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When you want to celebrate the birthday or success of a loved one, there will be hundreds of options running in your mind when it comes to gifting that special person. However, what could you possibly give your dog when you love your pet to bits? If you are someone who has just bought a dog home, there might be little that you actually know about your pet. Other than some dog delicacies, what could you buy your darling pet to make him/her happy? This part could be especially tricky if you are new to dogs.

Well, we would suggest that you give Super Chewer BarkBox a try. If you are a dog lover, you should know that dogs love chewing. In fact, your shoes or other chewable articles present in your home could have been a victim of your dog’s constant chewing. Hence, one of the best possible gifts you could get your dog is the BarkBox’s Super Chewer. This product is launched by a company called Bark, which specializes in designing customised goodies for dogs. Bark has launched multiple toys and treats to address the requirements of varying dogs and they continue to do so till date.

Super Chewer BarkBox is a themed-collection of dog toys that are super tough. All the treats and chews that come in every BarkBox are carefully made in the United States and are of great quality. Keep reading if you are a dog-lover who is curious to know more about BarkBox’s Super Chewer.

superchewer barkbox review

About Super Chewer BarkBox 

Super Chewer BarkBox is a kit-like box that comes with chewable toys and treats for dogs. If you sign-up for the monthly subscription of this box, you will be receiving a box full of dog goodies every month at your doorstep. The first Super Chewer BarkBox will be shipped to you the moment you sign up for it. From then on, you will continue to receive a Super Chewer box every 15th of the month if you have purchased a monthly subscription.

Super Chewer BarkBox is specially designed for dogs that are super chewers. Hence, if your dog is a pitbull, labrador or other such dogs that are known to be more aggressive than the others, the chewable toys present in this box will last him/her for quite some time as compared to other chewable toys your dog may have used.

The best part about enrolling yourself for a monthly subscription of Super Chewer BarkBox is that every month you will be sent new goodies and treats so that your dog never gets bored of trying out the same old toys.

Every Super Chewer BarkBox comes with two tough toys that are designed to withstand aggressive chewing, 2 full-size bag of treats, and 2 meaty chews that your dog ought to love.

How Does Super Chewer BarkBox Work?

To begin with, you will first have to sign up for an appropriate plan for your dog. Those who want to signup for a Super Chewer BarkBox will first have to enter the name of their dog and also mention its gender. Next, you will have to mention the size of your dog based on its weight. The weight of the dog does not have anything to do with the price of the chewer box. Hence, it is highly recommended that your provide accurate details when it comes to the size and weight of your dog.

Following this, you will have to disclose your dog’s breed. You must be very specific while providing Super Chewer BarkBox with this piece of information as the items provided in it will be selected based on your breed’s personality.

There is another option while signing up for Super Chewer BarkBox where you get to mention your dog’s birth date. This could possibly be to send your dog a special edition of goodies on its birth month. However, you can skip this part if you aren’t interested to go about it.

After this, you will be asked to reveal if your dog is allergic to chicken, turkey , or beef. This is to make sure that any meat that your pet is allergic is excluded from the Super Chewer box sent to you. Another additional option that you may or may not subscribe for is the Extra Toy Club. Those who enroll to this club will be sent an additional toy at just $9 per month.

The first Super Chewer BarkBox that will be sent to your doggo can either be pre-vetted or could be a surprise theme.

super chewer review

Customizing Super Chewer BarkBox

Super Chewer BarkBox can also be customised according to the dietary requirements of your dog. Hence, in case your dog is known to have allergies to chicken, turkey, or beef meat, you can point that out while subscribing for the Super Chewer box. The in-house team of Super Chewer that is responsible for customizing the treats and toys available in the box is located in Columbus, Ohio. So if you have any special requests to deliver for your pooch, you can feel free to text, chat, call, or even email the customer service of Super Chewer BarkBox. The service team of Super Chewer is always ready to cater to all the requests of its customers.

You can also contact the service team of Super Chewer if you aren’t happy with the products that you received. In such a scenario, you are most likely to receive a replacement for the products that you aren’t satisfied with.

What’s Inside The Super Chewer BarkBox?

You will find multiple dog goodies inside the Super Chewer box. They include:

  • 2 Meaty Chews

Dogs like pitbulls just love some meaty chews. Such chews that come inside the Super Chewer BarkBox are all natural and also come in different flavors. The meaty chews are usually that of chicken, turkey, or beef meat. In case your dog is allergic to any of these meat, it is advised that you inform this to the Super Chewer team beforehand. These chews are free of ingredients like wheat, corn, or soy.

