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SmartSanitizer Pro


Medical Grade UV Sanitizer Light


Kills Bacteria and Germs


Long Life Ultraviolet Bulbs


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A lot of people are very hygiene-conscious, especially when it comes to personal cleanliness. You may be showering daily, washing your hands with soap every now and then, or maybe even using hand sanitizers. With the spread of the Coronavirus today, people have become more aware and careful about personal sanitation. But what about the hygiene of devices you use, such as your mobile phones?

You may not be aware, but a lot of people use their mobile phones even when using the bathroom. Your bathroom alone has enough germs which can settle on your mobile and cause skin and health issues. When you are tackling a pandemic such as the Coronavirus, it becomes all the more vital that you ensure that your phone is also cleaned properly. Mobile phone companies today say that you can use chemical disinfectants to clean your phone. However, there are chances that it may affect your mobile screen and body adversely.

So, how can you clean your phone and keep it away from harm? The answer is by using SmartSanitizer Pro.

SmartSanitizer Pro

About SmartSanitizer Pro

It is said that bacteria and viruses can remain on surfaces for hours and, in some cases, even days. So, while sanitizing your hands is a solution, it is also essential that you disinfect your phone, which you might often be using. You may be using your phone on the go; some of you may have even converted your mobile phones into offices. Therefore, SmartSanitizer Pro is your one-stop solution to maintaining the hygienic conditions of your smartphone.

SmartSanitizer Pro is a UV-C light phone sanitizer. It can help in eliminating harmful germs such as bacteria and viruses to ensure your phone is safe to use. The device is designed in such a way that it does not affect your mobile screen or body negatively. With SmartSanitizer Pro, you no longer have to worry about the hygiene of your phone, no matter who is using it or where you have been keeping it.

How Does SmartSanitizer Pro Work?

UV-C light is a type of Ultraviolet light. UVC emits high frequencies of ultraviolet light that can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. You might be aware of the use of UV lamps in water purifiers, sewage treatment plants, and other appliances. This is because it is an efficient way to kill harmful pathogens, which otherwise can become hazardous to health. SmartSanitizer Pro is now bringing this technology to your door-step for sanitizing your phones.

Using chemicals to disinfect your mobile phone can prove damaging to your device. It can erode the screen, or adversely affect the body of your phone. Therefore, SmartSanitizer Pro is an easy solution to these toxic chemicals. This device disinfects your phone using UV-C light and controls the spread of dangerous germs. SmartSanitizer Pro has proven to kill 99% bacteria and viruses that make your cellphone their home and spread diseases.

Smart Sanitizer Pro Review

How To Use Smart Sanitizer Pro?

SmartSanitizer Pro is very straightforward and convenient to use. The device is a small rectangular box that can hold any phone easily and can be placed anywhere. Moreover, you can also sanitize other products such as your jewelry, your watch, or even masks that you may be using during sickness.

To use the SmartSanitizer Pro, you have to connect it to an electrical outlet with the cable provided. Once connected, place your phone in the box and close the box before switching on the device. You will see the power signal on the box turn blue in color, which indicates that the UV-C light has been activated.

The UVC rays will start acting immediately to disinfect your phone. Leave the phone in place for about five-ten minutes. Once the blue light turns off, you can remove your disinfected phone and start using it.

Is It Safe To Use SmartSanitizer Pro?

The use of UV light has become popular only because of its safety implications. Unlike chemical disinfectants, UV lights do not harm you or your device adversely. SmartSanitizer Pro, therefore, does not pose a threat to your health or the health of your phone. It will, in fact, ensure that 99% of germs on your phone are killed, making it safer for you to use.


Benefits of SmartSanitizer Pro

  • The advanced technology of SmartSanitizer Pro uses UV-C light to disinfect your phone. Thus, it keeps your phone away from germs, bacteria, and viruses without having to use chemicals that damage your phone.
  • SmartSanitizer Pro is a light-weight, rectangular box. The box is big enough to hold smartphones of various sizes. You can place the SmartSanitizer Pro anywhere you want and use it as per your convenience. Moreover, you can carry this device with you and use it whenever you need it. You only have to ensure that it has a power outlet to function.
  • Another benefit of using SmartSanitizer Pro is that you can charge your phone while simultaneously using this UV-C light device. So, you don’t have to find a separate time to disinfect your phone. You can do it while it is recharging.
  • UV-C light generally takes between five and ten minutes to disinfect your mobile phones. So, you don’t have to sit for hours to clean your mobile. Simply leave it in the box while you finish your chores and let SmartSanitizer Pro sanitize your device.
  • SmartSanitizer Pro allows you to not only clean your phones but other objects as well. You can disinfect your precious earrings, or that watch you wear daily. As long as the object fits into the SmartSanitizer Pro box, you can clean it. With Coronavirus, there has been a shortage of masks; so, you can disinfect cloth masks and reuse them with this product.

