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In this fast-paced world, people often run away from facing reality, sometimes because it’s too harsh and sometimes because they’re too ‘busy’. Whatever you call it, the bottom line is, almost none of us are happy with what we have inherited or learned in the course of our life. Even the best things are not good enough in light of this cut-throat world, and this harsh reality has left several people dejected and exhausted in search of something better and finer.

No matter who you are, musician, athlete, businessman or actor, every single one of us feels the need of being much better than we are at the moment. It’s most likely a human tendency to search for something else, something better continually.

What if I tell you that all you have been looking for is inside you? That brilliant doctor, melodious singer or classical dancer, everything is inside your head! It’s not a prep talk or motivational page, it is for real. You can be the best version of not just yourself but of any man in any field of your choice, that the world has ever seen.

Raikov Effect

What is Raikov Effect?

As mentioned before, this search for something better is innate in humans, and it has always been. So, for years legendary scientists have been researching and experimenting in different ways to bring out the best from an endless mind of a man.

Dr Vladamir Raikov is one of the most respected neuro-linguistic psychologists to date and his researches on a human mind are startling. In the course of various studies, he and his team of experts claimed to have found a way to trigger the inner genius of any man. He claimed that a man’s mind has every aspect to it, the genius and the evil and with Raikov effect, you can switch on your inner genius.

Do you feel like you are a mediocre pianist? With Raikov effect, you can become Martha Argerich! Want to rock that dance floor like a pro? Switch personalities with none other than Michael Jackson! This isn’t a hoax, and it is not a scam. Dr Raikov has done extensive research in this field, and all his experiments have been monitored and documented. With Raikov effect stepping into the shoes of legends is possible now.

The concepts of Raikov effect has been made simpler and more accessible to people so that everyone can become the person they always looked up to. Managed by Karl Moore, the Inspire3 team has transformed the studies of Dr Raikov into an easy to use the system.

How does it work?

Who doesn’t want superhuman qualities in him? As a child, we all daydream about being something out of this world, whether being the strongest, sharpest or fastest, there is always a superpower we wish to possess. But as we grow up, we understand that while being a superman might not be possible, being the best at what you presently do is certainly possible and at the time necessary.

There are people who you grow up admiring, and there are people who motivate you to do something. There is an endless number of people that worked so hard to become a dancer because as a child, they idolised Michael Jackson. Countless people turned to science and research because Einstein and Newton’s theories fascinated them. So basically what I am trying to imply here is that we get into a field thinking of our idols and hoping that we can be as good as them. But unfortunately, in most cases, that doesn’t happen. More often than not, we become lost personalities in such vast fields, and that ultimately leads to frustration.

When childhood dreams are crushed, life becomes a disappointment. But here’s a silver lining! Just when you thought all your hopes of becoming as good as your idol is lost, Inspire3 team is at your risk. Driven by a scientific experiment, this team has made it possible for you to become just about anything!

The primary thought behind this effect is to inculcate in you all the qualities of a person that you used to adore all your life. Do you like someone’s passion? Work ethic? Dedication? You can have it all! Raikov effect works by training your brain to have identical thinking and executing power as your idol’s so if you think like them, you act like them.

When Dr. Raikov initially started on this experiment, he used seven parameters or steps on the subject and Inspire3 team has not changed anything about it. The products your get under thing course also work in 7 following steps﹕

  1. Trance states
  2. Relaxation
  3. Visualisation
  4. Suggestion
  5. Positive thinking
  6. Believing
  7. Modelling

These steps, when performed in the exact order, are proven to unlock the inner genius in you. The system works wonders provided you give it all your trust and concentration. Focusing on each step is very important to get the desired results. The Inspire3 knows what they are doing when it comes to their products so put all your faith in this and see yourself transforming!

Raikov Effect video

About The Raikov Effect Course

Inspire3 team has come up with just the simplest version of Raikov effects, and the aim is to provide you with an array of sources to get that genius out of you.

