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Lifestyle diseases are on the rise today like no other time in history. Different diseases are attacking man causing him to be crippled from enjoying a good life or even killing them in the process. What is there is that once you begin taking drugs to inhibit the effects of the disease you have you end up being in a vicious cycle always adding on your dosage. This goes especially for Type II Diabetes. There are many challenges that come with having this condition.

Penicillin, checking blood sugar, and interacting with other maintenance drugs becomes an issue difficult to avoid. But you can say goodbye to these tough times of constant drug management. This is by using Sugar Balance, a supplement that has been made to make your life better.

Sugar Balance

About Sugar Balance

Sugar Balance has been created using a selection of specific herbs that have been grown under strict conditions. They have been blended together to produce a powerful supplement that is able to take fat off your liver. By so doing the liver is able to do its functions properly and take care of the body as it should.


Sugar Balance contains eight powerful herbs that treat your liver and restore balance to your blood sugar. Lycium Chinese Fruit Extract aids in clearing the fat off the liver. It has properties that prevent the accumulation of fat on the liver and so works to prevent fatty liver syndrome. Balloon flower root extract has been proven through a study by the Food Research Institute in 2012 to reduce fat storage in the liver. This enables the liver to work better by communicating easier with insulin.

A study conducted by Dalian Medical University in 2015 discovered that Wild Yam Root Extract decreased fat and blood sugar levels fast. Other powerful herbs that come into play are Schisandra Chinese Fruit, Licorice Root, Astragalus Root, Solomon’s seal, and Mulberry Leaf. When combined together, these herbs are able to unclog a fatty liver as well as balance blood sugar levels in a few days.

How Does Sugar Balance Work?

The herbs in the formula work by working on your fatty liver and destroying the fat on it. Given the fatty liver syndrome, it’s the fat in the liver that makes the blood sugar to destabilize. The liver’s job is to process fat as it gets into your body. When the liver is not able to do that, the fat is distributed throughout the body through the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the fatty acids coat the surface of the cells preventing them from properly absorbing glucose. This means that however much you have high blood sugar, the cells are low on glucose, making you low on energy every time.

The body naturally tries to lower this high blood sugar and will do so by releasing insulin into the blood. The insulin is however not able to get the cells to absorb the glucose because of the fatty coating on the cells. The insulin then stores the glucose as fat making you add on weight.

Sugar Balance works by dissolving the fat that has insulated the liver. By so doing, it enables the liver to restore communication channels with insulin. The cells are then able to be powered efficiently again causing you to regain your energy levels. Another effect that happens is fat in other areas of your body is destroyed in the process causing you to lose weight.

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How to Use Sugar Balance

Sugar Balance is a supplement that is made to be taken regularly. This means that you will take it three times a day as an adult. You will take lots of water while taking this supplement to aid in the absorption of the herbs as well as the elimination of toxins and fat.


Each capsule of Sugar Balance contains 800 mg of the powerful herbs. All these herbs are in extract form making them 100 times more potent than the unprocessed herbs. You are supposed to take one capsule three times a day as an adult. This will give you all the desired benefits that the supplement has to offer. You are advised to take lots of water while taking Sugar Balance.

Is it Safe to Use Sugar Balance?

A study was carried out on test subjects by Newcastle University in England. It tested the livers of the test subjects before and after the use of Sugar Balance. It found out that the supplement was able to get rid of fat stored on top of the liver. This meant that the liver was able to use insulin effectively again and therefore able to restore proper sugar levels. You are able to feel the effects of Sugar Balance in just days.

The herbs that are used to make Sugar Balance are grown organically and are kept free of pesticides and other impurities. This makes the supplement safe for your use. The supplement has been formulated through years of careful research to ensure that only the purest and most potent herbs make up this formula. It is also manufactured in the US and follows the strict procedures that are set by GMP and FDA. The supplement undergoes independent lab testing to ensure that the formula has been followed strictly and that it is safe for human consumption.

Is Sugar Balance Addictive?

Sugar Balance has been made under the strictest conditions using time tested herbs that have been known to work for liver health. Herbs are the safest natural things you can use as supplements. They are provided by Mother Earth for our benefit and when we discover this our lives are changed for the better.

Herbs offer medicinal value to our bodies but they are not addictive at any point in taking them. They are safe as you can take them and stop them at any time without facing any side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

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Benefits of Sugar Balance

Sugar Balance has the benefit of taking away blurred vision. You are able to benefit from neuropathy, which is numbness and pain, being taken away. You become more vibrant as fatigue lessens and your cells receive more energy. The supplement normalizes the blood sugar levels and also combats the appearance of aging. You will also benefit from more freedom as leg pain, back and joint aches are reduced and taken away. It is able to help you reduce weight seen through your love handles and spare tire. It also restores proper sleeping pattern.

