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No individual lives a life without hardships like financial problems, health problems, relationship problems, etc., which ultimately lead to under-confidence in a person. You can lose your ambition, purpose in life. After a while, we all have to train our subconscious mind with positive affirmations. Listening to Subliminal Guru MP3 audio works just right for those who want to find their purpose again. The massive collection of audios it offers contains positive affirmations, which help you regain confidence and believe in life again.

Subliminal Guru

About Subliminal Guru

Subliminal mp3s uses positive affirmations to influence your subconscious mind. These affirmations are layered into audios like natural sounds and are inaudible to our ears. It ensures that our conscious mind can’t listen to these affirmations but our subconscious mind does. These affirmations motivate you to say lose weight, gain confidence, control your phobias and so on.

Categories available

There are 350 powerful subliminal available for download under various categories. You can order any of these as per your requirements. Also, you can purchase the bundled offers.

Health & Fitness

The subliminal downloads under this category will motivate you to exercise, to drink more water, to conquer your food cravings, to beat the aging process, etc.

Improve Your Body

The subliminal downloads under this category will work to rewire your thinking to lose weight faster, look younger, get a flat stomach, improve your posture, get bigger muscles, etc.

Sleep & Relaxation

These downloads help you get a great night’s sleep, enjoy inner peace, ignore snoring, take a power nap, cope with jetlag, deeper meditation, etc.

Mental Skills

These downloads will help you to learn anything quickly and easily, boost your IQ, enjoy total focus, think like a genius, think out of the box, think yourself successful, etc.


The subliminal downloads under this category will reprogram your mind to forgive and find peace, let go anger, stop overthinking, stop feeling guilty, overcome shyness, etc.

Personal Power

These will motivate you to increase your personal power like self-confidence, self-esteem, empowerment, etc.

Enrich your Life

These positive affirmations will enrich your life to attract more money, attract happiness, etc.

Business Success

These will motivate you to be successful in business like achieve financial freedom, be a brilliant salesperson, etc.

Bad Habits

You can get over your bad habits like stop nose-picking, stop fidgeting, stop thumb-sucking, etc. by listening to these subliminal downloads.


These positive affirmations will help you get over addictions like smoking, gaming, drugs or the internet, etc. you can choose as per your needs and listen.


Your phobias like fear of heights, fear of rejection, fear of hospitals, etc. can now be controlled with these subliminal sessions.

There are subliminal audio downloads for overcoming illness, to resolve problems on

love & marriage, sexuality, parent & baby, to develop special skills, for music & arts and sports also. You may download audios as per your needs.

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How Does Subliminal Guru work?

The subliminal messages or positive affirmations work on your subconscious mind and rewires your brain. It helps you to think positively and motivates you to be successful in your endeavors. The subliminal affirmations are hidden in the audios. The messages include ones for health, fitness, sleep, relationships, sports, music, parental issues, etc. the creators have made sure that they include audio subliminal for every area of life that could benefit from positive affirmations and beliefs.

How to Use the product?

It is advised to listen to these audio sessions over a period of at least 2 weeks for getting the best results. It can be continued after that as required. Listen to the session you need by using headphones or without headphones daily for at least two weeks.

Is it safe to use the product?

The audios that Subliminal Guru offers are totally safe for usage by customers. These subliminal affirmations are proven by science to work. They are created after massive research by renowned scientists and psychologists, since the 1950s.

Is the Product Addictive?

Since the concept of the audios created by the company is based on a deeply researched science, Subliminal Guru MP3s are totally safe and non-addictive. You can discontinue listening to the audios at any time.

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Benefits of Subliminal Guru

  • It has a broad variety of MP3s to pick from all the subliminal audios.
  • It also has subliminal bundles that the company offers.
  • It has an option to create your album.
  • The company also provides two free subliminal guru albums.
  • The company also provides you with audible, standard and brain entrainment versions.
  • The company offers you more than two hours of audios for different styles so that you can see for yourself which one suits you the most.
  • The subliminal helps you to think like a millionaire and succeed in life.
  • The subliminal audio helps you to boost up your mind’s capabilities to adapt to constructive things in life.

Side Effects of the Product

Absolutely not. Subliminal Guru audios are based on scientifically proven research and results. No side effects were reported by any user of the audios.

Purchase & Price

Buying the subliminal guru audios from the company’s website puts you in an advantageous position. As you purchase more the discount keeps on increasing. If you buy one subliminal audio, it will cost you $16.95. Then, the cost of subliminal audio lowers from $16.95 to $14.95 and so on. Additionally, you get two subliminal guru albums for free if join the newsletter.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee with your purchase. The guarantee is for one month for CDs. If you are unsatisfied with the results, the company will refund you the full amount you have paid with no questions asked.


