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Life is beautiful, isn’t it? But with every joy that we experience in our lives, it comes with a combo that includes something stressful as well. Decades ago, people only indulged themselves in farming, agriculture, poultry, and textile industry. The IT boom that we see in today’s world is only a recent entry. The dream of working in a multi-national company, especially an IT (information technology) firm comes with its own set of challenges, and the one that tops the list is compromising peace of mind. So, what do people do to calm their senses down? They opt for many varied things to release their stress out. Some indulge in engaging activities, some take to cultivating bad habits like smoking and drinking, some also think about being in a relationship, some start listening to music, some hit the gym, some just fall prey to the stress. But if there’s one common place where everybody tries to find solace in, it has to be in the world of music. Sounds helps one calm down and this is something that everybody is aware of but why does it calm one down, that not many know. So let’s understand that.


Music therapy is becoming a very popular choice and a very effective way to combat stress in the present world. And the power of music to improve health has also been documented well also, right? The sound of the music helps the heart beat slows down. It soothes your soul, lowers your blood pressure. And these days, how does one listen to music? Through ear phones of course!

We listen to music on our phones with the help of the earphones on a regular basic and most time of the days; be it while commuting to our workplace or college, or when you’re just sitting at home, or during office breaks, or whenever you feel stressed. Some listen to music in order to fall asleep as well. Such is the power of all things nice to listen like the music. And while doing so, we’re so sure that at least once in our lifetime, we’ve been caught singing the tunes of our favorite song, and there are some songs that we listen to when we are in our psyched state of mind which are so loud that the person sitting next to you is also listening to it.

And for those who listen to music while at gym, well, as much as the workout tunes help you do that extra push up, while doing certain activities in the gym, it is natural for the wire of the earphones to come in the way and you either trip or make your phone trip. And when tech giants like the Apple came up with a unique hearing device called air pods, the entire world was in awe. These Bluetooth enabled and wireless earphones makes life easier for people who want to listen to music without having to hold their phones in one hand. However, the ear pods that these companies produce are crazy expensive and will cost you a leg or an arm. And the problem that tops this is that they don’t really live up to the hype that it is surrounded with. So, what do we do then?

This is where PlayBeatz marks its entry! This Bluetooth ear pods are an innovation in its own way. Not only are they cheaper, but they are also cheaper when compared to its competition in the market. So, let’s get two know to about this PlayBeatz in detail.

PlayBeatz Wireless EarBuds

A Brief About PlayBeatz

This Bluetooth headphones can be considered as special because of their premium sound quality and enormous bass capacity. And the fact that PlayBeatz are compatible with both the android as well as the iOS operating systems which are the two most widely used operating systems in the mobile world, this makes PlayBeatz it extremely compatible. If you look at the gadget market right now, you’ll notice that every other day there are plenty of Bluetooth headphones that are launching in the market, some of them are pricey while others are pocket-friendly! All of these launch with taglines that speak of high-quality and noise-free experience and a perfect to our ears. But very few of these live up to the expectations they’ve set by their marketing strategies. Some even drop from the ear phones. PlayBeatz on the other hand speaks a completely different language.

Technical Facts About PlayBeatz

PlayBeatz comes with the following mentioned features:

  • Standby time of 180 hours
  • Bluetooth version of 5.0
  • Charging time takes around 1.5 hours
  • It has a battery of 500 mAh capacity
  • The distance within which it works is ten meters in radius
  • It promises a playing time of 3 to 4 hours in an uninterrupted manner
  • Compatible with all kinds of mobile phone, laptops, tablets, notebooks, etc.
  • For sound quality that is superior, the PlayBeatz uses V4.2+ EDR
  • It succeeds in noise cancellation and has an integrated audio system
  • The headphone design is ergonomic. Fits into the ears for longer and with more comfort
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • When PlayBeatz is turned on, it automatically connects to the smart phone. One can answer and reject calls with PlayBeatz
  • One can play, pause, stop, and skip songs with PlayBeatz without touching the smartphone.

PlayBeatz review

Why Does One Need PlayBeatz Device?

If you’re one of those people who find passion in sports, loves to jog or run marathons because you feel free and less relaxed while doing so, then we’re sure you love listening to music while doing so.

Imagine one day you’ve gone out running, you put on your earphones and your favorite workout track plays. The thrill just kicks in and you start running. The next thing you realize that your ear pods have fallen down. And you’re wondering how could that happen even when you know that you bought those ear pods because they said designed for sports enthusiasts. See, that’s the problem, many products don’t really live up to their expectations.

