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Have you been snoring at nights? Have you felt tired after a long night’s sleep? Do you feel intimidated about disturbing your partner when you snore at nights? Snoring is also known to be reason behind arguments and has even gone to extent of splitting up partners. Have you experienced a headache in the mornings after sleep? This also could be an effect of snoring.

Here is all about snoring!

Snoring is an involuntary and unconscious problem. It is prevalent mostly in men. Snoring happens when the breathing blocks suddenly. This generally occurs when the respiratory muscles and the laryngeal musculature are sagging. The air, which has to be released silently through the nose, is released with a noise.

Snoring can cause sleep-deprived nights. Snoring increases negativity in your body. Your health gets affected. Snoring affects the functioning of your cardiovascular system and even causes disorders in your blood pressure.

You can try the following natural remedies to overcome snoring:

  1. You can reduce weight if you are overweight.
  2. Your sleep position can be on your side.
  3. Increase the height of your head with a pillow
  4. You can use nasal strips or a dilator on your nasal externally.
  5. If you have some congestion or block in your nasal path, please take medical advice
  6. Please avoid alcoholic drinks and sedative products
  7. If you are a smoker, kindly quit smoking
  8. Consider to have good night sleep

However, these natural methods may not be very effective for everyone.

Therefore, In order to overcome your struggle at night, we introduce to you, the most innovative snore-stopping device, “Sleep Lab”.

Sleeplab Review

About SleepLab

Sleep Lab detects snoring activity. It has a stopper that functions with magnetic effects. Sleep lab has a snore stopper which functions magnetically. It helps and activates your muscles at night and helps you breathe easily. Now you can have snore-free nights.

SleepLab can be used at home at your most comfort zone. SleepLab makes your breathing quiet. You can have peaceful and noiseless sleep and so for your partner as well.

Sleep Lab can give you best results with continuous use. Under constant use, SleepLab stimulates your muscles every night, thereby causing your muscles to relax. This will bring your breathing style back to normal. Eventually, you might need to stop this stimulating action and slowly, you can sleep without any kind of device or medication.

How Does SleepLab Work?

Just attach the electrodes, which function with magnetic effects to your chin. Turn your snore stopper on and you are ready to use.

SleepLab generates a very small micro impulse that will stimulate the contraction of your muscles. This will help in opening the airways. It takes just a few seconds to wear it. You can place it under your chin. This device will stay intact and will not move, irrespective of your body movements in the night.

Interestingly, SleepLab has a user-friendly application, which you can install on your mobile as well. The SleepLab app is available on Google’s Play store and on Apple’s App Store for iPhone users. This mobile app gives you all the information about the behaviour of your sleep. SleepLab app keeps record of your sleep and your snoring activity as well.

This helps you in both ways: Enjoy Sleep and No more snoring!



It is recommended to use this device continuously for two weeks.

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All You Need to Know About SleepLab

SleepLab uses magnetic and electrical impulses to stimulate your laryngeal muscle when you have snoring problems. These pulses are adjusted by the electrodes according to the intensity of snoring. Snoring stops when the vibration triggers the magnetic and electrical pulses from the electrodes.

SleepLab provides to disposable patches to stick the device under your skin. These patches are for single use only. You can monitor your device, your sleep cycle, record your breathing patterns on your Mobile App in your smartphone. This app allows you to customize your settings as well. You can charge your SleepLab device for just two hours and it works for almost fifteen hours.

Here is a detailed technical information on the SleepLab device:_

  1. It works on S or T mode
  2. The device is made of ABS and PC material with good strength of material
  3. It is used as a Snorestopper
  4. It works between a frequency range of 10Hz and 1500Hz.
  5. It works full-fledged for 15 hours.
  6. The Power adapter has a rating of 3.7V with 80mAh current rating
  7. It weighs upto 10 gram
  8. The app works well with Android 4.3 or IOS as well
  9. The device color is usually Black
  10. One Package contains
    1. One Stopper
    2. 10 usable patches which will stick the device on the skin
  • Single USB cable
  1. One Charging Station

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Advantages of SleepLab

  1. SleepLab helps your sleep well.
  2. It is a user-friendly device, custom designed to be used with less professional skills.
  3. A mobile application can be installed in your Android or Mac phones, to observe your snoring activity, sleep patterns and monitor your improvements too.
  4. SleepLab has an efficient battery which lasts upto 15 hours.

A few constraints in acquiring your SleepLab Kit is that it can only be acquired online from the original manufacturer’s website.

In case the stock availability is low, you might have to wait for about two weeks to receive your orders.

Otherwise, this device is always there to help you overcome your sleep disorders.

How To Get Your Own SleepLab?

You can order your SleepLab from the official website of the original manufacturer and also the licensed supplier.

SleepLabs are not sold on online shopping sites, pharmacies or any other platforms. This is just to avoid counterfeit and to retain the originality of the product.

