at this price only means one thing. That it is a must buy.

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