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Student plans for the Horizon League championship

Adam Ramsey, Staff Writer

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From dawning green body paint to finding all the “rowdy gear” they can muster, Wright State students are preparing to support the men’s basketball team in their fate-deciding showdown against Milwaukee tonight at 7 p.m.

Some students prefer an outward show of school spirit that will stand out from the crowd.

Freshman Communications major, Jake Stovall said he plans on covering himself in green paint out of support.

Sophomore International Business major Thomas Johnson stated that he was going to “dress up in rowdy gear, bring some big posters and go crazy.”

When asked why he wanted to go nuts at the game, Johnson stated that it was because it was the Horizon Championship

“We didn’t have the opportunity last year, now we are going for it,” said Johnson. “I’m pretty excited about it.”

Other students are showing support in less out-going ways.

Zach Moore, Sophomore Exercise Science major, plans to go through his typical “pre-game” routine to build up his energy and get in the right mindset for a game of this level of importance.

“When I pre-game,” Moore said, “I get with a lot of my friends, we listen to some pump-up music and have a good time. That way, we’re ready to cheer on the team.”

James Stacy, Sophomore Marketing major said that he planned on skipping class just to see WSU play and to support the Raiders.

One WSU alum is driving in to Dayton from Virginia to see his alma mater’s team in person, rather than on television.

Nick Warrington, 2012 graduate with a bachelors in Middle-Childhood Education from WSU said that he didn’t want to miss another Horizon League Championship win.

“My class never had the opportunity to see WSU go to the NCAA tournament,” said Warrington. I missed it the first time, I wasn’t going to miss it again. I didn’t want to regret watching it on ESPN and wishing I was there.”​


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Wright State University
Student plans for the Horizon League championship