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Raider insider with Tavares Sledge

Charles Grove, Sports Writer

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Tavares Sledge is a sophomore on the men’s basketball team. The 6’9”, 225 pound forward averaged 4.1 points per game during his freshman season, and looks to be a key part of Head Coach Billy Donlon’s frontcourt rotation this season.

Grove: “Where did you grow up?”

Sledge: “Bay Minette, Alabama. Right by Mobile.”

Grove: “What sports did you play growing up?”

Sledge: “I started playing basketball my eighth grade year. I played basketball, football, tried soccer—but that wasn’t too great—and I ran track.”

Grove: “What made you stick with basketball?”

Sledge: “I just liked it. I fell in love.”

Grove: “Did you have a favorite team growing up?”

Sledge: “The Lakers. [I] never watched as much college [basketball], but I’m a big NBA fan.”

Grove: “Do you have any players that you admire or pattern your game after?”

Sledge: “Back before I started playing, I just watched a lot and Kobe was my favorite player. But now, I’m a Dwight (Howard), Kevin Durant and a LeBron (James) fan.”

Grove: “Why did you decide to play for WSU?”

Sledge: “The coaching staff. It was a good program to come to with good winning seasons. When I came here on my visit, I felt it was a program that could win because of the passion the coaches and players had, and I just felt it was a good vibe.”

Grove: “Do you have any favorite moments at WSU?”

Sledge: “I like every moment in basketball, but the best part would have to be just chilling with the team. Other than class, we really spend most of our day together. We try to go out and eat together, [go] bowling, [watch] movies and just chill.”

Grove: “What’s it like to be a full-time student athlete?”

Sledge: “It’s hard, but I like it though. It’s something I want to do, so it’s worth it.”

Grove: “You’ve been a favorite in the student section for your dreadlocks. Are you going to keep them?”

Sledge: “Yeah, I gotta keep them. I gotta keep them.”

Grove: “What would you tell students who have never attended a WSU basketball game?”

Sledge: “They need to come. It’s a new year, we’ve got a little grudge on our shoulders from last year and we’ve got some new good players this year. We’ve got something to show them.”

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Wright State University
Raider insider with Tavares Sledge