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Dental hygiene is very important in keeping you from losing your teeth. Keeping your mouth and teeth clean helps you not get plaque or cavities. The toothbrush you choose to keep your teeth clean will either do the job well or leave you with stains and buildup. Manual toothbrushes are known to have such weaknesses of not cleaning properly. If you are looking for a refreshing teeth cleaning then you need to look at the SonicX PRO toothbrush.


About The SonicX PRO Toothbrush

The SonicX PRO is a four-mode toothbrush made to be 100 times more efficient than manual brushes. It is made to give up to 45,000 strokes every minute ensuring your teeth are super clean. The toothbrush is made with a massaging mode to relax your mouth and a soft stroke mode for when you want it gentle. It is a revolution from the usual automatic toothbrush as it is made intelligent.

You are able to clean every part of your mouth by being prompted by the brush. Once you are done with the thorough clean you are able to clean the toothbrush over flowing water. This makes it easy to maintain.

Key Features

The SonicX PRO is made strong with durable materials that will give you value for your money. It is designed small so that it is lightweight. This means it is easily portable fitting into your luggage when you are on the move. The SonicX uses a long-life battery which ensures you never run out of power. It is able to hold power for up to 30 days once you charge it for 6 hours. The toothbrush is made with a simple, one button design that allows you to access everything from it.

How Does the SonicX PRO Work?

The SonicX PRO works using its four mode brushing system. The first brushing mode is clean which thoroughly strokes your teeth to remove all food particles. The next mode is whiten which handles all the stains which could form into plaque by removing them. Next is massage which is able to relax the mouth leaving it feeling cared for. Last, but not least, is the soft brush mode for a gentler clean than all the rest. All these combined give you an expert clean.

The four mode brushing system is powered by sonic vibration technology. This technology enables the toothbrush to remove all stains and particles using powerful strokes. The strokes are centralized around the region they are cleaning so the brush does not irritate the gums in any way.

The SonicX PRO uses intelligent timing for every mode. Each mode is timed to run for two minutes after which the brush enters standby mode for thirty seconds. This rest time is a signal to you to move the brush to another area of your mouth.

The SonicX uses a rechargeable battery that runs for 30 days with just 6 hours of charging. This allows you the freedom to use it both at home and on the go with no concern that the power will run out. The toothbrush also uses a single button control that lets you find everything using this one button. This button gives you the freedom to focus on your brushing without messing around with too many controls.

SonicX PRO toothbrush

How to Use the SonicX PRO Toothbrush

The SonicX PRO has been made very easy to use. It uses a simple design that ensures you don’t have to fiddle with it too much as you look for controls. It has one button which you get to use to access everything that the toothbrush offers. You are able to choose the mode you want based on the comfort you are looking for. Once you select a preferred mode the brush will memorize it and start up with this particular mode the next time you are brushing your teeth.

The toothbrush is then triggered to sonic vibrations once you switch it on. These vibrations help it to reach hard to reach places in your mouth without much struggle. You are able to have an extremely clean mouth by letting this toothbrush make the effort for you.

The toothbrush is made with an inbuilt timer for every mode. This is preset to two minutes. After two minutes the toothbrush enters into standby mode for thirty seconds. This is to remind you to move the toothbrush to another area of your mouth. The SonicX enables you to thoroughly clean every part of your mouth through the use of the thirty-second prompts.

Once you are done using the toothbrush you can wash it easily from the tap as it is made fully waterproof. The SonicX is made using strong and durable materials that give it a long life. This ensures you get your money’s worth of investment.

The toothbrush can last a whole 30 days on one six-hour charge. This gives you the freedom to use it wherever you are. On the off-chance you have forgotten to charge it and it has run low on power you can always charge it easily from any USB drive. You can either use a laptop, a power bank, or a standard USB charger. This ensures your trusty toothbrush is always available for use.

How Often Can the SonicX PRO Be Used?

The SonicX PRO is like any other brush. Dentists advice that you should brush your teeth three times a day. If that is not possible you should do your best to brush at least twice a day. This intelligent toothbrush has different speed modes that allow for regular, powerful, gentle, or mild cleaning. This enables you to clean your mouth based on the comfort you desire as many times as you want in a day.

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Benefits of the SonicX PRO

This sonic brush is able to deliver up to 45,000 strokes per minute ensuring you get a thorough clean. It works with a four stroke mode allowing you the comfort of using whichever speed suits you. You are able to choose from normal clean, thorough clean, massage, and gentle clean. This gives you the benefit of using the mode that works best for you for that particular time.

This highly advanced toothbrush is able to memorize your preferred mode of brushing from the very first time you brush with it. This is using its Smart Zone Reminder capability. It also lets you decide if you will use that mode or change it if you want a different mode.

