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The coronavirus outbreak was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11th March 2020. On 30th January, it had announced COVID-19 as a worldwide health emergency. The organization laid out some preventive measures as well, for everyone to follow. These measures included maintaining personal hygiene and wearing masks, etc. The organization, however, was quite late in realizing that the virus is a real threat to mankind, and that allowed it to spread around the world. Now, until a cure or vaccine for the virus is developed, we can protect ourselves by following the guidelines.

Full body protective suits are an extremely efficient way to protect ourselves. Since, inevitably, we go out, either to get groceries or some essentials, it is necessary to take safety measures. This protective equipment will come handy even after the pandemic is over.

SuitProtect is a full-body protective suit that covers your entire body. It is made of the most durable material so that no virus harms you. We are going through testing times, and it is time to fight the pandemic. We have to be responsible during and protect, not just ourselves but also those around us -the people we care for, and love.


About SuitProtect

SuitProtect is a protective full-body suit consisting of a hooded jacket and pants. It is a very comfortable, one-piece, fully zipped suit that is fitted with elastic in the hood, cuffs, and ankle. This suit protects you from all airborne and liquid borne contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. It is beneficial for all who have to work outdoors in this pandemic situation.

SuitProtect can be used by all health workers, doctors, and nurses who are taking care of patients with COVID-19. It is recommended as protective body wear as part of contact avoidance precautions against this virus. It can also be used by police, local administrative staff, NGOs, etc. who are working in the epidemic areas and with the affected people. Medical shop owners, petrol pump operators, shopkeepers, and people coming in contact with other people may also use it. Possibly some of the people that you come in contact with may be carriers of the virus. 

Features of SuitProtect

  • Fabric – The manufacturers use a very comfortable, air-permeable, and protective fabric to create SuitProtect. The material is very safe for your skin. 
  • Lightweight – The designers of SuitProtect have taken care to ensure that this protective suit is lightweight so that you can wear it throughout the day.
  • Reusable – The product material is durable and also reusable. You can easily clean, disinfect, dried, and reuse it.
  • Elastic fitted – The suit is fitted with the best quality elastic in the hood, cuffs, and ankles. This ensures complete sealing from outside contaminants. It also allows people of all shapes and sizes to fit into this same size suit.
  • Closure – Top-quality zippers have been used as closure in this protective suit. The long-chain is fitted with large pull tabs, so it is very convenient to zip it up or down. The zipper front has a buttoned seal so that the zipper never opens on its own. Double-sided tape is fitted to seal the front flap after the suit is zipped up.
  • Colour – SuitProtect is available in white color.
  • One-piece suit – For ease of use, SuitProtect is designed as a one-piece suit. You can wear it with no hassles and also in minimum time compared to other two-piece or three-piece suits. 

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How Does SuitProtect Work?

SuitProtect full-body protective equipment allows you to protect yourself from the highly contagious coronavirus. If you are wearing this gear, you are 100% safe from the virus when you step out of the house to buy essentials. The product covers the whole body, from head to toe. The manufacturers use the highest quality, semi-permeable material that allows air to pass in and out. This helps you to breathe normally.

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Benefits of SuitProtect

Full Body Cover Protection

This protective suit covers your whole body – from head to toe. It protects you from any airborne or liquid borne bacteria and viruses, including the virulent COVID-19.

One Size Fits All

This suit is available in one size that can fit all. It has good quality elastics in hoods, cuffs, and pants, which adjusts according to body shape and size.

Long-Lasting and Comfortable

SuitProtect is made of comfortable material. It is air permeable to reduce sweating. You can also easily breathe while you wear this suit. This suit is washable and reusable. It will last a lifetime for you.


Medical service providers like doctors and nurses, hospital staff, people working in epidemic control services, and in factories – anyone exposed to the virus – can use it. This makes the product a multi-purpose protective suit.

Purchase & Price

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the company is offering protective equipment at low and affordable prices. You can choose to purchase either of the following deals only at the official website.

  • The original retail price of one unit of SuitProtect is $99.98. However, the company offers one piece of SuitProtect for $49.99, which is a 50% discounted price.
  • You can also purchase the bestseller deal from the company’s website at $99.99. This is a 2+1 deal, i.e., you get one protective suit free with the purchase of two units SuitProtect. So, you effectively pay $33.33 for each piece.
  • The last deal you can go for is the 3+2 deal. You get two units free when you purchase three units of SuitProtect for $149.99. You effectively pay $30 per unit.
  • For a limited time, the company offers free worldwide delivery. You are not charged any transaction fees during checkout.

SuitProtect review

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company has a solid 30-day money-back guarantee. Follow the given instructions to get a refund-

  • You have to ensure that you return the protective suits to get a refund. The product that you return should be in its original condition.
  • You are also required to provide proof of purchase, i.e., the receipt.
  • Contact the seller via email, and you will get the return address.
  • You have to ensure the package you return reaches the address safely and within 30 days of purchase.
  • Provide the seller with the tracking number of the return package.
  • Your refund gets initiated after the package arrives at the company warehouse and gets approved.
  • It will take 3-5 days for the refund to show in your bank statement.