  • 2 Fluff-Free Tough Toys

If the dog you own is an aggressive chewer, it needs a chewable toy that is able to withstand is merciless chewing. Super Chewer, as the name suggests, delivers some super chewable toys in its box that can easily withstand the aggressive chewing that it may be subjected to. You may also find squeaker toy inside the box that makes sounds when your dog bites it.

You will also find a tag on each of toy that tells you whether it is dishwasher-friendly or not. The tag will also reveal other things that you can put in the toy to make it more fun for your dog.

In case your dog ends up destroying the toy, take note that you will be sent a replacement toy free of charge once you inform about the mishap to the Super Chewer team. This comes as a guarantee for your commitment towards Super Chewer.

  • 2 Bags of Treats

These treats can either be Canada-made or USA-made and they come in different flavors each time. Most treats are made up of meat and are chewy. They can contain meats like beef, chicken, turkey, duck, or bacon. There are other meats available as well.

  • An Optional Durable Toy

Super Chewer frequently runs a promo where you can add an extra toy to your box at no additional cost. However, this offer isn’t available always. If you happen to come across this promo, don’t miss out on getting a free toy for your doggo!

  • A Theme Card

Each Super Chewer BarkBox has a unique theme. The themes could be anything like Prom Night or Squeaks and the goodies found inside the box will be that matching the theme. Inside every themed-box, you will find a theme card that you can keep collecting.

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Benefits of Super Chewer BarkBox

If you still aren’t sure whether you and your doggo will benefit from subscribing for the Super Chewer BarkBox, the advantages of getting a subscription listed below might help you decide otherwise.

  • It helps diversify your dog’s playtime – The playtime sessions of your pooch will level up by using the Super Chewer box. The added benefit that comes with it is that you no longer have to waste hours looking for a super chewable toy for your dog that can withstand aggressive chewing.
  • It provides your dog with premium treats – The treats that you will find inside the Super Chewer box are outright delicious and hard to find in regular stores. The treats are free of ingredients like wheat, corn, and soy. The treats will also change every month so that your doggo doesn’t get bored of the same old chews.
  • You can customize the content of the box – If your dog has previously developed allergies to any meat, you can specify this while signing up for the Super Chewer box. This helps the team handling Super Chewer to customize your dog’s treats and chews according to its likes.
  • You can get a free replacement for any damaged toy – The toys inside the Super Chewer BarkBox are super chewable and are designed in such a way that it should be able to stay intact even if your dog is an aggressive chewer. However, if your dog ends up damaging the toy, you can avail a free replacement toy by contacting the service team of Super Chewer.
  • Monthly subscription of Super Chewer BarkBox is ideal for homes with multiple dogs – If you have more than one dog in your home, it would be more than worth it to subscribe for the monthly program of Super Chewer BarkBox. You will be receiving a box full of dog goodies every month and your dogs will soon have a number of toys to play with.

Pricing And Refund Policy

There are three plans you can choose from while buying Super Chewer BarkBox. They are as follows:

It is quite evident that the best deal for you would be to purchase the 12-month subscription for Super Chewer BarkBox. However, if that is too much for your pocket, you can always opt for the monthly subscription and come back to buy another box whenever the need be.

Super Chewer BarkBox also provides Scouts Honour guarantee to all its customers. Under this guarantee, you are eligible to receive a free replacement toy in case your doggo manages to destroy any of the toy that comes in the box.

The tricky part of the subscription process is that you cannot cancel once you have already subscribed for a package. Also, you must keep a close eye on your subscription and cancel it if you do not want to continue paying for the Super Chewer BarkBox another year.

You can reach the customer service of Super Chewer BarkBox at – [email protected]

super chewer barkbox review

Customer Reviews

George – My pit is just in love with the treats and chews that come inside the Super Chewer BarkBox! I feel like I did the right thing by purchasing for the 12-month subscription of the Super Chewer box as I get to see that happy look on my doggo’s face when a box arrives for him every month.

Glen – The toys inside Super Chewer BarkBox actually lasted my labrador a month! That is the longest time any toy has lasted with my dog.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Every dog-lover must definitely try the Super Chewer BarkBox for their dog. If your doggo loves chewing, we are surely it ought to adore the toys and treats that will come its way via this box. Those who love pampering their dogs frequently can opt for the 12-month subscription of Super Chewer BarkBox, while those on a tight budget can plan on buying the 1-month package for their dog. We can’t think of a better way than this to make your pooch feel loved and adored.

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