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The world is now a network with everything concentrated within the convenience of your smartphone. You can do almost anything by using your phone – buy, sell, the order in food, watch a movie, book appointments, consult with a doctor, date and meet your soul mate, get directions and reach your destination – just anything and more.

The smartphone continues to evolve and gets better with each new release. But these features have become somewhat standardized, with the only improvement being updates of existing features. The thing about a smartphone is that it will always have to fit into your palm. Its size is, at times, cumbersome. Maybe you have thought about having a much smaller smartphone – something smaller than the palm of your hand! Something that doesn’t need to be handheld. Such a small gadget comes in the form of a smartwatch.

Smartwatches have been around for over 20 years. That’s right! You’ll be surprised to know that the first smartwatch made its appearance in 1998. It had limited features such as contact information, games that you could play using buttons, and the standard timepiece. This watch set the pace for the current high-end smartwatches that allow you to keep pace and even control your health.

The downside to smartwatches is that their price puts them beyond the reach of many. You may want the benefits of a smartwatch but cannot afford the hefty price tag that it comes with it. Many times, these highly-priced timepieces are for the elite few. But you should not despair because there is a smartwatch that has been made just for you. It is the Smart eWatch that is everything you would need in a smartwatch, but made to fit your budget.

Smart eWatch

About Smart eWatch

Smart eWatch is a device, created to bring together all the functionalities of the smartphone closer home to your wrist. It allows you to pick and cancel calls, receive message alerts, get reminders, and even control music playing on your phone. It is built on an Android OS and supports both Android and iOS phones comfortably. You can easily fuse the watch with the phone using the Bluetooth connection so that they are in sync and function as one.

The smartwatch is a creation that encompasses many of the nifty gadgets you could use but are either too bulky or expensive to purchase. These include a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, an mp3 player, an ECG monitor, and several other gadgets, all rolled into one single device, the size of a wristwatch so that you can have all this control and information at your fingertips. And the beauty of this is you get all these features at an affordable price that you can handle.

Smart eWatch Description

The box does not have too many items in it. It contains your smartwatch, a USB cable for charging up your phone, and a manual that will walk you through setting up the watch. The product comes with an inbuilt battery that easily carries you through the whole day. All you will need is your phone’s internet data to set up the smartwatch, and you are good to go.

Features of Smart eWatch

Smart eWatch has numerous features that it comes bundled with, to ease your life and make you healthier. It takes out the use of multiple gadgets like the heart rate monitor and pedometer so you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

  • Health Monitors: The smartphone comes equipped with health monitors. These monitors keep you in the know about what is going on in your body. The heart rate monitor and ECG app helps you keep a tab on how your heart is functioning. It also enables you to slow down if you are going too fast and tells when you need to take preventive action before a problem escalates. The pedometer is yet another nifty app that counts the number of steps you walk every day so it can help you stay active. It keeps a record of the steps you make, so you are your own competition trying to beat the previous day’s record. It also comes bundled with a sleep monitor. This monitor records your sleep pattern and gives you information on what you can do to change any negative habits that are affecting your life.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Smart eWatch is built on an Android OS, which is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The compatibility allows you to monitor and record the data that the smartwatch is picking up from your body. The compatibility also gives you control of your smartphone through the smartwatch. You can receive or end calls, view incoming messages, and view incoming social messages like Whatsapp. The watch has a vibration mode to notify you of incoming calls.
  • Bluetooth Control: Smart eWatch allows you to control your phone and its media functions. You get control of your playback options allowing you to forward and rewind music from the comfort of your wrist.
  • Touchscreen Functionality: The smartwatch comes with a high definition touchscreen that gives you greater control over its functions. This means you do not fiddle much with buttons.
  • Calendar: The watch has an inbuilt calendar that allows you to schedule and save reminders such as birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, appointments, and so on. You can also sync it with the phone’s calendar so that your smartphone’s data gets replicated on the smartwatch.
  • Alarm: The standard setting of any watch will not be complete without an alarm. This gives you alerts when you need to rest, sleep, wake, as well as notify you of important events.

Smart eWatch review

How Does the Smart EWatch Work?

Here is how the Smart eWatch works –

  • Smart eWatch works by syncing with your body’s functions to give you readings on your vitals.
  • It monitors your heart’s health, sleeping patterns, as well as the distance you walk each day.
  • Smart eWatch does all this through its pulse checker situated at the back of the phone. You can access this information from the watch through its intuitive high definition screen, or access this data on a grander scale through the smartphone.
  • The smartwatch works when it is synced with the smartphone, which enables you to have greater control over it.
  • The smartphone gives the watch access to the internet so it can update its OS, as well as allows you to access the data it collects for better analysis.

