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Have you been gaining a few pounds lately? An increase in your body weight makes you feel tired and frustrated. Your body is unable to do what you want to do. You feel embarrassed about the comments that you receive from your friends and acquaintances, on your weight gain. Sometimes you try to work out in all possible ways but to no avail. Has your body gained more pounds after all the work-out? Have you been on long-term medication? Has your dietician advised you a long menu, to go on a detoxification process? These kinds of bizarre situations make you feel depressed, disappointed, ashamed and even decrease your self-esteem.

Here is a solution to all kinds of motions that you are going through. The Secret West African Red Tea!

You can shed up to 14 pounds in a few weeks. Surprised, aren’t you? Read more to find out about this natural product with no side effects, no worries, no hunger cravings.

red tea detox

The West African Red Tea

The West African red tea is an ancient secret recipe that has been passed on through generations. This special tea curbs your appetite and cleanses your body from toxins. This can be used by anyone regardless of age, gender or health conditions.

Some of the customers have seen explicit results in a few weeks or even in one month. If it’s hard to believe, you are free to try it and find out. This red tea detox is worth it all. You will never be disappointed. Say goodbye to all your diet failures and your bad feelings of guilt,

This mysterious tea is truly a life-changer. You can get a cleaner body. You can get back to the older version of you with a beautiful body. That will help you use your favorite jeans that you have treasured up so long and even make your relationship with your loved ones better. This secret red tea has very special ingredients that will help you reduce the excess fat quicker than you think.

It doesn’t matter in what state you look. You might have had an increased weight after your last pregnancy or maybe your job hooked you into many stress and irregular food habits. Or has your body began to accumulate lots of fat suddenly? They can all be changed in a matter of seconds. Even if nothing has worked thus far, wonders can happen with this incredible Red tea detox. The red tea has extraordinary ingredients that makes your fat cells remove toxins and alter the metabolism of your body. These two alterations make a great change in your weight loss journey.

This is all you have to do.

  1. Drink the delicacy of red tea for 14 days.
  2. You can continue to enjoy your delicious meals.
  3. You can exercise less too.

You can enjoy your freedom boomed up with confidence. No more bad feelings, embarrassing moments and no more guilt.

Along with the above tips, you have simple five fat shrinking rules. These rules will detoxify your body and forcefully open your fat cells. A few fat cells are stubborn, so releasing these cells will ease the shrinking of these cells too. The red tea and this detox plan are deeply rooted in scientific principles. The methodology for the shrinking of fat cells is based on research and not hype. Discoveries have been done on the relation between the burning of fat cells with stress, nutrition, sleep, hormone levels, and body’s metabolism.

  1. Eat More And Weigh Less By Eating More

Weight loss does not mean that you deprive yourself of food or anything. It means that you detoxify your body and eat foods that will burn easily. This will revive your metabolic activity and keep the calories that you require for the day. The red tea recipe will help you battle your hunger pangs to the extent that you will never feel hungry.

  1. Lose Fat With Stress Reduction

The second rule is about reducing your high-stress level. Chronic stress is critical when it comes to weight loss. Stress causes harm to your metabolic activity by making your fat-burning and fat-storing hormones function abnormally. The African red tea reduces your stress, which stimulates your body to burn more fat in a little time.

  1. Drop Pounds By Toxins Elimination

It is not about how much food you eat, it’s about what kind of food you eat. For example, processed foods, canned foods, and even fast foods have a lot of food toxins. Toxins like nitrates, omega-6 fatty acids, processed sugar, pesticides, and herbicides reduce the level of fat-burning hormones in your body. There will be high levels of fat-storing hormones. That is why it is very important to detoxify your body when you are on a weight loss program. There are also toxins produced in your body, you never know about it. If these are not taken care of, you will experience a serious hormonal imbalance leading to serious health issues. This red tea will help you detoxify your body.

  1. Rebalance Your Hormones To Release Stored Fat

Noradrenaline is a stimulating hormone, which signals your body to use your belly fat for energy. This hormone also unlocks your fat cells and shrinks them. Therefore, an increase in this hormone will speed up weight loss. The red tea boosts the production of the noradrenaline.

  1. Lose More Weight With Less Exercise

Recent discoveries have found that exercise is a “sweet spot”. You need to exercise such that all the fat starts burning and your body draws in all the fat stores for fuel. So you need to exercise smarter and not harder. Most people get it wrong by eating less and exercising more. This will drain your energy. With the red tea, all your fat cells will be forced to open up and detox your body. That will help you to quickly shed away those extra pounds.

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Does The Red Tea Really Work?

A group of health and fitness enthusiasts, who have helped more than thirty thousand people, shares the African red tea recipe. The secret recipe was well guarded by a remote tribe in Africa who prized this more than gold. These enthusiasts spent hours together with them, explaining how they wanted to help the world with their special recipe. After a long time of gaining their trust, these tribes agreed to share this priceless recipe.

After receiving the recipe, a few months were invested in testing and researching the ingredients and their effects. This ancient legend on this hunger-less tea proved to be true. All five ingredients contributed to the exact action to achieve their purpose:

  • Harmful toxins that clog fat cells are released and the fat cells open up
  • Stress hormones like cortisol that block the brain’s fat-burning signals are reduced
  • Fats burn up for energy and muscle growth
  • Hunger cravings stop
  • Toxins and fat from the body are released and cleaned.

The red tea has some unique ingredients that help shrinking fat. These ingredients have scientific effects to enhance the body’s metabolism. The five Metabolic Enhancers in the red tea are detailed below.