What do these MP3 downloads help people achieve?
Subliminal recordings can support you see life more positively and differently. They can support you think more constructively, get to your ideal weight, embrace the mentality of a millionaire, boost up confidence levels, get good sleep, and many more.

Will it work for everyone?
Yes, it will work for everyone. It is scientifically proven that we are all likely to be influenced by subliminal. This subliminal company helps you to see it for yourself and see the constructive difference it makes to your life just by a 10 minute MP3.

How quickly does it work?
You will start noticing the outcomes from the first two times you listen to the audio. The company advises you to listen to the audio for at least two full weeks every day for the best results. When you get used to it, you can listen to it as you wish to boost up your results.

Does the company give a free sample before purchase?
Yes, the company offers you free sample audio before you purchase. You can download and listen to it to make sure it works for you or not.

Does it work for people whose native language is not English?
Yes, it works as long as you know basic English, and it may not be your native language.

How does the subliminal sound?
Every album comes with many mixes, to adjust your musical taste such as a relaxation music mix and an acoustic guitar. When you are listening to the audio, you will just hear the music. If you try to listen to it closely, you listen to the occasional whisper.

When will the orders be shipped and delivered?
As these are audio downloads it can be accessed instantly after payment. Physical delivery will be done within one to two weeks of purchase.

Does the company accept international orders?
Yes, the company accepts international orders.

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  • The audios are easy to download and use after you purchase. You don’t need any separate software and can download it to any device.
  • Subliminal Guru audios have been created by professionals. The effects have been tested by doctors and proven by scientific methods.
  • The positive affirmations would help you remember your goals and wishes. You will be successful to attain your goals without any major efforts.
  • Listening does not take much time.
  • Each audio has 6 music mixes and one spoken subliminal. You can choose whichever you like to listen to.
  • Lifetime support is available on email and phone.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can also ask for a refund within the time limit. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with the satisfaction of the customer.
  • The company offers discounts on the purchase of more than one album in the same order.
  • This audio subliminal is much safer than visual subliminal for people suffering from seizures.


  • It is only accessible on the manufacturer’s official website as it is online.
  • Also, this product cannot be bought without a good Internet connection.

Customer Testimonials

Subliminal Guru reviews

I had joined an air hostess training institute to fulfill my dream of becoming an air hostess but I realized that I am lacking self-esteem. Due to low self-esteem and lack of confidence, I could not interact properly in the class and tried to avoid speaking with classmates and teachers. I knew that for an aspiring air hostess the first requirement is to become confident. To overcome my low self-esteem issue, I took the help of boost your self-esteem subliminal session. I was amazed to see the positive changes after listening to the 6 X 10-minute music mixes. I recognized my potential in spite of being aware of my shortcomings and limitations. I understood my worth and started to love myself for what I am. Grace Wilson, 24, Scottsdale, Arizona.

I was always fond of my grandmother. When I visited her a couple of months back, she told me that she was having problems getting uninterrupted sleep at night. She had been trying out home remedies but nothing seemed to work. I asked her to try to get a great night’s sleep subliminal session. The potent positive affirmations in the audio helped her to calm down and relax putting away all the worries and tensions. It helped her sleep deeply and wake up energized the next day. I was happy to see my grandmother getting a deep sleep after years. Gabriel Jones, 30, Santa Cruz, California.

My husband is a chain smoker for the past 11 years. I have been trying to convince him to quit smoking but didn’t get positive results. He tried nicotine patch and nicotine gum but the craving kept coming back. My friend recommended stop smoking subliminal session for my husband. We had to just download the session and listen to it with the headphones. The positive affirmations in the audio gave him the strength and motivation not only to quit smoking but also to resist the cravings for smoking. My husband felt healthier and there were no withdrawal symptoms usually associated with quitting smoking. Becky Rivera, 41, Greenwich, Connecticut.

I was worried about the thumb sucking habit of my 7-year-old son, who just refused to go. We had tried several remedies like putting silicone finger sleeve or putting nail paint with awful taste but without any effect. This persistent thumb sucking was affecting the shape of his teeth as well. When I came across the audio of stop thumb sucking, I wanted to try it on my son. I made him listen to the audio with headphones. The subliminal audio helped him to control his impulses for sucking thumb. It helped him stay strong and keep away his hand from his mouth. I was happy that my son could leave this bad habit. Naomi Campbell, 48, Virginia, Minnesota.


The positive affirmations Subliminal Guru offers in each and every MP3 will not only help you overcome the hardships of life like your finances, your addictions or self-esteem but also help you to attract abundance, get a photographic memory and have a more optimistic approach.

The prices set on each audio clip are very acceptable. The customers who testified for Subliminal Guru audios assure and verify that the MP3s have helped them effectively reconnect with themselves and achieve their goals. The offer price ends soon, so make sure you buy the sound clips and change your life.

Subliminal Guru review

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