Contents of the package are as follows﹕

  1. A PDF on Raikov effect: Still can’t wrap your brain around what exactly the Raikov effect is? Learn from the masters! This PDF breaks down even the tiniest of detail of Raikov effect for you, so you have a precise understanding of the course you’re about to take. The company also gives you Placebo effects, Swapping heads for intelligence, body hack for happiness and Neuro-linguistic Programming courses in the same package. These are not the main Raikov effect system, but performing these with concentration and getting good results also ensure that you’ll get good results with the main system too.
  2. Raikov effect audio: This is the real game-changer. It’s an mp3 audiotape of ten minutes that inculcates strong mental abilities in your whether it is brilliance, mental strength, sharp mind, or playing a specific instrument. You name it; you can have it!
  3. Targeted five audios: Other than the mental strength, five areas of the mind are given special attention in these audios, namely, increased brain power, enhanced confidence, weight loss, the law of attraction and wealth and abundance.
  4. Bonus cheat sheet: A PDF document including all the steps and basic 101 of using the Raikov effect course.

Weighing The Pros And Cons

Every product or appliance always comes with a set of pros and cons. Let’s analyse them before we move forward into investing in the Raikov effect course.


  1. Access to superpowers you have always wanted.
  2. Unlock your inner genius and bring out the perfection in you.
  3. Once you know how to use it, there’s no more investments and no going back to being mediocre.
  4. Easy to interpret and adhere to course plans.
  5. The program offers a jaw-dropping 1-year warranty and also a 100% money back if you aren’t satisfied.


  1. Needs you to concentrate on your goals real hard.
  2. The program can be accessed online only.
  3. The results may vary from person to person.

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How To Use The Programme?

Want to make the most out of the money you invested and achieve your best self? Just make sure you use your Raikov effect package in the way described below﹕

  1. Close your eyes and think of the quality you would like to possess and by think, I mean really think.
  2. Also, think of the person and his/her qualities that you would like to have in you.
  3. When you’re done determining your ideal qualities, plug in your earphones and start your Raikov effect ten minutes audio.
  4. The audio comes with a set of instructions that you need to follow meticulously. Remember, this is your gateway to greatness, so do not take it lightly.
  5. As the audio progresses, see your mind thinking and running in a way you have never seen before.

You also get dedicated quality audios that you can listen to ensure that you do your best in the main Raikov effect audio.

What To Expect

In this self-involved and cut-throat world, it is hard to believe in someone who’s offering help. Its only natural if you can’t put your trust in the product, but once you get to know the strong scientific background of it, you’ll be convinced that it’s not a scam.

Initially, when Dr Raikov started his experiment, he used to hypnotise his subjects twice a week for eight straight weeks, that’s when he began to see some startling effects. So, this Raikov effect package by the Insipire3 team also needs at least 16 sessions for you to start showing personality changes by entering into a deep trance-like state.

This technique simply works by enhancing the skills you already possess, but they are under-utilised or hidden in you. This program brings out the best in you, and it is definitely worth your time and attention if you have been feeling unworthy lately.

What Are The Customers Saying?

Still not sure if you should invest in this product? We get it. Often the most promising products come across as a scam, and that’s why we have made a customer review section for you where you can read responses from genuine users of Raikov effect course by Inspire3.

Raikov Effect review

I cannot believe I convinced myself to go for this. I am a very pessimistic person in life, and it is tough for me to believe anything. When I came across this article, I was going through a lot in my life. My opinions weren’t valued in my workplace for whatever reason, and I wanted to learn to express my thoughts more firmly. I used this package and believe me; it’s a godsend. I have been promoted in my work, and I am feeling like a much better person than I used to. ~ Steve

I was one of the first one to purchase this product, and I’ve got to say, it’s some brilliant psychology right there. The audios are crisp and clear, and you can practically ‘inject’ yourself with some of the prime qualities you have always craved for within a matter of minutes. Humanity just can’t get better than this! ~Julio

I have been an athlete all my life, and it used to break my heart, thinking I can’t be good at the one thing I have always done. I gave this sport my heart and soul, and I still couldn’t be the best. I tried the Raikov effect package with a sceptical mind, but I cannot explain in words how happy it has made me. It is an absolute life-altering technology, would recommend. ~Jonas

The Bottom Line

Remember how optimistic you were as a child that you’ll get some superpowers as you grow? It’s time you treat your inner child with some actual superpowers. Raikov Effect is your doorway to success and prosperity. If you’re someone who is feeling dejected and depressed by the ways your life has turned out, don’t think you’re alone. A number of people feel that way, and a significant number of those people have given Raikov Effect package a try and are happy customers now. You can be happy too, trust that and make your purchase. You’re just a click away from your dream superhuman life!

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