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SizeGenetics Review

It is now revealed that more than 50% of the people are not satisfied with their sexual health. Over 60% of men have small penis syndrome; 19 % of men seem to avoid their sexual life completely. This study shows how dissatisfied men and couples are considering the size of their penis. They do go to any extent to increase the size of their manhood from taking pills to undergoing some really painful cosmetic surgery. The man enhancement products are flooding in the market right from pills to devices, the market is increasing tremendously, but men don’t seem to have satisfied with the length.

Men out there follow many treatments for penis enlargement like doing exercise at home, taking some so-called penis enlargement capsules, etc. The surgery is painful, and supplements seem to have long term dangerous side effects like cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction. Now there appears to be a solution. It is the penis augmentation device.

Many penis expansion devices are available in the market at different prices. However, the penis enlargement device by the SizeGenetics is very popular. Hence we planned to review the penis augmentation devices by SizeGenetics inside out on how this penis augmentation device works, is it safe to use? Is this the most powerful penis enlargement device available in the market as claimed by the official website?


SizeGenetics is the brand the produces the reputed penis extension devices for decades. Sizegenetics have many satisfied customers around the world. They have been in the industry for decades (since 1995). SizeGenetics has come up with a penis augmentation device and claims to be safe on the body. Some users say they had seen extension up to 0.5 inches in a month. It is said that using the device for a year continuously; you can see a permanent result. SizeGenetics penis enlargement device comes in 4 packages, and you can choose the one that best suits you.

SizeGenetics value edition: SizeGenetics value edition comes at $199.95. The website states that this package is suitable for those who are starting the journey of penis enlargement and want to do that within the budget. It comes with the 1-year warranty and double money back guarantee. This device is backed by penis enlargement surgeons and is trusted by them.

SizeGenetics comfort package: SizeGenetics comfort package will cost you $249.95. Similar to the value edition, this comfort package is ideal for beginners in the penis extension journey. The user will receive a Type 1 medical device that is tested clinically, and medical surgeons in this field suggest it. It comes with a 1-year warranty and an attractive double the money back guarantee. This package also comes with a 16-way comfort system.

SizeGenetics ultimate system: SizeGenetics ultimate system is ideal for those who want to enlarge the size of their penis without wanting to compromise on anything. You will receive the Type 1 device that is medically tested. Surgeons in the field also recommend this. It has some extra items that are not available in the previous packages. This package also comes with the year warranty and twice the money back guarantee. 16-Way comfort system is available. The price of this package is $299.95

SizeGenetics curvature and Peyronie’s edition: The Company claims that this edition is quite different from others. This edition is especially for men who have the following issues:

  • For those whose penis is curved down, up, right or left
  • Extreme scar tissue of plaque build up in the area
  • Penis shortened because of the curvature issue
  • Erections are weak
  • You lack the sexual desire
  • You feel discomfort or pain during erection

This device comes with a one year warranty and with the 16-way system. It is recommended by the penis surgeons to be reliable. The price of this package is $299.95.

How does it work?

SizeGenetics is said to work similarly to the weight trainer who lifts the weights to train and stretch his muscles. That is, a weight trainer will keep increasing the weights step by step. This causes cell multiplication and micro tears resulting in more firmer and more holding capacity of blood as it gets larger. This penis enlargement device also works the same way.

Fixing the SizeGenetics penis extension device to the penis, it provides the necessary pressure and stretches to the part of the penis that is responsible for holding blood during erections. This part of the penis is called Corpora Cavernosa. These stretching is painless and leads to a split of cells in Corpora Cavernosa. As said before, in the process of weight training, new healthy cells are formed. This makes the penis bigger and firmer. The bigger the Corpora Cavernosa, the bigger and stronger, is the erections.

The thumb rule is, the greater the friction the device provides, the bigger and faster are your outcome. What makes the device impressive is its 2800 grams of friction and stretches it provides. It is comparatively 50% higher than the other male enhancement devices available in the market. By giving a lot of friction, it doesn’t mean the stretching is painful. SizeGenetics promises 0% pain during usage of its product and 100% safe. They also pledge that the outcome is permanent.

As seen in the types of SizeGenetics packages, the company also has a special device for men with a curved penis. This is called Peyronies, a penis syndrome characterized by a curvature in the penis structure. It causes a lot of discomforts, makes having sex difficult and boosts the self-confidence of the man. SizeGenetics has many customers who have healed their curvature syndrome with the device.

sizegenetics Is it safe?

SizeGenetics has the credit of receiving many endorsements and has gone through thorough clinical study and scientific researches by scientists of the US and Denmark. It has been checked by many doctors as well and has been proven to have worked well.

