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The rewarding yet challenging life of a WSU student athlete

Brian Patch, Sports Editor

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On the field, WSU athletes have proven to be hard working, talented people, with some even going on to play professional sports. Off the field, athletes need to bring that same hard working attitude into the classroom to stay academically eligible, and more importantly earn their degree.

It is not always easy to balance sports and academics, especially on a division one level. Several things such as conflicting game and class times, a night game the night before a big exam and a lack of time for studying are everyday challenges for student athletes. 

Ryan Weiss, a pitcher for WSU’s baseball team, said finding motivation to do homework is a challenge at times.

“I think the hardest thing is coming home from practice and having to do two or three hours of homework,” he said. “But the nice thing is everyone else is doing the same thing. Your buddies are going through the grind as well, and in the end you’re doing it to play baseball which is something we love to do.”

A tough part of being a student athlete is balancing the sport with exams. From finding time to study to actually taking the exam, sports can turn out to be an unfortunate obstacle in preparing, and Weiss knows that all too well.

“There was a time when we go back from a road game around two in the morning and I had an exam at eight. So as soon as I got off the bus I went to my dorm and studied for three hours, got two hours of sleep and then went to take it. It was a long night but I ended up doing well on it so it was worth it.”

Despite the challenges, both Weiss and outfielder J.D Orr find that the work pays off when they get to play the sport they love.

“Being a student athlete is absolutely rewarding,” Orr said. “When you get good grades you get recognized for your accomplishments, so it doesn’t go unnoticed. And then when you’re out on the field playing it makes everything worth it.”

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Wright State University
The rewarding yet challenging life of a WSU student athlete