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Penomet is a special penis pump designed mainly for successful penis enlargement. It’s design and work efficiency make it the best choice among its peers. This device assembles two parts, one is the Penomet cylinder, and another is the replaceable gaiter system. Its rich build quality makes the device robust. The material used in the Penomet cylinder is high capacity polycarbonate plastic and in the gaiter system is the top grade silicon usually a high-grade rubber. There is a 360-degree valve at the tip of the Penomet pump, which is a dual safety valve cum pressure regulating valve that helps the user to maintain enough amount of vacuum inside the Penomet cylinder. The replaceable gaiter system slowly increases the pressure so that the user can have a safe and pleasant operation. Penomet pump can increase the size of the penis of the user up to 3 inches in length and up to 30% in girth. This device can show the result within the 15 minutes of usages.

Due to its flexibility and uniqueness, this device has won many awards and has been featured on several websites, magazines and e-commerce sites. In 2012 Penomet pump achieved the best male enhancement device award. In 2013 it achieved the jury award, and in 2014 this device won the best new product award from Venus. By winning these awards, it proved its goodness and efficiency. When the thought of enlargement of the penis comes in mind of a person, the first picture comes in mind is Penomet pump, because of its quality, versatility, and safety.

Penomet pump is designed especially for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The main benefit they can get by using the Penomet pump is boosting their self-confidence, which is most useful for their love life. By using the Penomet pump, one can have a proper blood circulation to the penis tissues.

This product is available in three packages –Penomet premium, Penomet Extra, and Penomet standard.


Features of Penomet premium package

The features of the Penomet premium package are

It includes version 3.0 Penomet pump, gaiters having pressures 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80, shower strap, digital exercise guide handbook, printed instructional booklet, 60 days money-back guarantee, and three years warranty.

Features of Penomet extra package

The features of the Penomet extra package are

It includes version 3.0 Penomet pump, gaiters having pressures 65, 70 and 75, digital exercise guide handbook, printed instructional booklet, 60 days money-back guarantee, discreet shipping and billing, and three years warranty.

Features of Penomet standard package

The features of the Penomet standard package are

It includes version 3.0 Penomet pump; gaiter has pressure 70, digital exercise guide handbook, printed instructional booklet, 60 days money-back guarantee, discreet shipping and billing, and three years warranty.

Each of these packages is available in four colors, namely – violet, pink, orange, and transparent. The buyer can choose his favorite color.


Working Principle of Penomet Pump

Penomet pump works using the principle of vacuum creation in a closed chamber. Therefore the blood vessels are forced into the penis tissues.

Penomet pump has two parts one is the main Penomet cylinder, and the other one is the gaiter system. The Penomet cylinder is often filled with water for better result. The purpose of using water is to provide an equal volume and pressure in the cylinder. An air vacuum pump compresses and expands the air without enlarging the penis equally; it results in unequal growth of the penis. Usage of water in the Penomet cylinder overcomes this problem.

When this device is inserted over the penis, the compression starts, once the compression stops the non-return valve present at the end of the cylinder closes. Then the gaiter starts expanding. As the result, the penis gets equal pressure in every area. Because of this, the blood vessels inside the penis tissue starts rushing against the gradient; this creates an artificial erection.

This product comes with five replaceable gaiters that let the users increase the pressure slowly and safely. The user of this device can realize the gain 65% faster than using any other devices. The use of an interchangeable gaiter system allows the users to choose the gaiter according to their comfort level.

How to use the Penomet Pump

Using the Penomet pump is very easy. One can follow the below steps to use the Penomet pump effectively: –

  1. Choose a pressure gaiter that suits your application.
  2. Generally, for beginners, the purple 60 gaiters are suggested. The gaiter that has the lowest pressure setting can be chosen.
  3. After the gaiter is chosen, connect it with the main Penomet cylinder.
  4. Once both cylinder and gaiter are assembled, it is ready to use. Apply it over the penis. It can be applied with water and without water in the chamber. It can be used during a bath or shower.
  5. In the next step softly pump the Penomet pump until it creates a vacuum seal.
  6. Once the vacuum seal is created, relax for some time, then again start pumping.
  7. Continue pumping and relaxing in the duration of a few minutes up to 15-20 minutes.
  8. After you realize the result, you can remove the pressure. To remove the pressure, slowly press the valve present at the end of the cylinder to one side. After that, you can remove the Penomet pump.

When the user is experienced enough, he can change the size of the gaiter for higher pressure. One can visualize the growth in length and girth after continuous use of one month.