And to solve this problem, PlayBeatz is the answer. The PlayBeatz earbuds tend to stick on to your ears no matter how hyperactively you roam, it just doesn’t fall off. Also, let’s not forget that this also uses the latest audio smart technology that cancels all noise while you’re listening to your music. The bass and sound quality of the earphones is so good that you’ll feel as though your favorite band is performing right next to you, that euphoric is the musical experience when use PlayBeatz to listen to music.

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Benefits of Using PlayBeatz

Here’s a list of benefits that PlayBeatz provides:

  • Pleasant Fit: The PlayBeatz wireless ear buds are snug in the ears, they are very comfortable as well. And they remain comfortable no matter how long you use them.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: The PlayBeatz offers worry-free standby and play times. You can go on listening to music as long as three to four hours straight once you’ve charged them a hundred percent.
  • Charging Is Hassle-Free: You don’t need to mean machine to charge them. All you need to do is plug in the case of PlayBeatz to any USB for it to start recharging on its own. Once the light disappears from the case or turns off, it’s an indication that the ear buds are charges fully.
  • Convenient Storage: The compact and sleek design of PlayBeatz allows you to store them easily in your pocket as well as your purse. The protective case of PlayBeatz ensures that the ear buds are safe from dirt and dust, and also they don’t get hampered that easily as well. The case in which we store the PlayBeatz ear buds also ensure that we have kept it safely and there’s no chance of misplacing them either.
  • Worry-Free Connectivity: The connectivity too can be regarded as hassle free as the Bluetooth range of this is up to ten meters radius, which is 33 feet without any obstacles. As long as you are within this range you can continue to listen to your music without having to hold your phone.

PlayBeatz Quality And Test Characteristics

The PlayBeatz is recognized by the U.S. law making it a safe manufacturer delivering safe products to us. The PlayBeatz ear buds come with latest Bluetooth technology of 5.0 that is accompanied by a strong and stable connection which helps you listen to music without any signal interference. The ear buds comes with touch control features that helps you play, pause, stop, skip the songs that you are listening.

This product has been tested and marked safe for human usage as well. For all other quality check information, one can find the details on their official website.

Price And Purchase, Money-Back Guarantee, And Refund-Policy

These PlayBeatz ear buds are best if it’s purchased from the official website only. This will prevent you from being a victim to imitation products. Also, the official website keeps running some offer or the other.

The product can be returned and refund for the same can be claimed if returned in an unused and unopened condition within 30 days from the day of purchase. Always call the customer care for better assistance in this regard.

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Customer Reviews

Andrew: I’m a gym freak alright. I love running and trekking. And what helps me get better at these outdoor activities is great music. But it was very tough for me to find a good earphone to enjoy music while doing my activities. I wasted hundreds of dollars trying all the latest earphones that made its entry into the market. They never promised what they boasted about. Everything seemed like a big conspiracy for me. I was disappointed with every single purchase. When I came across PlayBeatz on the internet, I thought it was just another of those bad performing ear buds. I anyways ordered it looking at the great discounts that were offered on the official website of PlayBeatz. I started to use it and I was mind blown away by its performance. The ear buds don’t just look like those of Apple, they feel better and perform much better for the price it comes in. I totally loved it! Not once did it fall off from my ears while I was running around.

Adrian: These ear buds were like love at first sight for me. I was always in search of wireless head phones that were budget friendly and still not compromising quality wise. And this PlayBeatz put an end to my search. Loved how exquisitely this one is designed to deliver not just good performance but also feel comfortable in your ears. The wide coverage area that it promises and the latest Bluetooth technology that it uses impressed me the most. The best part though was that I got it for an extremely good deal on their official website.

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Conclusion—The Final Thought

When you have a budget friendly Bluetooth ear buds which comes built using the latest technology and also promises 3 to 4 hours of no-interference play, then we think that there’s no better option than the PlayBeatz. Its sleek design, excellent compatibility features, good bass quality and premium sound performance that comes along with the coupling of noise cancellation is like a perfect wireless Bluetooth ear buds package. If you are in dire need of a Bluetooth ear buds and are looking for something that will match comfort, price, and performance, then this one is ideal. The official website offers great seasonal discounts and as customers it’s our right to take advantage of it. It’s compatible with both android and iOS operating systems that makes it for a perfect compatible headphone. And with Christmas and New Year around the corner, you can bag much better deals here. So, go ahead, grab your PlayBeatz right away and enjoy great music hassle-free. It’s just a click away you see. Go now!

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