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What if there is a way to keep track of every move that you make towards fitness? What if there is a possibility of recording every step in detail? Well, think no more. There is a set way to do it. Its name is the Pentagon Fitness Tracker. This is a device which has been designed in such a way that it benefits the army soldiers. It is used by them to eliminate their arrogant fat to stay fit and strong. The best part about the device is that it is available for everyone.

Why a fitness tracker? This is a very common question that arises from every individual. What is the need for it when the world has advanced in terms of all the diets, weight cutting recipes and workout regimes? The answer is very simple. There is no other way to see the progress in a more comprehensive way than the Pentagon Fitness Tracker. The tracker helps keep a very close watch on the progression of how the body performs. It looks at how the body reacts to the movement.

It looks at the rest taken by the body. The device inspects all the parameters possible and then works out a plan that is suited. This is a great way to understand the working of this device and how it adapts and delivers the right stimuli at the right time. The Pentagon Fitness Tracker is an amazing piece of technology. It provides all the needed settings to reach the goal and continue with the same process for a longer duration of time.

To see the real worth of the device, there has to be a deep addressing of the capabilities of the product and what they are. This will be done in detail.

Pentagon Fitness Tracker

About Pentagon Fitness Tracker

Pentagon Fitness Tracker is such a wonderful piece of technology. Currently, it is considered to be one of the best fitness trackers in the market. Its capabilities are of immense levels. It can make ripples in the pattern of movement. It does it in such a way that working out may now feel effortless. The device creates a specific path for everyone.

This is a military-inspired device and claims to be even more effective than the market giants. The product is so good that there is a huge user base for it. This is a direct reason for the fact that it is 100% useful for a huge majority. The device not only helps reduce weight by cutting away fat stored. It keeps the optimum performance up by motivating at regular intervals. The device can sense time of inactivity.

The device is not just for fitness. It is a wellness guide. It helps in looking at very critical body functions and then assesses them. This assessment is then carried over and then the result is passed over to different computers. After deep checking, the processed plan is then provided for implementation. This is how the structure works for the pentagon fitness tracker.

It is also a smart-watch that is connected to the mobile phone to get updates of calls and messages. This way all information and notification can be viewed without taking the phone out of the pocket. More details about the Pentagon Fitness Tracker will be provided in the details given below. It is an amazing product which is creating ripples in the market which is full of similar products. Even when that is the case, the Pentagon Fitness Tracker stands out of the crowd because of its uniqueness.

How Does Pentagon Fitness Tracker Work?

The Pentagon Fitness Tracker works very easily. All that has to be done is, the device has to be connected to the mobile phone and it is good to go. Every move made is then recorded and processed. This is then sent over to the main servers through the phone and a judgment is made. The judgment is made on the terms of personalization of goals.

All the data is stored onto the mobile device. This provides information on how the plan should go. It also sets the pace according to the goal that has been set. What happens now is that, after the work-out routine starts, the system monitors how well it is going. If there is any lag in the set pace, then there is motivation that has been generated by the system.

The device then gives regular reminders about how long there is rest and how long the duration of activity would be. This helps regulate the pace. The set goals are surely achieved when this way of activity is followed. Hence the device is such a success all around the world. The Pentagon Fitness Tracker is a sensational gadget. Its features are so vivid and unique.

How To Use The Pentagon Fitness Tracker?

Switch on the device and then make the connection with the mobile device. Download the application for the device on the mobile phone and it is done. The phone will sync with the device and all the data recorded will be passed onto the mobile device. Hence the app will start working and all the personalization will start. All there needs to be done is to set the goals and the system will kick into action.

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Features of Pentagon Fitness Tracker 

The features of the Pentagon Fitness Tracker is miles apart from the other market run products. There is an open statement where this product better than other fitness giants like the FitBit. The reason as to why this is better is the point of revelation below:

  • Sleep Analysis: The device keeps a close watch as to how many continuous hours are sleep present in the body. This helps the device determine how to set the next days routine. The depth, length, and quality of the sleep is measured. This helps in the proper judgement of the specific needs towards the goal. Sleep is one of the most important routines when considering the human body in the rest state.
  • Heart Rate Analysis: The device looks at the heart rate when there is or is not going to be physical work. This analysis brings to light a lot of dynamics about the importance of heart rate check. This check is to see how the rate of recovery is. According to this data, the personalization of the routine of workout can be processed by the system.
  • Fitness Tracking: The number of steps traveled and the total distance covered is recorded by the Pentagon Fitness Tracker. It is then sent to the main server for a thorough check. This check is then progressed according to the set goals. This gives a boost to the process and the pace of the fitness program also stays constant.
  • Goal-Oriented Program: The process of fixing personal targets is the start. Then the device takes over the process. Deciding what to do and when to do. Guiding with the use of the necessary steps. This is a very strategic planning that happens when the goals are set. The complete experience is guaranteed.
  • Water-proof: The Pentagon Fitness Tracker is certified IP 67 water-proof. The device is not only water-proof. It is resistant against the entry of dust, against sweat and similar substances. No component will be damaged by the process of washing hands or even while taking a shower. That is the guarantee provided by the company that has created this revolutionary product.
  • Smartphone Connectivity: After connecting to the mobile phone with the use of Bluetooth, there is a sync of information. After the sync, the system can then transfer data to the phone for analysis. Also, the device can be located if it is lost or misplaced. This way there is no need to have anxiety if there is a chance of bad memory.
  • Reminder To Resume: When the device is aware that there is not enough movement from the planned course of action, it lets out a beep. This is to remind that the rest or the idle time is over and the training should start over again. This helps in the following of the set course of action towards the goal. Hence the main objective is to keep the work-out flow and to not cause disruption to the flow.
  • Notifications: The watch shows notifications from the phone the moment there is a call or a message. The smart-watch lets out a beep and buzz which is the indicator of a new message or call. Apple or Android, be it any platform, the smart-watch can connect to either one of them.
  • Colour Options: The available color options are pentagon black, national red and youth green. Either one can be chosen at the time of buy.