Benefits of Penomet Pump

  1. By using the Penomet pump within 15 minutes, the result can be realized.
  2. It allows increasing the penis length and girth permanently and 65% faster than other devices available in the market.
  3. It provides an easy way to change the pressure, which is by changing the pressure gaiter.
  4. Penomet pump helps in boosting the self-confidence of the user.
  5. Its precise measurement scale available on the 360-degree pressure release valve helps in adjusting the pressure of the Penomet pump inside the chamber.
  6. Penomet pumps are used for altering the Peyronie’s disease affects.
  7. Impotence can be prevented by using Penomet pumps.
  8. Penomet pump is a better solution for penis enlargement instead of dangerous surgeries.
  9. It can prevent premature ejaculation
  10. Penomet pumps help in increasing sexual stamina of the user.
  11. It has a feature of 60 days of money-back guarantee by ordering the product from the official website. If the user not fully satisfied with the product, he would get back the money within 60 days.
  12. Penomet pump provides a permanent solution and long-lasting.
  13. Doctors highly recommend it.
  14. Penomet pump has two certifications: CE Marking and SGS certification.

penomet review

Side Effects of Penomet Pump

Penomet cylinder is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastics, and the gaiter system is made from medical grade silicone. This device is very safe and easy to use. The gaiters are available in different sizes, and easily, the pressures can be changed. Doctors highly recommend Penomet penis enlargement pump as it is safe to use. There is no side effect or any risk in using the Penomet pump. There are no specified bad effects caused by the Penomet pump found by the users. There might slight discomfort in the beginning, and that will also go away once the user is experienced enough to use the pump. Users are happy with its performance and have no regrets of using it.

Price of Penomet Pumps in the market

This device can be purchased online. The person who decided to use this product can directly order it from its official website. Ordering from the official website is beneficial because they provide 60 days money-back guarantee and three years of warranty.

The Penomet premium package costs $ 297, Penomet extra package costs $ 197, and the Penomet standard package costs $ 127.

These prices are nothing comparing to the dangerous surgeries available for the penis enlargement.

One who is going to purchase the Penomet pump should go for the Penomet premium package by keeping away the price consideration because this package includes all sizes of gaiter systems and shower strap. This package may be more useful to the user than other packages. Also, the flexibility of this package is more because of the five unique gaiter systems.

Customer Reviews

Based on the customer reviews, the Penomet pump was the solution to their many problems. Here’s a look at what the users have said by using this product.

  • Benji: Everything in this package pump and accessories is made of top-notch quality, the gaiters and the pump. The top head Nob is used to release the water. When I use it, I feel very strong suction even with medium gaiters. I follow the routine, though, to keep it changing. My size increased by half-inch, and I used this pump only three times. Although I am not experienced with other products, I highly recommend this purchase.
  • Paul: Penomet is the only pump I use for penis enlargement; I started my measurements in one week of using this pump. It is comfortable to use 40-60 minutes a day. You can control the pressure, and it doesn’t harm at all. It doesn’t have any side effects.
  • Rob: If you are someone using for the first time, you may feel a kind of fear in using it. But, as it remains within limits recommended for the beginners, it is okay. You better start at the lowest pressure. It is ok to see no results at all than over pumping it that can lead to pain and discomfort at the end of the day. I have done it and still using penis pump these days, and I have never experienced any bruising or swelling or edema- type discomforts. I do it slowly.    
  • Benny: I have been using Penomet daily for about two months now. It seems like it provided some extra length, but it is hard to know if it is permanent. It is worth noting that sometimes the water leaks. Aside from that, I am pretty happy with it.
  • Alex: Responsibility is the keyword of Penomet. I have been using the Penomet pump for over two years now and have had good results. I have only gained around a half-inch because I have not consistent with it. If you are consistent with it, then you could gain over an inch in length and good amount in girth. I have tried other products before like extenders, but they are too uncomfortable. Using the Penomet pump is easy, and it guarantees the gains. Also, the Penomet is durable, I have dropped my Penomet pump several times, and it seems indestructible. If you have a Penomet pump, take care of it and try not to drop it, but accidents happen, and it is nice to know the Penomet pump won’t break. There are a lot of products in the market that promise gains, but most are bullshit. A water pump and manual stretching are all you need. Using the Penomet pump by itself will get solid results as long as you are consistent with it.

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Penomet Before and After

Penomet Before and After


Penomet pump is a scientifically proven hand stroke penis pump that helps to enlarge the penis in minimum time durations and less effort. It has a strong fan base worldwide, as there is no side effects and safe to use. If you are seeking a solution to the need for increasing penis function and size and have already tried many devices, but not satisfied with their results, Penomet pump is the best solution for you.

Penomet pump has a wide range of gaiters, and they have a workout schedule for the penis. If one uses it for around ten weeks, he will see some effect that will be permanent. Penomet pump can increase the length of the penis by up to 1.5 to 2 inches by using it for a long term approach.

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