Hurry up and order a SleepLab for yourself or Buy One to gift someone you care for.

You can avail discounts on your orders in the official website. Save 50 percent on your purchase of your anti-snoring kit.

Buy 2 and you get 1 Free!

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As you place orders, you will be offered three years warranty. For small defects or remedies of other items, you may be charges a little.

Order now! Free shipping charges.

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What is Best Feature of SleepLab?

At first use, you might feel uncomfortable to sleep with a SleepLab device under your chin. But as your keep using it, you will find it effective to achieve smooth breathing and non-snoring nights.

The SleepLab’s stopper that has magnetic functions stimulates your muscles and relaxes them helping your airway free and making you breathe easy.

This helps your overcome all kinds of cardiovascular problems, snoring and insomnia problems.

Now, you can wake up relaxed and happy after a good night’s sleep.

Treatment by Surgical Methods

As stated before, every abnormal function in our body must be treated with proper diagnosis. The treatment after diagnosis can be by medicine or surgery. Sleep Apnea can be treated by surgical methods too. However, this surgery is accompanied with a lot of risks, post-surgery. The surgery is rarely successful and even if it is successful, it requires a long time for recovery.

We recommend you to take the non- surgical treatment. It avoids a lot of complications and helps you overcome snoring with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Mike ~ Hi everyone, I want to share with you about a problem that made me felt so introverted. I snore very loud at nights. I was afraid about losing my loved ones and friends because of this problem. A lot of you might think that this is a common problem that could be easily ignored. Yet, for me, it deeply affected my identity.

I went to visit my friend on a holiday. He invited me stay at his place and I was hesitant. I told him that I snore so loud and it would disturb his entire family. He gifted me SleepLab and guided me to use it. I placed it under and chin and went off to sleep. My friend told me the next morning that he had hardly heard me snore. I was surprised.

I went back home and downloaded the App in my smartphone to really check for results. What a surprise! The SleepLab works. I feel refreshed when I get up in the morning. Before using SleepLab, I used to feel so restless and irritated as soon as I wake up. Now all is gone and I am so happy to have snore-free nights.

Kelly ~ Hello Everybody! Today I would like to share with you something that has helped my partner live more happy and healthier.

My partner and I have been together for almost five years now. He is such a good man but he had very serious problems with Snoring loud at nights. It made his breathing very difficult and affected his health, physically and emotionally. I had disturbed nights as well. I would have my ear-plugs plugged in while I sleep.

We went for medical advice and the doctor advised us for surgery and explained the post-effects as well. We were very worried. One day, my friend called me up over phone and I was sharing our problem with her. She explained to me about SleepLab.

I decided to buy that and placed an orderly immediately. The SleepLab was delivered to us in a couple of days. My partner used it continuously. At first, he was worried if it would cause him discomfort or allergies. The SleepLab was a perfect device for him. It always stayed in place once it was fixed. Even if he made movements in the nights, the SleepLab was intact.

Thanks to SleepLab, after continuous use of two weeks, My partner could see much difference. He has been freed of his snoring issues. He is more enthusiastic, healthier and we have grown closer to each other than before.

Jaden ~ Hey Folks, Let me tell you about my problem that caused a lot of intimidation to me. I felt so insecure and never wanted to visit family or friends. I had this problem of snoring very loud at nights. Lots of you might think that this isn’t a problem. But for me it was a serious issue.

I felt awkward about myself. I had sleepless nights and constant headaches. I performed very poor at my workplace. I was on the verge of putting down papers in my company, although I loved my job. I was frustrated. I would get angry easily.

One day, a colleague of mine lunched with me. I shared my problem with him almost hesitantly. He smiled and said that he has the same problem as well. I was shocked, as he looked happier and healthier. He then told me that he was using SleepLab. I did not know that there was something like that.

My colleague detailed me with every information that I needed to know. I decided to try it out at that instant. I found the device available online and placed an order. I received my kit in a short delivery.

I placed the device under my chin. I also kept monitoring using my mobile application. It was user-friendly. In a few days, I could see some changes. I could breathe easily even when my nose was blocked.

My parents could make a difference in my health and behaviour. I began to work more proficiently and won a lot of friends. I have got my self confidence back. I have gifted one SleepLab to my father as well. My mother is very happy to see the improvements in my father’s health and mine as well.

Thanks to SleepLab and all the innovation in it.


SleepLab is designed very specially to help people overcome sleep disorders due to the common snoring problem. It is designed in a way, which is easy to use, and monitor using mobile built applications as well.

SleepLab uses an innovative technique by sending micro impulses to relax your nasal muscles and enhance your breathing. By these relaxation techniques, your breathing gets easy and your snoring slowly decreases.

SleepLab is designed with respect to medical standards and serves to overcome snoring problems. It aims to achieve customer satisfaction and serves the customers lead healthy and blissful lives.

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