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The sun comes up and gives light to a new day. It enables you to achieve a lot of activities. It does this by shedding light and allowing you to see and appreciate all that’s around you. There are a lot of places you need the sun to shine its light, but since it has a limited time when it shines, you need an alternate source of light.

With the world having become a 24-hour space where you can be working at very odd hours, you can never rely upon the sun on as generations that have passed once did. Now, you need light constantly. And while electricity suffices most of the time, it is not as mobile as you would like it to be. Professions like fire fighting, defense, archaeology, and mining force you to have a dependable source of mobile light. Hobbies like camping, mountain biking, and treasure hunting also beg for this same reliable light source.

The penlight, flashlight, and rechargeable lamps have been used as light sources to aid in this. They have their advantage, but the worst thing with these lights is the need to be held. The need to hold this mobile light means that there will always be one hand occupied with this mundane task. Rugged Outdoor Headlamp was created to solve this problem and a few others. And here you get to learn what makes this lamp to tick unlike any other you have used before.

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About the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp

The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp is a sturdy lamp that has been made from airplane grade aluminum. It is manufactured to be strong enough to endure the trying times of different outdoor environments. It is a tactical lamp that gives you the advantage of brute force if you ever need the beveled edge to break through the glass. It has been made water-resistant to help you go through storms with as well as through rugged terrain.

Its four light options help you light up your environment the best way it will suit you. It also has a five-option focusing beam that will help you see much brighter when you need to and have dim light when you are in a limited space.

It has been made to fit everyone with its three-strap headband that is comfortably snug. It has its battery box located at the back where it is held by the head straps from three points, ensuring it is securely in place.

Key Features of the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp

The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp is sturdy and hardy as it has been made using airplane grade aluminum. This structure ensures it can last through any rough handling and harsh working environments. It makes it resilient and can help you through any situation. The head of the lamp is made in a beveled edge fashion to give it an aesthetic appeal. It is also designed this way to provide greater durability to the lamp’s head.

The lamp has three-way adjustable straps that are made using durable yet comfortable material. These straps enable the light to sit comfortably attached to your head. They adjust from the left, right, and top so that they can be adjusted to fit any head size. This adjustment capability ensures that the lamp is never too loose or tight as you get the right fitting for your head.

The lamp comes with four lighting options to give you added functionality. These are medium-low, high, strobe, and SOS. These options enable you to have different intensities of light, depending on the situation you are in. You also have the option of having a beacon using the SOS mode if you are ever stuck in an emergency.

These five lighting options have five different focus beams that are either at 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x or 2,000x power of focus. You can easily choose from one or the other using an easy to reach knob at the side of the lamp’s head.

The battery box is set up right at the back of the head and symmetrically aligned to the lamp head to give the headlamp balance on your head. The battery chamber has added functionality in showing you the light mode you have chosen. It does this using a small LED light installed in it. It acts as a confirmation guide when you are selecting the lighting mode.

To give you flexibility, the lamp’s head has been made to swivel on its center providing you with 90 degrees of play. It allows you to see right at your feet or the ceiling level depending on where your attention is.

Finally, the headlamp is made water-resistant to enable you to work in any environment. You will be at peace, knowing the lamp will not short due to moisture getting into its circuitry.

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How Does the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp Work?

The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp is packed with a large number of features that will help light your way and keep you safe in any dark situation. It has four different lighting options, namely low, medium-high, strobe, and SOS. These are complemented by five different light focus settings which help you see clearly in any kind of weather. These focus settings move from 1x to 2,000x.

The lamp uses two AA batteries to power up the powerful LED emitters of the CREE XML T6 variety. These emitters are potent lights that use minimal energy while giving you a powerful beam hard to find in any other headlamps of its class.

You can strap it on easily to your head using the three adjustable straps. These straps allow you to comfortably wear the headlamp regardless of your head size as they fit any head.

You have the flexibility of seeing in whichever vertical angle you want to as the headlamp has a 90-degree swivel mechanism. The lamp will last you a long time given that it has 10,000 hours of lamp life in it.

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Benefits of the Rugged Outdoor Headlamp

  • Durable: The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp is made rugged, just like its name. It uses airplane aluminum for its casing, making it robust and resilient. This ensures that it retains its original form in whatever situation you use it in. It can endure through weathering of all kinds while remaining just as presentable as it was when you first bought it.
  • Flexible: The lamp head has a swivel mechanism on it. This allows it to have a vertical 90-degree play which lets you see from above your head to your feet. This flexibility ensures you do not strain your neck, trying to see from different angles.
  • Different Light Modes: This headlamp is made with four different light modes which ensure you have a variety to choose from for every situation that presents itself. You have low, medium-high, strobe, and SOS. These are all essential modes for use, especially if you work in dark spaces or professions prone to danger.
  • Adjustable Focus Beams: This lamp comes with five different focus beams that enable you to see whatever distance you need to. These beams start from 1x up to 2000x. In between the start and end are 250x, 500x, and 1000x.
  • Powerful: This headlamp uses Cree XM-L T6 LED emitters that are powerful lights. They use very little power to function. This ensures you have light for a long time powered by your rechargeable batteries.
  • Water Resistant: The lamp is made water-resistant to allow you to use it comfortably in any form of weather. This gives it longevity by preventing any moisture from getting into its circuitry. It ensures every part of the lamp stays dry and free from the effects of corrosion which start due to humidity.
  • One Size Fits All: The headlamp is manufactured using a flexible three-way headband design that ensures it fits you snugly. It can be adjusted to fit any size of the head, meaning you will not have to improvise to get it to fit. Proper fitting is essential for this headlamp so that you can move comfortably with it.

