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People say that a hard day of work leads to a good night of sleep. It is also noted that the human body needs a minimum of eight hours of sleep in order to rejuvenate. An excellent deep sleep also has a positive effect on the mind, keeping you fresh and active throughout the day. Yet, some of us may find it challenging to get these eight hours of rest.

A lot of times, you may find yourself wide awake in your bed, thinking of everything under the roof. You have set the alarm, and your phone tells you exactly how many hours of sleep you will get. Yet, those hours pass by, and that promise of sleep just doesn’t show up. You may have even tried counting those sheep that are supposed to induce sleep but in vain. With Sleep Wave, you can now set your circadian rhythm in tune and get that peaceful sleep you desire so dearly.


What Is Sleep Wave?

Sleep Wave are capsules that promote a healthy sleep pattern and maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. These capsules are made using herbs and minerals that support sleep. You can wake up feeling refreshed after a good night’s rest using Sleep Wave.

What Is Circadian Rhythm?

To comprehend the functioning of Sleep Wave, we must first understand what is circadian rhythm. Our bodies have a sleep-wake cycle, wherein our mind tells our body that it is time to sleep or time to wake-up. This cycle is known as circadian rhythm.

Your internal body-clock can be disturbed for various reasons such as work stress, too many late nights, jet lag, and so on. This causes the circadian rhythm to be troubled, and in turn, the sleep-cycle gets affected. Sleep Wave helps to restore the balance between your circadian rhythm and your body-clock.

How Does Sleep Wave Work?

Sleep Wave calms your mind and helps your body secrete sleep hormones. The ingredients that are used to make these capsules stabilize your disturbed circadian rhythm, causing you to sleep better. Sleep Wave maintains an equilibrium of hormones and brainwave frequencies to induce deep sleep for a longer duration. You can wake up feeling energized and ready to face the day with Sleep Waves capsules.

What Ingredients Are Used To Make Sleep Wave?

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Sleep Wave is made up of 11 herbs and nutrients for a relaxed mind and a sound sleep.

Sleep Wave uses herbal ingredients that induce sleep, such as-

  • Valerian root powder – known to improve sleep patterns. This herb is native to Eastern Europe.
  • Jujube fruit extract – helps in sleeping faster and for a longer duration. This herb is found mainly in India and China. From centuries back, locals have used jujube for sleeping better.
  • Skullcap – This herb is said to improve your circadian rhythm. Native Americans used skullcap for a better sleep-cycle.
  • Chamomile – You might have heard of people consuming chamomile tea to get good sleep. It has been scientifically proven that chamomile helps people fall asleep quickly. It was traditionally used in Egypt and now being used world over.
  • Hops flower powder – This herb is from Germany. Germans used it to better their brain rhythm for a relaxing sleep. It is also used in fermenting beer.
  • Wild lettuce – This herb helps you to drift away into a calm sleep. Wild lettuce is generally found in Europe.

These herbal components are mixed with some nutrients such as

  • Melatonin – This nutrient is known for assisting your body to secrete sleep-inducing hormones. It helps much in setting the circadian rhythm in motion.
  • Zinc – Zinc helps in letting you enjoy a fulfilling sleep at night.
  • Magnesium – This nutrient again helps your brain to produce sleep-inducing hormones as naturally as possible.
  • L-Theanine – This is an amino acid. It helps in providing a deeper sleep cycle. This nutrient, too, helps in improving the circadian rhythm of your body.

Together, these elements blend in to impeccably produce an ideal product for improved sleep therapy.

How To Use Sleep Wave And In What Dosage?

The ideal way to use Sleep Wave to take two capsules an hour before your bedtime. Sleep Wave capsules are made with safe and natural ingredients. Hence, you can consume it even on an empty stomach. Do ensure that you take only two capsules per day.

How Safe Is It To Use Sleep Wave?

Sleep Wave is made using natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for your body. These components are put through rigorous purification tests to remove all impurities and toxins before they are ready to use. Zenith Labs are regularly audited by the FDA so that they maintain their standards of safety. Therefore, Sleep Wave capsules are incredibly safe to use.

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Benefits of Using Sleep Wave

A good sleep leads to a rejuvenated body and promotes an excellent state of mind. The most significant advantage of using Sleep Wave is that your body is well-rested. This automatically brings down your stress levels, making you healthy and calm. Sleep Wave even helps you sleep quickly and induces deep sleep. You wake up with a new zeal and can have an energetic start to your day.

Side-Effects of Using Sleep Wave

Unlike chemically manufactured sleeping pills, Sleep Wave is made using natural herbs and minerals. Therefore, Sleep Wave is hundred percent risk-free and has no known side-effects. It is safe to use for a healthy brain and body.

However, if you do experience any side-effects, you must stop using the capsules immediately and report it to Zenith Labs.

Sleep Wave Review

Does Sleep Wave Work For Everyone?