What we have noticed was, they have the registered type 1 medical device and have received the approval of the FDA which means they should have followed some strict regulation in the matter of safety and usage of high-quality ingredients. On checking with the customer reviews, the SizeGenetics penis traction device is entirely safe.

What does the package come with?

The products coming with the four packages have some items extra depending on the cost and the purpose of the device. However, we see that there are few things in common for all the four packages.

  • The device with 2800 gram tension
  • Dual function front piece
  • Pad for protection
  • Strap for comfort
  • A case for the product
  • Elongation bars with varying sizes

All the kits come with a 1-year warranty and a money back guarantee.

Benefits of SizeGenetics device

SizeGenetics has many benefits, which include:

  • Offers after-sales customer service
  • Penis size gets bigger without any painful techniques involved
  • The device is comfortable to use
  • 100% safe
  • Endorsed by doctors and penis enlargement surgeons
  • FDA approved
  • Double money back guarantee
  • Say no to painful male enhancement surgery
  • Clinically proven
  • Comes with instructions DVD


How to use the device?

SizeGenetics is easy to use, and you can quickly and visibly see results within just a few weeks of use. It is recommended that you wear the SizeGenetics penis augmentation device for at least 4 to 5 hours daily for more than six months. You can take 1-2 days of break in between if you want to. It is uncomfortable in the initial stage as your body needs some time to adapt. It is also required to adjust the size of the elongation bars to fit right. It must not be too much loose nor too tight enough to hurt you. Experiment with different sizes to pick the right one for you. The more you wear this elongation device, the quicker you will see the result.

Do not worry; the package comes with a DVD having instructions on the usage of the product. We are listing the steps below:

  • Put the penis on the ring
  • Add the elongation bars
  • In the place of the headpiece embed the head of your member
  • Pull the band present in the comfort straps available
  • Once this is done, make adjustments to make sure the device fits right in your penis
  • Initially, start just by wearing it an hour and increase the time frame gradually
  • You can use the device at your preferred time. If you do not want to use it at work, simply wear it at night before you fall asleep.

Money Back Guarantee

Many companies offer a money back guarantee in the market. However, this one is impressive. Maybe since this company has decades of experience in manufacturing penis enlargement devices or they are very confident with the working of the product? We don’t know, but they offer a double money back guarantee.

SizeGenetics is very much confident with the quality of their product, they advise users to use it for 120 days, and if the user did not see the increase in the size of the penis or if the curved penis is not treated, they promise to give the money back. They stress the user to contact them within six months of buying the device if you want a refund. They also recommend their user to take a photograph of your penis against a measuring tape for evidence. You are expected to maintain a diary of how many days you wore the device and for how many hours, etc. You can go through their terms and conditions on their website.

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Customer Reviews

SizeGenetics has a lot of reviews on the internet. The customer satisfaction rate seems to be higher for their penis enlargement devices. We have listed a few of the reviews here for your reference:

  • JJ wrote:  I have been wearing it for 3-4 hours/day with 1-hour intervals. I’m only four months into this, but I’ve made gains thanks to this part of my workout. So, my advice to the people who have been frustrated with SG results, try to decrease your time and increase the tension. So, before you give up, make sure you are doing it in the right way.
  • GG wrote: Today marks the 6th month of my use of SG.; it is a good opportunity to report the results.
  • It took me about two months of time to get used to the feel of it, and it is no longer an issue to put on the device. I can keep it on more than 6 hours without taking any break. Apart from that, I was doing KG and jelqing exercises to keep better control of my nerves. Overall, I have gained almost 2 cm, and also I get better erection these days. Let us see how it goes in the next six months.
  • Anon Jon wrote: It has a classic design that might be a bit daunting to use initially. But you learn how to wrap at your head of your penis; it should be okay. Having said that you could gain an inch with this device and any other extender of similar style! I would also advice keep doing jelqing and stretching exercises as well.

Before and After Pictures


SizeGenetics before and after

SizeGenetics before and after



We have reviewed a lot of penis enlargement devices in the market, and we thought SizeGenetics is also one among that but diving deeper, we realized that this penis enlargement device works better than any other extension devices available in the market. SizeGenetics are existing in this market for 20 years now. They wouldn’t have been so if their products weren’t effective. Their devices also have a lot of positive reviews compared to other similar ones.

They are manufactured with strict FDA rules and are 100% safe and painless. Their results are proving to be permanent as well. You can very well get one for yourself from their official website. You are backed up with a money back guarantee as well. You can contact them within six months of use if you feel the device did not do the good for you. With SizeGenetics, we are confident that you will gain and not lose.

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