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Matters concerning the health of your gut are of utmost importance. A healthy gut ensures that the rest of the body is also healthy. It all commences in your gut and spreads to your brain, heart, lungs and other important organs of the body. You know your gut health is not good when you start accumulating pounds, especially around your mid-section. That could spell trouble. That is a sure sign of rising cholesterol levels. It puts your heart, brain, and liver at risk of serious diseases and sudden death.

Such diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, just to highlight a few. Most of the time, when you gain weight, you rush to the gym, get into all manner of diet fads and the all familiar liposuction when you have a buck to spend. You waste a lot of money on diet pills and sometimes surgery. While these are going on, you have not even begun to deal with the least of your problems.

If you finally wonder why after improving your diet and joining the gym, you still have that protruding belly, you are at the right place. The problem is not what you are eating. It is not even that you are targeting the wrong body parts at the gym. It is the constituents of your gut.

Your gut has both good and bad bacteria and to maintain a healthy gut, there must be plenty of good bacteria in there. Enough good bacteria dominate the bad bacteria. They make sure there is a good activity in the digestive system. The good bacteria facilitate the digestion and assimilation of nutrients into the body through clean intestinal walls. It is inevitable that at one time or other the constituents of the stomach will be thrown off balance.

Say, for example, when your doctor prescribes those antibiotics to clear out an infection. This will not only wipe off the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well, resulting in the accumulation of candida in your gut. This fungal invasion causes stomach distress and creates an environment conducive to the growth of cancer cells. Is not that a bummer?

Furthermore, it messes up the stomach lining so that the food is not digested effectively or the nutrients absorbed. You might even experience that disturbing white tongue coating.

You do not have to wait to experience these disturbing symptoms. Get yourself Replenish 911. This will ensure all those needful friendly-gut bacteria are within you always. This pill contains every friendly bacteria in the right proportions. You save yourself the trouble of buying all the different strains of friendly bacteria and having to consume so many pills. It will also save you a good amount of pocket change.

Replenish 911

About Replenish 911

Replenish 911 is manufactured by PhytAge Laboratories, which is trusted by over 800,000 people. It is the best formula in the market with the best combination of active ingredients of gut-friendly bacteria. It has the best price in the market right now with a current discount on the product. The aim of the product is mainly founded on the idea of functional medicine. This involves mostly attacking the problem of gaining weight from the root cause. And, that is the presence or absence of good microbes or gut bacteria. Bad gut bacteria increase your food cravings. The pill will help you control your appetite. It clears out the inflammation caused by these bad microbes or bacteria.

It is a small, easy to swallow supplement. It contains seven of the most essential microbes in encouraging fat loss. Each of these functions differently to straighten out your gut. They have also been nicknamed “the seven fat-burning hyper strains”. The efficacy of the product has been tested in labs. Just one of the pills per day will do the trick.

The supplement is FDA certified and manufactured in the most conducive environment that meets the standards of the industry. Each ingredient is tested for purity and potency. The ingredients are obtained in the United States.

It has everything you need to get rid of the bad bacteria that induce cravings for high-calorie foods. Replenish 911 introduces good microbes or good bacteria into your body so that you stay in shape. It causes your energy levels to go up as they are not getting depleted by the bad microbes. Therefore, you become more active. With all the pounds gone, you will look great, and your confidence and self-esteem get a boost.


Given below are the ingredients used in the supplement:

Replenish 911 facts

  • Bacillus subtilis, also identified as grass bacillus or hay bacillus, is used for the treatment of stomach disorders.
  • Bacillus Coagulans, and Bacillus Clausii – They cause metabolism change by turning off the fat-storing genes and turning on the fat-burning ones.
  • Bacillus Family is a species of microbes that delivers what you need. It has all the strains of good bacteria required in the exact doses to help you maintain a healthy gut and lose the bad fat.
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus –When taken with a semi-calorie low-fat diet, it assists women to lose weight. It helps lose at least 10 pounds for some, and as much as 34 pounds in others, in just 4 weeks. It offers long term benefits due to its resilience in overcoming bad bacteria. The ingredient also protects against many diarrhea-causing bacteria and works to keep you well hydrated. It eradicates gut-related autoimmune conditions like the irritable bowel movement. It also prevents the growth and accumulation of candida in the intestines.
  • Lactobacillus Casei – This increases thermogenesis by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and jumpstarting the process of fat elimination. It improves the condition of patients suffering from various gut infections that prevent the absorption of nutrients. It also fights off many autoimmune diseases resulting in skin and lymphatic problems, and inflammatory conditions like arthritis.
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum – The ingredient helps reduce weight and controls hypertension. It improves the immune system and brain functions and helps in the absorption of nutrients.
  •  Bifidobacterium Breve B-3 – It improves metabolism and reduces body fat. Studies have shown it can reverse obesity. It helps get rid of fasting glucose, cholesterol, and diet-induced obesity.
  • Bifidobacterium Longum – This ingredient improves the environment of the intestines. In turn, bad bacteria is eliminated as eradication of solid wastes is facilitated. Thus most of the stomach disorders also die out.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – This Lower Body Fat Accumulation. It Produces the Lactase Enzyme, Which is Used to Break Down Milk Sugar to Produce Lactic Acid.

These active ingredients, together, ensure excellent gut health and reduction of weight.

This probiotic supplement works by turning off the fat accumulating genes and turns on the genes that burn off the fat. Consequently, your metabolism goes up, you become more active and can exercise more. Fat gets converted to energy and is used up.