Side Effects of Sugar Balance

The supplement has been used by thousands of people to date. Through that time there hasn’t been any reports of adverse side effects from anyone who has started using this product. It is however recommended that you consult with your health care provider before you begin using the product.

Purchase & Price

Sugar Balance is retailed at $149 a bottle. Proven Health is giving a discount that takes the price down to $69 for a limited time period. The supplement is in such high demand that it is constantly running out of stock. This means that you should take what you can get when the price is right and it is in stock. The manufacturer is also offering 6 bottles of supplement for just $199 for a limited time allowing you to save $395. The 3 bottle pack is sold at $139 allowing you to save $158. The company offers free shipping when you buy either a 3 or 6 bottle package.

It is advised to take the 3 bottle package as the smallest dose in order to give your body enough nutrients to work your body with. This dose enables you to lose weight to a noticeable extent. The six bottle package is able to go even further into your system giving you a lasting change in your blood sugar levels.

You will also get a free eBook, ‘The Truth about Diabetes’ when you purchase a multi-bottle package. This book is valued at $47 and will be given to you absolutely free. It will help you discover proven ways how to balance your blood sugar levels. You also get access to the Sugar Balance members website which gives you added resources like meal plans and recipes that help you reduce fatty liver syndrome.

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Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company is so secure in the benefits of the supplement that it gives a whopping 180 days money back guarantee. It allows you to even keep the bottles but will refund you the total amount that you initially spent if you are unsatisfied with the results that you will get.


How many capsules should I be taking a day?
The recommended dosage is one capsule, three times a day.

How many milligrams of herbs are in one capsule?
You get to have 800 milligram of supplement per capsule.

Can my 12 year old daughter take this supplement?
The supplement is made for adults. Please consult your primary care giver for personalized advice if you wish to give your child the supplement.

Can I take this supplement with alcohol?
It is always best advised to take supplements and drugs without including alcohol in the mix. It might complicate the intake of the drugs.

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  • It takes away neuropathy.
  • It alleviates joint pain and body aches.
  • It energizes the cells giving rise to high energy levels.
  • It restores clear sight.
  • Blood sugar levels are normalized.
  • It reduces weight.
  • It alleviates insomnia.
  • Has an anti-aging effect.


The supplement is not known to have any known disadvantages as it is safe to use and approved by third party labs.

Customer Testimonials

“I have been working as a print journalist for 33 years. My body had adapted to sitting for prolonged durations of time and I had become obese because of this. It was until I started developing complications that I realized how bad it had become. I developed Type II Diabetes 17 years ago and it gradually became a hindrance even to my work. I was constantly in pain from my joints and I could barely write some days what with neuropathy kicking in.

My life changed when I discovered Sugar Balance. It has given me so much energy and taken away my pain. I am now able to live my life fully as I am losing weight gradually and feeling so good about myself.” Sandra Bullock.

“My younger years had been filled with physical achievements as I was a cyclist and even engaged in the Iron Man challenge three times in a row. But my life changed drastically when I got diabetes. I didn’t know what people had to go through. Even though I had retired from active competition I had tried to maintain some bit of exercising. That stopped when pain was my constant companion. I was afraid to even move my limbs at some point.

But now I have just signed on to a mountaineering expedition thanks to Sugar Balance. I have been taking it for 5 weeks now and I can say I am amazed at what it is able to do for me. It has restored my health; something the drugs were not able to do. It has given me new energy and I will be forever thankful.” James Sphere.

“I am a well advanced senior citizen and have had a few complications arise over time since I retired. My doctor told me that I would not be able to do much after I develop diabetes. And he was right. My friends were insulin and jabs. I couldn’t do without them and if I would forget them I would be in serious trouble. I recently discovered Sugar Balance and my doctor doesn’t know what to make of me anymore. I have gotten the energy I had when I was much younger and feel so vibrant. My joints have eased up on me and I am able to now engage in worthwhile activities. I am really thankful.” Amy Farrell.


Diabetes can be a life threatening condition. It changes the way you live your life and can mess your lifestyle. If you feel you need to restore your life to a productive state or you have come to the end of your rope then you should try Sugar Balance. It has been proven to restore the lives of thousands of people and still goes on to make a positive change to many more lives. It is time to take control of your health and start living the life you were meant to live.

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