How to Use Smart eWatch

Smart eWatch is an easy-to-use gadget. You are first supposed to charge the watch using its USB cable using any device with a USB cable outlet. A complete charge does not more than one hour. Once your smartwatch’s charge is full, you turn it on by long-pressing the power button in the same way that you turn on your smartphone. Sync the watch with your smartphone through Bluetooth so that you can update its OS.

There are different icons on the screen that allow you to access various functions of the watch. You can accept or reject phone calls, access your body monitors, access Bluetooth media control, as well as get message notifications from standard phone messaging service, as well as Whatsapp and Facebook. The eWatch can give you all these functions as long as it is connected to the phone via Bluetooth.


You can use the smartwatch in many situations – when you are active or when at rest. You can use it to monitor your body’s vitals when you are in motion, working or are asleep, which means you should always have the watch on your wrist at all times. The only time when you can’t wear it is when you are swimming or bathing.

Smart eWatch is available at -50% off with free shipping

Benefits of Smart eWatch

The smartwatch offers several benefits that make your life better.

  • Battery Life: The watch has a high power lithium-polymer battery that gives it enough juice to last through the whole day. You need to charge it only for an hour for it to have a complete charge that will carry you through the day.
  • High Definition Display: The watch gives you a high definition display that shows you every detail in perfect clarity. You will not miss any information from you because you were not able to see it.
  • Touchscreen: Smart eWatch comes with a sensitive touchscreen that allows you the ease to access all functions. The widgets are touch-friendly, meaning you do not get stuck trying to use it at any one time.
  • All-round Compatibility: The smartwatch gives you all-round-compatibility with the most used phone systems, including Android, and iOS. This compatibility ensures you can use it with whatever phone you have with ease.
  • Health Analyzer: You have a health analyzer with you at all times of the day to ensure you know how you are doing. This comfort allows you to take care of yourself better.

Purchase & Price

The smartwatch is available from the official manufacturer’s website with a current offer of 50 percent off the retail price. You can access up to three different pricing options with varying options for saving.

  • The first package has one smartwatch that is selling at $115.
  • The second package has two smartwatch pieces available at $199, with the cost of a single Smart eWatch at $99.50.
  • The third package has three pieces available at a price of $245. This number of watches brings down the price per unit to $81.67.

They do say the more, the merrier, don’t they? All packages come with free shipping.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company has not put out a money-back guarantee for the smartwatch. It is advisable to contact customer support if you believe you have a problem so they can advise you on the way forward. They do, however, have a warranty that you can purchase for either one or two years, depending on your budget. A one year warranty costs $5 while a two-year warranty costs $9.

Smart eWatch reviews



How Much Will It Cost Me to Ship the Smartwatch?
Shipping comes free of charge with all the smartwatch packages.

How Do I Resolve an Issue When I’m Stuck While Using My Smart EWatch?
You can contact the company’s customer care. They are available 24/7 on online support. They also have phone support in the US, UK, and Spain.

Is There a Way I Can Get a Discounted Price from the Usual?
You can get up to a 50% discount on the price when you place your order on the official manufacturer’s website.

Smart eWatch is available at -50% off with free shipping


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is stylish with multiple models to choose from.
  • It helps you get and stay healthy.
  • It frees up your hands from constant interaction with your smartphone.


  • The discounted price is only available from the official manufacturer’s website.

Customer Testimonials

“I’ve enjoyed using the smartwatch from the time I got it. I’m always up and down with so much on my hands. I used to miss so many phone calls. Some of the times they were emergencies. Getting this watch has made it so easy for me to stay updated while leaving my hands free to do what I need to do.” Sandra Rice.

“I started developing heart trouble when my wife passed on when I was 53. My doctor used to insist I make constant visits to his office so he could monitor me. I got my freedom when my son bought me this smartwatch. It is so easy to use and keeps me updated on the health of my heart. I now see my doc on a weekly basis and feel healthier too.” Mark Rogan.


There are many benefits you can have from a nurse who is always monitoring your vitals. She can tell you when you need to rest or work a bit more. She can tell you when you need to see your cardiologist, or when you have been too lazy and not walking enough. You can get all these benefits in the Smart eWatch. It comes at a low price in comparison to similar watches so you can have these benefits without breaking the bank. Try it today and change your life for the better.

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