Purchase And Price

You can purchase SmartSanitizer Pro from the company’s official website at discounted prices.

  • Currently, you can buy 1 SmartSanitizer Pro for $89.
  • If you are buying 2 devices for $177, you get one additional equipment for free.
  • If you buy 3 SmartSanitizer Pro for $267, then you will get 2 more devices for free.
  • SmartSanitizer Pro also offers you free shipping.

Smart Sanitizer Pro review

Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

The company does not mention any money-back guarantee on the website. However, if you receive a damaged product, then you will have to inform them via email or call their customer care number. Once you have returned the product within 30-days of purchase, you will receive your refund. SmartSanitizer Pro also offers you a 3-year warranty for the price of $14, which you can buy along with the product.



Does SmartSanitizer Pro really work?
A lot of people are doubtful about the effectiveness of SmartSanitizer Pro. However, the product has proven to work. There have been researches done by many technology enthusiasts, and they have said that SmartSanitizer Pro can kill up to 99% bacteria and viruses present on your phone. Therefore, you can use this device without having to worry about its usefulness.

How useful is SmartSanitizer Pro during Coronavirus?
The Coronavirus pandemic is making everyone more aware of their personal hygiene. Hence, ensuring that there are no bacteria or viruses on your phone, that can add to your problems, is a must. SmartSanitizer Pro can help you disinfect not just your phone but other objects too. Therefore, it can prove useful even during this pandemic.



  • SmartSanitizer Pro has an inbuilt, medical-grade UV-C light, which can kill up to 99% bacteria and viruses. Thus, it ensures that your mobile phone or other objects that you disinfect are free from harmful pathogens.
  • Once the phone is disinfected, bacteria and viruses do not readily settle on the phone again for a long time. So, you can sanitize the phone once or twice a day and keep your phone free from germs.
  • The UV-C light has a long-lasting life. You do not need to worry about its effectiveness wearing off or the light malfunctioning.
  • SmartSanitizer Pro does not need any timely servicing. The device is designed to clean your phone without having to undergo any special maintenance.
  • You can buy SmartSanitizer Pro at a discounted price. You can get up to 70% discount on buying 3 of these products and a 50% discount on the purchase of a single piece. Therefore, it is available at an affordable price range.
  • The rectangular box is safe and easy to use by all.


  • Not many people understand the functioning of UV light and, therefore, may refrain from buying this product.
  • SmartSanitizer Pro does not clearly mention any money-back guarantee on their webpage, which can lead to people backing out from purchasing the product.

Customer Testimonials

I was in the habit of carrying my phone to the bathroom to read some news articles while doing my business. Ironically, one of the articles mentioned how a phone can carry germs from the toilet. Since then, I have been scared to use my phone without cleaning it properly. But regular disinfectants aren’t really that great to use. So, I researched and came across SmartSanitizer Pro.

This product has worked for me really well. So, even if I carry my phone to the bathroom, I just come out and put the phone in the box to kill all the germs. This product has really proved to be helpful so far. – David Strong, 45, Boston.

I have been looking for a way to keep my phone clean, especially with the outbreak of COVID-19. I read about SmartSanitizer Pro but was skeptical about it. On further research, I saw that it had helped a lot of people clean their phone thoroughly. So, I purchased the phone and put it to the test.

The product worked amazingly well on my phone. I tested some essential equipment to check if the germs were dead. To my surprise, there was a stark before and after difference. I would definitely recommend SmartSanitizer Pro to all.- Diane Pope, 33, San Diego.


In today’s growing world, using a mobile phone is unavoidable. Smartphones have enabled people to work, be entertained, and be connected with others while on the go. This is one of the reasons why germs get attracted to your phone more often. If you put your phone under a microscope, you will be shocked to see how unhygienic it really can be. But with SmartSanitizer Pro, you can now be relaxed about the cleanliness of your phone.

UV-C light enabled SmartSanitizer Pro uses the advanced technology of UV radiation to kill 99% of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens that reside on your phone. The UV-C light not only cleans your phone but other objects too, which you may be using daily. This device is easy to use, safe to handle, and indeed a Pro at its job.

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