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NCAA President speaks at Wright State

Charles Grove, Sports Writer

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NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert gave the keynote address at the annual Wright State preseason basketball luncheon this past Monday. Emmert gave his view on a number of areas in the world of collegiate athletics.

The event which also included addresses from Wright State President David Hopkins as well as men’s and women’s basketball coaches Billy Donlon and Mike Bradbury was attended by over 100 Raider fans, boosters, and student athletes.

The topic of providing a “cost of attendance stipend” to student athletes which would provide a certain amount of walking around money is currently up for debate in the NCAA and while Emmert would not confirm or deny how much if any the NCAA plans to allow schools to give out, he did rule out players earning a salary to play college sports.

“The NCAA is about college students playing sports,” said Emmert. “(Athletes won’t be paid) while I’m president of the NCAA.”

Emmert elaborated stating when college athletes begin playing their athletes it will be “the death of college sports.”

The topic of student athletes jumping to the world of professional sports before graduation, or “one and dones” in the world of men’s basketball, was also a topic of conversation the President spoke about.

While Emmert said the NCAA can’t force someone to stay in college and not join the NFL or NBA he did admit he “disliked it enormously” and felt the notion of a college athlete not taking his education seriously sent the wrong message.

“If you’re going to go to college, go to college,” said Emmert.

The topic of “the school across town” as one Raider fan in the crowd referring to the University of Dayton and how the two schools haven’t played each other in men’s basketball in well over ten years was brought up the President much to the chagrin of many diehard WSU fans.

“While I don’t think anyone wants a governing body telling schools that they must play each other, traditional rivalries are a lot of fun,” said Emmert.

Both head basketball coaches spoke briefly before the keynote address speaking about their upcoming seasons including head men’s basketball coach Billy Donlon who addressed the Horizon League preseason poll which predicted the Raiders to finish ninth in a nine team league.

“Games aren’t won on paper, you have to play the games,” said Donlon. “What we don’t have in strength and size we’ll make up for with our speed.”

Women’s head coach Mike Bradbury said that while his team was selected to finish third in the conference, team expectations are much higher than that.

“This is the first time we’ll be able to compete with Green Bay talent-wise,” said Bradbury.

The women’s basketball team has their first exhibition on Nov. 1 vs. Indianapolis while the men have their lone exhibition game on the following evening vs. Central State.

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Wright State University
NCAA President speaks at Wright State