  1. The Fat Shrinker

The red tea has a fat- shrinking booster ingredient is Aspalathin. It has an incredible bioflavonoid that keeps control of the stress hormone. A few people tend to eat lots of food when they are stressed. Aspathalin reduces stress thereby reducing hunger and fat storage. Not only that, but it also has strong antioxidants that protect your liver, regulates your blood sugar, controls your bad cholesterol levels and improves your mood. Because of less fat in your body, you feel more energized.

  1. The Fat Storage Stopper

The second ingredient acts as an antioxidant and decreases inflammation. It stimulates a special mechanism to block the digestion of dietary fat. By doing so, you intake fewer amounts of calories. It enhances your glucose and fat metabolism to burn more fat and absorb fewer calories. This means you can still eat plenty of food. Your body will take just a few calories required making it easy for weight loss.

  1. The Fat Unlocker

This ingredient increases your blood flow and stimulates your adrenaline flow. It boosts the rate of burning fat while improving the sensitivity of insulin and lowering cholesterol levels. This metabolic enhancer is an excellent detoxifier. It helps to keep your body clean by making the digestive system clear food quicker.

  1. The Fat Cleanser

The fourth ingredient promotes the flow of urine without a change in your sodium and potassium levels. This is very crucial when it comes to detoxing your body in the right way. This method saves you from dehydration too. This ingredient enhances the functioning of your kidneys, liver and increases the secretion of enzymes in the digestive tract. This improves your digestion and clears fat.

  1. The Hunger Killer

Don’t let the name scare you. This special ingredient in red tea helps in the effective metabolism of carbohydrates. It lower your insulin resistance during metabolism. This prevents the storage of fat thereby maintaining low levels of blood sugar in your body.

The red tea detox has helped many people to lose weight. The best part is that it removes the harmful fat by your body’s natural ways of burning fat. All these happen without giving you any bother of hunger cravings. What more do you want? Feel good and live your life and consuming every calorie you want to eat and this natural red tea will do its job for you.

Get Your Red Detox Program

Having read everything, get yourself the red detox program. The red detox program includes the red tea recipe and simple methods to cleanse the fat. The red tea detox recipe is simple, easy and found at your local grocery for less cost or you might even have it in your house. You can lose many pounds on this program.

  • The Red Detox program is just for $37.
  • The package includes the following
  • The ancient secret red tea recipe
  • The 5-year research compiled on fat burning
  • The 14-day meal plan for detox optimization
  • The red teas detox workout – An exercise plan to speed up weight loss
  • The Motivation booklet for the red tea program

Special Bonuses

Besides, you have special bonuses for your orders. This offer gives you 95% off.

  1. Bonus 1- 100 great-tasting smoothie fat loss recipes by Liz Swann Miller

Who does not love smoothies? Recipes are formulated especially to help you in this program. You can download this instantly. It’s worth $27 but it’s free on your order,

  1. Bonus 2 – An audio on effortless weight loss hypnosis by Liz Swann Miller

This motivational audio works on any device and is worth $147. It helps you with tips to reduce your body weight by eating fewer toxin foods. Today it is yours for free.

  1. Bonus 3 – The ultimate superfood guide for super health

A list of all the superfoods with the science behind every food explained in detail for you. This bonus is worth $27 but you get it free when you order the red tea detox program

  1. Bonus 4 – The five detox methods of celebrities

This bonus includes the likes of celebrities. It unwraps the detox secrets to clean your liver, body, kidney, foot and other organs in your body. It is sold privately for $197 but your choice towards weight loss lets you have it free.

Altogether the total price for the entire package is $897. But you have a special offer. Invest only once for $37.

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Money-Back Guarantee

You will love this program. We give you 60-day time to decide if you like the program or not. If you are unhappy by any means in these 60 days, we guarantee to give your 100% money back.


How good is red tea over green or black tea?
Green tea and black tea have some amounts of caffeine in it. These affect the natural process in your body. While red tea comes complete with natural ingredients with no caffeine. You will still have all the energy.

Do I have any side effects with red tea?
Red tea is completely natural and includes natural ingredients available at home or local grocery. There is no need to worry. This can be consumed by any age group, gender and any health condition. You will not have any kind of side effects.

Does red tea keep me from chronic disease?
Red tea reduces fat and controls your insulin levels. Hence it protects you from diabetes, cholesterol and heart diseases. It also has powerful antioxidants like quercetin and luteolin that protect your body from cancer cells. It also maintains your blood pressure levels and keeps your heart healthy.

Customer Testimonials

red tea detox reviews

I tried so many diet schemes and nothing worked out. I decided to try the red tea detox program as my last attempt. I was surprised to see the results. In two weeks, I lost four pounds. I feel so energetic and I am still progressing to see the better me. ~ Ron

Red tea detox program is amazing and truly working out. I am showing great progress in shedding pounds. I feel energetic, healthy and happy. I would recommend this program to my family and friends. ~ Kelsey

My life has had a turnover. I had so many doubts when I started the red tea program. I was unsure if it will work out for me as so many diet plans have failed for me. I was depressed. I began day 1 and checked out my weight on day 7. I was taken aback. My weight decreased. In a month, I lost nearly 20 pounds. I am so happy and confident about the change in me. ~ Jane

Red tea detox program has made my day. I am happy with the recipe, bonuses, and the entire package. It is worth all the investment. My hunger pangs are under control. I feel good to stick to the diet meals. ~ Max Tordo


The red tea detox program is affordable and presented at a very low cost. It is completely based on natural methods with natural ingredients. It keeps your body healthy and protects your organs from all kinds of diseases.

Enjoy this ancient secret delicacy to stay healthy, happy and confident.

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