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Intramural sports providing students a way to stay active

Arian McNeil, Contributing Writer

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Wright State Campus Recreation offers several intramural sports for students throughout the year, including: soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, flag football and waterpolo, among others. Intramurals provide students with a way to remain active while in school and to meet new people, at a relatively low cost. The cost to participate varies from sport to sport, with the most expensive being softball at $40 a team.

Nicholas Dues, a Lake campus transfer, has found participating in intramural soccer to be beneficial to him because it allowed him an opportunity to continue playing soccer after high school and gave him a chance to meet new people here at the Dayton campus.

“It’s a good way to meet others with similar interests and to have fun outside,” Dues said when asked about the best parts of intramural sports.

Students who are looking to join a team, but do not have one can list themselves as “free agents” on the sign-up platform Captains of teams can reject free agents, sometimes making it challenging for a student to join a team.

Sam McCamey also believes that playing intramural sports has benefit and participates in soccer, volleyball, floor hockey and waterpolo. To him, the best part about playing is the chance to win a free t-shirt and to have friendly competition.

“Intramurals are a fun way to spend time on campus, to have pretty good competition, and are an organized way to play with friends,” McCamey said.

McCamey does believe there is room for improvement, but in a different aspect of the game — the referees.

“Sometimes officials are scared to make calls and are also scared that they are going to get yelled at,” McCamey said.

The officials for campus recreation are students who attend the university and officiate a wide range of sports.

When asked about the sports being worth the cost associated and the time commitment, both players agreed that yes, they are absolutely worth the one day a week commitment and max of five to six dollar price.

Intramurals are offered at Wright State fall through spring semesters. For more information, stop by the Office of Campus Recreation located at 039 Student Union.

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Intramural sports providing students a way to stay active