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We all know about stem cells. They are touted to be the miracle cure that medical science has up its sleeve. They are indeed the future of medicine. They will be used to cure a multitude of diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, blindness. They can be used to regenerate anything-an organ, specific tissues … virtually anything- skin, tissues, bones. These cells can grow into any cell in your body.

Stem cells are extracted from your blood and they are then transferred into any other part of your body that has a problem. The beauty of stem cells, as we mentioned, is that they can become any type of body cell, e.g. a neuron, a muscle cell or even a penis tissue cell.

That’s the medical benefits of stem cell therapy. The aesthetic side of stem cell therapy is being used for making people look younger. So if you want more pumped up facial skin, you can get an injection of stem cells. It’s the obvious next step to use stem cells to do something as tough as increasing penis size. And believe us when we say that it works!

The Penis Enlargement Remedy we are going to be reviewing harnesses the power of stem cells to grow more tissue in your organ, resulting in a natural increase in penis size and girth.

It’s the go-to remedy for you if you have tried all the penis enlargement remedies in the market like Chinese pills, extenders, pumps, the penis pulling hand exercises and similar shenanigans. These, needless to say, don’t work. So if you have tried all these formulations, protocols, and systems available in the market for increasing penis size, and have failed miserably, losing both time and money, you can now make a conscious choice to grow your penis to the size you want at the cellular level.

In this review, we are going to arm you with the right knowledge to organically grow your organ without any pills, gels, exercises, or pill-popping. This will give you an advantage over other men trying hard to increase their penis size and get more women into bed. Think of this, not only will a bigger penis win over more women, but it will help you give your partner more orgasms. This means your woman will never be unfaithful and leave you for a well-hung guy. Sounds good? This is what this review is going to do for you- arm you with the right knowledge, making the right choice before it’s too late!

Penis Enlargement Remedy

About Penis Enlargement Remedy

The Penis Enlargement Remedy is a protocol to grow your penis at a cellular level using the power of stem cells. It virtually restarts the growth process in your penis. An increase of up to 4.4 inches in penis length and 3.1 inches to your girth in less than 90 days is guaranteed by using this protocol that comes to you in an easily digestible form of a book. The method does not involve any pills, penis extenders or any kind of ‘miracle’ remedies. And, needless to add, the protocol is based on authentic scientific research. There is no sneaky marketing involved here!

Penis Enlargement Remedy: Components

The Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol contains three key components. All of these will give you the sex life you’ve always wanted. These components are:

  1. The Penis Enlargement Remedy Handbook

Tom Candow has condensed the cellular growth steps needed to grow your penis into a short, easy-to-understand handbook that you can read and instantly use in just about two to three hours flat. The beauty is that you remain in control all the time while using the penis enlargement principles. As soon as you find that you have reached your desired penis size, you can stop without losing the gains.

  1. A Guidebook ‘Bedroom Satisfaction Tips’, Usually Costing $67

In this book, you will learn all the techniques to make the woman of your dreams addicted just to you. You will also be taught to master the psychology of sexuality. This will make her want to ‘jump’ you before you have even hit the sack. Plus, the book will teach you how to stimulate her to an orgasm.

  1. A Guidebook ‘How To Become An Alpha Male’, Usually Costing $47

Women like confident, alpha males. It has also been scientifically proven that women orgasm easier with alpha males. This guidebook offers you easy to follow tips to make you appear alpha male. This will basically work on your body language and help you create fated encounters with women and tell you how you can avoid being nervous around sexy women you want to bed the most!

  1. A Guidebook,’Infidelity Investigation’, Usually Priced At $67 

This gives you secrets so that you become cheat-proof. You can identify if your woman is cheating on you.

  1. The No-Touch Orgasm System, Costing $200

This will make you learn the script that causes women to orgasm by just hearing your voice. You learn to anchor a word of your choosing inside her mind so that she comes when you utter it. Pure magic!

Penis Enlargement Remedy pdf

How Does Penis Enlargement RemedyWork?

The Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol works at a cellular level to create new cells in your penis, harnessing the power of the miraculous stem cells. The protocol relies on making new penile cells, making your penis permanently bigger.

According to the man behind this method, Tom Candow, the penis enlargement guru, 97 % men who follow this system to the ‘T’, see an increase of 2 inches and 92 % men see gains of three inches or more in their penis sizes. The system works in just 90 days.

The regime condenses the methods that work in a simple to follow manner. It is made for the busy man who wants to get safe results quickly.

The Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol has three phases, with each phase designed to give the exact results you want.

Phase One – The Stem Cell Secret

What Tom does in this phase is to help you to boost the number of stem cells in your body and coach you to be able to re-direct them to your penis. He also tells you how to use these two steps to boost your penis size quickly and safely. This is a foolproof way as human DNA guarantees that all men can follow the same blueprint for increasing penis size. Since the blueprint is the same for every man who is alive, it means that the protocol works for every single man.

Phase Two – Exercise

After filling your body with natural stem cells in your body, you move on to the second phase. In this, you kick start internal HGH production to boost the growing process. This requires no more than 30-45 minute workouts for a few days a week to spike your HGH levels and increase the speed at which your muscles grow. You also add lean muscle to your body, which is a babe magnet.

Phase Three – Acceleration

In very simple terms, you will be taught how to hold the stem cells and the naturally occurring hGH in your penis for long. Also called the Penis Accelerator technique, it works by timing exercise, stem cell peaks, and a specific technique to find the perfect time to sculpt and accelerate penile growth.

How To Use The Penis Enlargement Remedy?