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Benefits of The Product

The Pentagon Fitness Tracker is the kind of gadget that is an excellent choice to work towards the body goal. There is an immense amount of work put into building this piece of equipment. The gadget has a beautiful array of functions. On purchase of the Pentagon Fitness Tracker, there are huge amounts of benefits to be accepted along with it. Here are the benefits of the Pentagon Fitness Tracker:-

  • Military based design for maximum utility. High-grade quality equipment that was used by the US army soldiers for training. It is now available for use.
  • It creates a record of the work put into the workout. The main reason behind this is to make the progress clear. This is a tool to follow a very cut out path so that the goals are reached without any roadblock. It analyses the forthcoming plans to iterate and create a specialized regime.
  • It helps in the understanding of sleep patterns and the issues & plus points. It helps in regulating of sleep by understanding the depth, duration, and quality of sleep. The better the quality of the sleep, the better the energy when waking up in the morning.
  • If there is a lot of time that is spent idle, the device buzzes. It notifies and makes the motivation towards continuing the work-out.
  • The notification on the phone is now available on the smart-watch. It gives clarity to which number is on call or as to which number is trying to send a message.
  • It counts the number of calories burned in the process of the activity. This helps in seeing the ratio of consumption of food to its expenditure. This is a great feature. It is very difficult to count the calories if there is no way to identify the expenditure and intake.
  • It comes with a different type of offer. There is no need to pay the price for the fitness tracker immediately. If the tracker is performing well and is satisfactory, then the company deducts money from the account.
  • It has a very important benefit, the heart rate monitor. The device helps in the check of the heart rate constantly. There is no need to go to expensive labs to see the heart rate. It can now be done in the comfort of one’s house.
  • It has IP 67 water-proofing certification. This protects the device from water, dust, extreme sunlight and harsh weather conditions.
  • Along with the Pentagon Fitness Tracker, there are a couple of other free benefits. It accompanies the Free PentagonFit Academy with Member Reports which is valued over $1164. Free email entry to a personal coach platform. A mail personalized for a single entry is what the device offers as a complimentary benefit. Free joining of private Facebook chats.

Price and Purchase Details

The pricing of the Pentagon Fitness Tracker is very interesting. The company offers a trial period of 14 days. All that needs to be done is a $1 payment. After 14 days, if the product performs satisfactory, then the company will automatically deduct $47 from the account. This is a very unique opportunity that is provided by the organization.

Cash Back Policy

The company offers a cashback policy of 60 days! This is an incredible opportunity to try such a futuristic gadget. The Pentagon Fitness Tracker is such a technological marvel that to pass-up this opportunity is tough.

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  • It is water-proof and certified IP 67.
  • It connects to any smart-phone.
  • It tracks the personal milestones and motivates.
  • It provides a platform to check the heart rate.
  • It records the steps, distance, and calories burnt in the workout.
  • It has a system to show reminders and notifications from the mobile phone.
  • It has a three color variants to select from.


  • It has no cons
  • The only trusted source is the main website.

Customer Testimonials

Samuel ~ I am a fitness enthusiast. I have been trying to find a good combination of a fitness tracker and a smart-watch. I am indebted to the futuristic design and features of the Pentagon Fitness Tracker. It helps me to keep a track of my morning sprints and the heart rate that comes up after the run. I can concentrate more on my recovery rate now.

Trent ~ I am amazed by the Pentagon Fitness Tracker. It has such an incredible way of iterating my workout patterns. It also sends the information to the phone and then a detailed analysis of the work is produced. Afterwardsit also guides me to what I have to eat and when.

Lydia ~ I love to have runs in the park. But it got me thinking about how much faster my heart would beat. How much fun it would be to know those details? I went up and looked at a fitness tracker and every single one looked meek and uninteresting. Then I came upon the Pentagon Fitness Tracker. This product opened up new horizons for me. I can now see the steps i have taken, the distance of my runs and much more. I absolutely love this product.


The Pentagon Fitness Tracker is a very unique product. As far as its features go, it provides all the top of the range features in its capability. The features of the product speak for itself. As a smart-phone support system and also as a fitness advisor, the product performs flawlessly. One of the most important factors that contribute to its success is the fact that it was initially was designed for military personnel.

The creator has provided a huge amount of functions for this fitness tracker. Heart rate monitor, calorie counter, step calculator and personalized diet are all available on one click.

All being said, the price is where the real question comes up. That aspect is also dealt with n a very clear way. There is a trial period of 14 days which is available on the payment of $1.

This is where all the difference is. A first-hand experience of the product is what the company offers. After this, if the product is good and adaptive, the organization then deducts the price from the account.

Pentagon Fitness Tracker is an incredible piece of technology. This is a must-buy for all fitness enthusiasts and corporate employees alike. Quality delivered at the cheapest.

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