The product destroys bad bacteria reducing the craving for unhealthy foods. Naturally, you will shed off the pounds and maintain a healthy weight. It also works to eliminate intestinal wastes. When this is facilitated, there is no longer a home for the bad bacteria.

When used for a consistent period of 4 to 6 weeks at least, you will get astounding results. The probiotic supplement will cause you to be rejuvenated, and you will feel lighter.

How to Use Replenish 911

It is easy to use this supplement. You take a pill and wash it down with a glass of water.

Replenish 911 is a very potent probiotic supplement. Just one pill a day will be sufficient to ensure that the beneficial microbes work in your stomach throughout the day.

Is it Safe to Use Replenish 911?

It is safe to use the product. A healthy gut contains all the strains of good bacteria. That said, it is always safe to consult with a physician before you start using any supplement. This is necessary, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions, are pregnant or are a breastfeeding mother.

It is 100% FDA approved and manufactured in a cGMP facility to maintain quality, sanitation, and potency. The product undergoes rigorous quality checks.

Is Replenish 911 Addictive?

Replenish 911 is not addictive. The ingredients contained therein occur naturally in the body but deplete with time. This supplement is supposed to assist in restoring the flora of the gut to create a balanced environment. The microbes navigate the digestive system and all the organs affected. It helps maintain a healthy internal environment, making it less possible for you to contract infections. Naturally, you will be healthier.

replenish911 review

Benefits of Replenish 911

Given below are the benefits of Replenish 911:

The product helps you lose weight effectively and keep the pounds away. This is done by maintaining the balance of the beneficial microbes in your gut while eradicating bad microbes. It turns on the fat-burning genes, thereby, increase your metabolism.

The product will help you control your appetite. It helps in the eradication of bad microbes that tend to bring about sugar cravings. You, therefore, keep on going for the refined foods and sugary treats, to satiate your cravings. Once you introduce the good bacteria, it burns off the fat, converting it to needful energy, at the same time, eradicating the bad bacteria.

This probiotic supplement fights off gut infections and maintains the gut flora. This eliminates inflammatory conditions. Thus, it deals with many stomach disorders and issues of malnutrition caused by insufficient absorption of nutrients.

It helps control high blood pressure and obesity. It improves your immunity, helping you fight off diseases.

It helps improve your performance at work.

You will also look and feel good and this will give you a confidence boost.

When you habitually use it for at least 30 days, you can feel a significant improvement in your stomach.

Side Effects of the Product

The product has no known side effects. It merely replenishes good gut bacteria that should be present in your stomach for good health. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Purchase and Price

If you were buying separate probiotic pills of various good bacteria strains, you would spend at least $225 for a 30 day supply. But, the regular price of one bottle of Replenish 911 is $120. However, you can purchase the product at $49.95 per bottle at the official website, which is a more than 50% discount. This is the lowest pricing of Replenish 911 anywhere in the world.

The pricing has been lowered so that more people can purchase it.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Savings Policy

The manufacturer offers a 100%90-day money-back guarantee. That is a full refund of your purchase money if you are not happy with the product or the results. Furthermore, you will get an additional $100 for giving it a try. Even if you have used the entire bottle and seen no results, you get your money back, plus $100.


Is Product Safe?
Replenish 911 is safe. It is FDA certified and manufactured under the most pristine conditions.

How Effective is Replenish 911?
It is guaranteed to give you the desired results within 4 to 6 weeks of consistent use. A pill day is all you require. It is guaranteed to work, or you will get your money back.

Are There Any Product Discounts?
Yes. The manufacturer is presently offering the product at $49.95, which is less than half of the original pricing. The regular price is $120.


  • Boosts your metabolism.
  • Assists in losing weight.
  • Helps trim the waistline.
  • Improves your appearance.
  • Boosts confidence and self- esteem.
  • Eliminates candida infections.
  • Reduces cravings to sugary foods and junk foods.


  • Limited stock.

Customer Testimonials

” I tried everything I came across to lose weight. I tried so many diet plans and diet pills with no tangible results. I even joined an aerobics class but the pounds seemed persistent. I listened to Dr. Sam Connors talk about Replenish 911 and decided to try it. Before then, I did not think that the lack of balanced gut microbes could result in weight gain. So I ordered the product without hesitation. After four weeks, and going down three dress sizes, I have reason to smile. I am so confident right now.” Jean Marie

“I was born chubby, and I was resigned to the fact that I might die chubby. But that was interrupted by a podcast I recently listened to over the internet. I heard that the product could turn fat-causing genes to fat-burning genes and I knew it was for me. I ordered it immediately. After 3 months of using the supplement, I am now 30 pounds lighter. I had to change my entire wardrobe. I am finally so happy.” George Peterson

“Diet pills and diet plans were the norms. Whenever I fell off the wagon, I would gain all the weight back. I was always afraid of injections and surgery was too expensive. The moment I came across this product, I knew it was what I was looking for. I ordered it immediately, and after using it constantly for 6 weeks, I was assured of its potency. I have never felt as attractive and confident in my entire life. My skin has never looked and felt better.” Laura Wilson


Replenish 911 is a product that could help you lose weight and improve your gut health. It contains seven of the most essential gut bacteria in a single pill. It helps clean candida from the stomach and ensures you do not constantly suffer from stomach infections. It aims at rejuvenating you and boosting your confidence. You will be more energetic and active while losing the craving for junk food. It is 100% approved by the FDA. Try it today to improve your health instantly.

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