The protocol does not require you to exercise your penis for 90 minutes a week. No, it doesn’t. It is ultra simple. All you have to do is to follow the penis enlargement guidelines exactly. You don’t have to exercise hard and long but work right, as explained in the protocol. The trademark protocol has been designed in such a way that just 60 minutes per week of targeted work will do the job. And you will see a real gain of two to four inches of penis growth to your penis.

Is Penis Enlargement Remedy Safe?

Yes, it doesn’t require dodgy Chinese pills, pumps, extenders or all that crap that may not work but may also be downright dangerous. You don’t have to exercise your penis for 90 minutes a week either that leaves it red and sore. It uses stem cells to grow your penis at a cellular level naturally. It is safe. It uses the exact principles that are used to grow the penis naturally in humans, apes and virtually any mammal on the planet.

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Benefits of Penis Enlargement Remedy

  • The most significant advantage of the Penis Enlargement protocol is that it’s safe. The remedy uses the exact same principles that your body uses to grow your penis size during puberty. The only difference is that during puberty, penis growth happens without any conscious inputs, but in the Penis Enlargement protocol, you are taught these principles.
  • The protocol is idiot-proof. Tom Candow has condensed the cellular growth steps into one easy to understand, simple to read, and short handbook that you can read and instantly use without wasting any time.
  • You remain in control all the time. As soon as you find that you have reached your desired penis size, you can stop. No questions asked.
  • The gain in penis size and girth is also permanent as the stem cells are used to grow your organ at a cellular level.

Purchase And Price

You can claim your copy of the Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol at just $ 47. This is a limited offer price only, so hurry up as the handbook and all the other goodies being offered as a part of the protocol may get over. Just visit the product website to fill in a form and hit ‘Purchase’.

Penis Enlargement Remedy price

Refunds of The Penis Enlargement Remedy

You have a 60-day trial period to put the Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol to the test. If you don’t like the way it works after two months, you have a ‘no questions asked’ money-back guarantee from the author. So you are completely covered.



What Is Penis Enlargement Remedy?
It is a protocol that allows you to grow your penis by two to four inches by following the guidelines. It harnesses the power of stem cells to give you visible results. It also works for men of all ages and is foolproof.

Who Can Use Penis Enlargement Remedy?
Any man of any age can use this protocol to grow their penis by two to four inches in 90 days flat.

How to Use Penis Enlargement Remedy?
You have to follow the principles laid out in the handbook exactly. The remedy works in phases. In the first phase, you are told how to increase the number of stem cells in your body and direct them to go to your penis.

The second phase is exercise-driven. You are told how to exercise so that you increase HGH levels naturally. This is required to increase muscle size. It is dangerous to consume hGH, but this way, you are safe. The last and third phase is the acceleration phase.

Where Can I Buy Penis Enlargement Remedy?
The remedy is only available on the official website of Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol. All you need to do is fill a form giving an address, and the system will be shipped to you free of cost.

How Soon Can I See Results?
You can see results within 90 days of starting the protocol. This is a foolproof system as it targets something intrinsic to the male of the species- our DNA. So, don’t worry that it won’t work for you. But remember, you have to do some work here – though not as much as other systems- so be prepared.

Is The Penis Enlargement Remedy Safe?
The remedy works on principles that are used by your body to increase your penis size during your adolescence. This makes it completely safe and foolproof. There are no synthetic pills or silly exercise regimes too.

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  • The protocol is completely safe. It uses principles that are used by your own body to cause a spurt in your penis size during adolescence. Stem cells have been studied and are being used to treat countless diseases. Stem cells are safe and are not a part of any dodgy miracle remedy.
  • The Penis Enlargement Remedy is foolproof. The principles that it uses work in all humans, including you.
  • The Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol is fast. You can see results in 90 days flat.
  • The Penis Enlargement Remedy protocol is damn easy to use. The handbook is extremely easy to follow.
  • It also gives control to you. You can stop as and when you feel that you have the penis size, you desire.
  • Any man, regardless of his age, can use the system.


  • This remedy is only available on the official website of the developer of the protocol.
  • It requires you to follow the guidelines and put in some work, exercising for a set number of hours per week.
  • The system doesn’t work if not followed to the ‘T’.

Tom Candow Penis Remedy review

Customer Testimonials

Steven – My penis size was the bane of my existence. I had to wait until I was 20 to have sex for the first time. I am 31 now and finding a partner has always been an uphill task. I used to work out a lot just to take my insecurity away. It didn’t. My body became ripped, but my penis remained the same-small. I tried everything- pills, pumps –the works. Nothing worked. But, I must say that the Penis Enlargement Remedy has transformed my life. In just two months, I have the penis of my dream. It’s nine inches long now and thick. I just love it…and so do the ladies!

Tom– My wedding was just three weeks away and I discovered that my fiance was cheating. She admitted that the sex was not great due to my penis size. We canceled. After this, my search for a good and effective penis enhancement remedy started. A buddy suggested this protocol. I have since gained 3.5 inches and I managed to keep the woman of my dreams. 

Lewis – This system has helped me increase my penis size by one –and –a –half inches in just a month. I want to increase the girth now. I am at the beginning of the journey and love the control that this protocol gives me. I can choose how much I grow before stopping. I’m blown away.


Penis Enlargement Remedy offers you freedom from a small penis. Men have added anywhere between two to four inches in three months by following the principles laid out in the system. You can benefit from the remedy whatever age you may be. Men as young as 20 to older men in their sixties have transformed their penises using the protocol.

The protocol is safe yet foolproof. It apes the principles your body uses to grow your penis during puberty. It also encourages cellular growth using stem cells.

The remedy does not use combo-pills, extenders or pumps to do the job but uses the principles of science to help you gain. All the results are permanent too.

Tom Candow Penis Remedy

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