This toothbrush is made to last as it is made waterproof. This keeps its circuits safe from getting fried by moisture. It is also made with durable high quality materials that are safe for human use.

The PRO toothbrush has the option of changing the brush head. This means that you will be able to use this brush throughout its lifespan by just changing the head when the bristles get worn out.

The SonicX PRO is made with a simplistic design using its one push-button technology. That way it is very easy to use. You are able to navigate to every feature through this button.

The toothbrush is a compact electric toothbrush that is able to easily fit into your normal luggage for you who is the traveler. Its carry case is small and stylish allowing you to look good as you carry it.

The SonicX is an advanced toothbrush that communicates to you. When you are charging it you are able to know when it is fully charged through the LED light that comes on. This allows you to remove it from charging when it is done, saving power in the process.

The sonic toothbrush has a battery life of 30 days that is achieved from just 6 hours of charging. This allows you the freedom to just about go anywhere and brush as often as you want for a full month before you can be concerned about charging it again.

Purchase & Price

The SonicX PRO comes in three different packs that one can purchase based on their budget. There is the single sonic brush pack, the double sonic brush pack, and the triple sonic brush pack. The double sonic pack is the most popular one on the market. It comes with a free additional replacement brush making it ideal for use for up to six months. Remember it is recommended that you change your brush after every three months. So two brush heads should last you six months.

The sonic brush retails at just $89 for the single pack while the double pack retails at $177. You will be able to get the triple pack at just $267. It will all depend on your preferred pack of choice. All these prices are from the official SonicX PRO website where you can also get free shipping when you order from them.

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Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The SonicX PRO toothbrush does not have a money back guarantee or refund policy that is laid out on the promotional website. The company does however have a helpline in the form of an email address where you can send your concerns. This is especially if you get a product that has spoilt packaging. This should be within two months of getting the product.

The company also has a refund policy that is outlined in its legal document. It gives back refunds in case you get a faulty product. That will be determined by reaching out to customer support through their email or their phone number as soon as you get the faulty product.

Customer Testimonials

“I never quite believed I could get clean teeth. I always brushed everyday but always had stains in my teeth. I decided to try out SonicX PRO as my last resort. It surprised me within the first few days by taking out the stains I had. I was able to enjoy a great smile after such a long time. I have a great time eating and getting clean teeth with each brushing. I have to say that the free delivery surprised me too as it arrived right on time just as I had been told by support.” Jane Tofiyakwa, Lagos, Nigeria.

“I had been struggling with bad breath and dirty teeth for a very long time. I thought I would be able to change that by brushing religiously 3 times a day. I even brushed more times some days till my gums would be sore. But it didn’t help. The change came when I tried using SonicX PRO. A friend recommended it to me and I thought why not. I had tried everything. When I first tried it I felt strangely clean after brushing. The following day I had the reassurance to get close to people because I realized my bad breath had finally ended. I am really grateful for finding SonicX. It has made my life so much better.” Irwin Rodriguez. Mexico.

“My social life changed from the time I started using SonicX PRO. I had been struggling with going to meetings and socializing thereafter. And what with being a sales exec and all I did not know what to do to better my chances at interaction. But SonicX PRO changed my life by giving me the freedom of clean teeth and a fresh breath. I can never stop using this super toothbrush.” Stephanie Landings, Boston.


  • The sonic toothbrush is able to retain charge for up to 30 days with just 6 hours of charging.
  • It is made compact for transportation and packing purposes.
  • It is able to give 45,000 strokes per minute giving a detailed cleaning across the whole mouth.
  • It has four different cleaning modes from the strongest to the mildest allowing for anyone to fit in.
  • It has a timed cycle of two minutes for each mode and a rest of thirty seconds between each mode to allow for changing positions.
  • It has a simple one button design for ease of operation.


The SonicX PRO does not have any disadvantages to tell you about.



How long does the brush head last?
Brush heads are recommended to be replaced after every three months the same way you replace your manual toothbrush.

Does the SonicX PRO come with different sizes and colors?
The brush comes with one particular size that fits all but has different color options for you to choose from.

Is there a money back guarantee on the product?
Yes. There is a money back guarantee. Just reach out to customer care and inform them of the malfunctioning product.

Are there any offers on the product?
Yes. The company is offering a time limited 50% discount on the SonicX PRO.


Dental hygiene is a very important part of your life. For you to have the best hygiene you need to have the best toothbrush that is able to remove stubborn stains and all food particles. You can only find that in SonicX PRO. It is powerful and far reaching enough to push out every food particle and get rid of every stain. It also relaxes the mouth and gets rid of bad breath. If you have struggled with any of these issues try this sonic toothbrush today and change the tide of things.

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