Purchase & Price

The Rugged OutdoorHeadlamp comes with a crazy, hard to find the deal that is offered on the official website of the company. They let you try out this tactical lamp for 15 days before you purchase it. Here is how it works. You will be required to pay a shipment fee of just $5.99 at which point your lamp will be packaged and sent to you within 72 hours. Your credit card will then be charged $49.99 at the end of the 15 days trial period. This is when you are satisfied with it.

The only variable in this is if you decide you do not want the product after trying it out. Then you will need to email the company and prevent them from billing your credit card. You will then be required to return the product within 30 days.

You also have the leeway of buying an extra lamp at a discounted cost of $34.95. This promotion is unlocked when you have made your first purchase. You can decide to pay the shipping and handling fee of $5.99 where you will get to have this second lamp packaged with the first. You will then have the same 15-day trial process repeat itself. Only now you will be charged the $34.95 mentioned before. You can cancel the automatic charge at any time before the 15 days lapse by writing to the company using their customer support email address.

Rugged Outdoor Headlamp

Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

There are three ways through which you can contact the company to make a return request. You can email them, call them using a toll-free line, or use a cancel button that they provide at the bottom of their website. Once you have undertaken any one of these procedures, you will be given a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You will need to include this number on the product as you ship it back. Note that the cost of return shipping falls squarely on your shoulders.

The company gives a 30-day return window period for your product to have reached them. You will not be able to get a refund if you stay with the product for more than 30 days after you purchase it. You will also lose the privilege of a refund if you do not stick the RMA number to the package you are shipping back. This number is a critical part of the return process. Also, note that you will not get a refund if your item is part of a discontinued product batch.

The company will assess that the product is in good working condition. It will confirm that it was not tampered with, and then process your refund. It will refund the purchase price back to the credit card that purchased the product at first. It is important to note that if you bought the item with a gift card you will be refunded with a gift card as well.



How Does the 15 Day Trial Period Work for This Product?
You get to order for the product and pay for its shipping charges which amount to $5.99. After that, the product is shipped to you, and you can try it for 15 days without committing. If you feel that it has not satisfied you, then you can call or email customer support and cancel the purchase before the 15 days have passed. That means that you will not spend more than the shipping cost that you incurred.

If you decide you want to go on with the purchase of the product your credit card will automatically be charged $49.99 at the end of the 15 day trial period. It’s as simple as that.

How Long Does It Take for My Parcel to Get to Me?
It takes the company 24-72 days to process your order and have it on its way. You should ideally have your package at your doorstep within five days.

I Have a Small Head. Can I Get a Smaller Version of This Lamp?
The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp is made with a three-way adjustable headband. That means it can fit any size of the head – from the smallest to the largest. You do not need to get any other custom made torch for you.

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  • It is made strong and durable using airplane grade aluminum.
  • It has a three-way adjustable strap to fit you snugly.
  • It has a lamp life of 100,000 light hours.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It has an adjustable beam starting at 1x up to 2,000x.
  • It has four light modes; low, medium, high, strobe.
  • It has an SOS emergency light mode.
  • The battery box has an inbuilt LED light that is identical to the light mode.


  • The product is in high demand and might get out of stock soon.

Customer Testimonials

“The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp has given me the confidence I need to report to work in the wee hours of the morning. My wife was always scared something would happen to me on the warehouse floor because of how dark it used to be. Though there are overhead lights they never quite suffice for the detail needed to work the machines. I found what I was looking for in this headlamp. It is strong and secures firmly on my head without much struggle. I am secure with this lamp.” Ted Brussels.

“My patrols in the woods at night have got me in a bind on more than one occasion. I realized that using one of my hands to carry a flashlight was a hazard to me. After getting hurt a few times my daughter gave me this headlamp as a gift. It is the most amazing and practical gift I have ever got. It serves me so well giving me intense light all around. It is light and fits me like a glove. I haven’t had any more accidents since I started using this light. Keep it up Rugged Outdoor Headlamp.” Garry Lawson.

“This headlamp has been like a good luck charm that I use anytime I’m going on a rescue into a burning building. It has proved a faithful companion helping me see through the smoke of a burning building. And it always feels so good hearing someone say they just saw a beam of light coming toward them and then they found themselves safe. My fire fighting days just got better.” Edgar Rodriguez.


The Rugged Outdoor Headlamp is a reliable and durable tactical headlamp made from aircraft aluminum. This gives you the surety you have a light mate that will see you through all times of darkness. If you are looking for a powerful lamp in a small package, then you will find it in this nifty gadget. It gives you all the options of a highly advanced lamp at the price of an affordable piece of equipment. Try it today for 15 days and decide for yourself if it won’t be just right.

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