Does it protect from all airborne diseases and liquid danger?

Yes, it protects from all airborne diseases and liquid danger, including the Coronavirus. It provides you with good health, prevention, and control from epidemic diseases. It also protects from chemicals during chemical treatments and more. SuitProtect is a multifunction suit.

What is the use of thumb loops that are sewn into the sleeves? 

The thumb loops sewn into the sleeves are there to prevent the sleeves from riding up.

Is the suit appropriate for everyone?

Yes, everyone can wear and use the suit. Healthcare workers, public service personnel like police or security people, people working in epidemic zones, and anyone exposed to airborne diseases like coronavirus can use it. Factories, airports, and railway officials may use this protective equipment. It is available in one size which fits all.

Why are large pulls used in the long zipper? 

Large pulls are used in the zipper for ease of use while wearing gloves.

What is the use of double-sided tape in SuitProtect? 

The double-sided tape alongside the zip allows you to seal the storm flap after fully zipping the protective suit.

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  • Pros
  • The protective suit covers the entire body.
  • It provides you with the highest protection from airborne and liquid borne viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.
  • The comfortable material of the equipment allows air permeability.
  • It has high-quality elastic fitted in hoods, cuffs, and ankles for perfect fitting.
  • It has thumb loops sewn into the sleeves to prevent the sleeves from riding up.
  • The zipper has large pulls to allow easy use when in gloved hands. A double-sided tape helps in sealing the storm flap on the zip. You can seal it after zipping the suit up.
  • It is a multifunction suit. Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police, public servants, people working in epidemic areas, and in chemical factories, everyone can use it. It is beneficial for anyone who has to go out in this pandemic.
  • It is a high quality, one-size-fits-all, protective, one-piece suit.


  • SuitProtect is a fast-selling product. People are buying it continuously in these days of the COVID-19 epidemic. So it might be low in stock and take some time to reach you.
  • You must order it from the official website of SuitProtect to avoid fake products.

Customer Testimonials

I am a health care services professional and working in a State-owned hospital. I am also in charge of the purchasing department. With the recent worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus, I was apprehensive about how to address the risk associated with our job. Confirmed and suspected COVID cases get admitted here first, in the state-owned hospital. I came to know about SuitProtect in a medical magazine. I bought it for all doctors, nurses, and staff. SuitProtect has a hooded jacket and pants which offer full body cover. It helped the team against the infection of COVID-19 and other unknown viruses. Paula, 36, Milan. 

I have been working as a nurse for the last 5 years. I have been using personal protective equipment like gloves or masks as per health department norms. But, the health department’s recent advisory requires all personnel associated with the healthcare industry to use personal protective equipment with full-body coverage. With rising cases of infectious diseases like coronavirus or COVID-19, my hospital chose SuitProtect to ensure full-body coverage. It is a protective suit made of a very comfortable material that enables me to wear it throughout the day. Amanda, 26, New Orleans.

I work in a laboratory for testing blood samples. We must use personal protective equipment with full coverage to ensure that we are not infected with contagious diseases while carrying out our job. I use SuitProtect to provide me full coverage. As the hooded jacket and pant are elastic, it is appropriate for all sizes. The semi-permeable material allows air to pass in and out. I am happy that I am protected from germs and viruses, and my family is also secured from getting infected through me. Thomas, 44, Singapore.

I work in a factory involved in the production of chemicals. As the factory falls under the purview of hazardous substances, the people working here use personal protective gear with full coverage. I use SuitProtect to provide me full coverage. The hooded jacket and pants fit all sizes. I am protected even in case of any spillage or chemical because the hood and cuffs are elastic. The material with which the suit allows good air permeability. This will enable me to wear SuitProtect throughout the working hours without any discomfort. Zenith, 49, Birmingham.


COVID-19 is a global health emergency. You and your loved ones are inevitably facing the threat of having the virus. The virus is contagious, and some world leaders have also been infected. Countries like the United States, Italy, and Spain – these are countries with the best healthcare facilities in the world – are also now suffering because of the shortage of medical supplies. There aren’t enough supplies for the doctors and health officials out there.

SuitProtect ensures that you and your family are safe. It is near impossible for you to become infected when you are wearing this protective gear. And, don’t worry! It is safe on your skin. It is semi-permeable and allows air to pass in and out.

Let’s all be responsible people and protect ourselves. The only way to defeat the highly contagious virus is by wearing protective equipment and maintaining social distance.

The company offers the product at affordable prices and free worldwide delivery. It is time to act fast. Buy a suitable number of units of SuitProtect for yourself and your family now!

SuitProtect review

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