Sleep Wave is a scientifically designed product that has proven to work on both men and women. Your body generally produces sleep hormones that help you fall asleep. Sleepless nights occur when these sleep hormones are imbalanced. Sleep Wave assists your body in releasing these sleep hormones and enables you to sleep better. Hence, it works on every human body.

Price of Sleep Wave And Where To Buy

A bottle of Sleep Wave costs you around $49 and an additional shipping charge of $19.95. You can only purchase Sleep Wave supplements at it’s official website. Sleep Wave isn’t available in retail shops or pharmacies. However, currently, they have a scheme under which they are giving two bottles of Sleep Wave free with every one bottle you purchase. So, you get three bottles for a total of $68.95, including shipping charges.

Not just free bottles, the offer also includes a free e-book worth $27 called ‘4 Methods to Fall Asleep Quick,’ and a free five-part video series by Dr. Ryan worth $129 titled ‘Healthy Sleep Masterclass.’

Return Policy

Zenith Labs, the makers of Sleep Wave, are very confident about their product. Therefore it comes with a guarantee of six months. If you are not happy with the product, then you get a complete refund, no question asked, and you also get to keep the product. Zenith Labs does not expect you to return the bottles at all.

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Pros of Using Sleep Wave

Listed below are some of the advantages of using Sleep Wave.

  1. Sleep Wave is made of 11 herbs and minerals and therefore have no side-effects. It is one of the best and most reliable sleep-inducing supplements because of its natural ingredients.
  2. A bottle of Sleep Wave contains sixty capsules. Your prescribed amount is two capsules per day, which means that one bottle of Sleep Wave can last you an entire month if consumed daily.
  3. Sleep Wave need not be consumed daily. Whenever you feel that you need a good night’s sleep for a fresh start the next morning, you can consume Sleep Wave then. It is not necessary to have them every day.
  4. Money-back guarantee is a very rare offering. There are not many products in the market that claim with such confidence regarding the effectiveness of their product. However, Sleep Wave does precisely that. It offers a hundred percent refund if you are not happy with the product without asking any questions.
  5. Using Sleep Wave capsules, you can fall asleep quickly and have a deep sleep through the night. It produces healthy brainwaves that keep you active when you wake up fresh the next morning.
  6. Their current offer is giving you three bottles for the price of one. This is a big pro for all those wanting to save some money while having a good night sleep.

Cons For Using Sleep Wave

Like all products, there are a few cons for using Sleep Wave.

  1. You can only purchase Sleep Wave online. It is not available locally in retail drugstores. This is a significant disadvantage as people want fast solutions to their problems, and ordering online involves a waiting period. However, ordering directly from their website also guarantees a quality product.
  2. It is recommended that people who are prone to allergies should first consult their doctors before consuming Sleep Wave. Even though Sleep Wave has no known side-effects, some people could be allergic to certain ingredients in the capsule. Hence as a precautionary measure, it is better to consult your physician before using the capsules.
  3. Some people might feel that Sleep Wave should be able to make them sleep for a complete eight-hour cycle. However, Sleep Wave generally induces deep sleep for about six to six and a half hours, which at times might be enough to refresh you.

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Customer Reviews

Let’s hear it from people who have used the products on what their thoughts are.

I have a clear before and after story. Before using Sleep Waves, I found it extremely difficult to fall asleep at night. My mind was always wandering and worrying about everything that I had lined-up for the next day. If I did get some sleep, and I woke up in the middle of the night, going back to sleep was a task. However, after using Sleep Wave, I got deep and refreshing sleep almost the minute I hit the bed. I would sleep for straight six to six and a half hours, and even if I woke up in the middle, I would fall asleep immediately. I have had the most revitalizing time since I started using Sleep Wave. I would definitely recommend this product. – Sarah George

Sleepless night had become the story of my life because of stress. I tried many other sleep supplements but in vain. Then I was introduced to Sleep Wave by a friend. I tried it and have since then never had to look for any other supplement. Sleep Wave has worked the best for me and helped me with my sleep problems. – AJ Will

Amazing product. I have been using Sleep Wave for almost a year now, and I have had no issues with this product. I get good sleep through the night. I am pleased with the supplements, will be ordering a few more bottles soon. – @hsingh


To summarise, with Sleep wave, you can wave goodbye to those sheep you were counting before to get some sleep. Sleep is vital to every person to recover from stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and more. Those dark circles under your eyes can only be gone if you sleep well. Sleep Wave supplements help you get rid of all those harmful elements and encourages your body to sleep well.

Sleep Wave uses ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to stimulate sleep. These are all-natural herbs and healthy minerals that your body requires. Hence, Sleep Wave is a harmless product to use.

A healthy body-clock and a timely circadian rhythm results in a nourished mind and a fit body. Sleep Waves helps in maintaining this balance by secreting sleep-inducing hormones. Now you can fall asleep quicker and be in a more in-depth mode of sleep. When you wake up fresh, you know that your day is going to be perfect. As the expression says, ‘sleep like a baby,’ by using Sleep Wave.

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