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Vision is the most important thing that connects you with the outer world. Your eyes are the windows that help you see the world, the way it is. You see the beautiful sky, trees, nature, your close ones with the help of your eyes.

Your eyes not only help you enjoy nature and your surroundings but also save you from immediate dangers. It is the first of the 5 human senses and is very important for perception and sensing the surroundings.

But often, due to strain in your eyes or changes in power, you might need spectacles or lenses to help you see better. These devices are made from superfine glass that not only provides you with a crystal clear vision but also helps you to stay aware. But they only become greased and spotted with stains and need constant cleaning.

To overcome this problem here is a product called the Peeps by Carbon Klean which swiftly cleans your glasses and lenses every time without the need for tissues.

Peeps Carbon Klean

About Peeps

This product is to clean your lenses and glasses thoroughly every time. It brushes the minutest dust particles along with the abrasive particles and removes them. Along with it, this product comes with a tong like head that has wipes in between, and it cleanses grease and moisture spots from the surface of the glass leaving no trace behind.

It works with the patented invisible carbon formula that helps it remove spots and clean thoroughly and is scratch-free. Also, this unique technology has made this product popular enough to be used in the space stations of NASA and by militaries.

How Does Peeps by Carbon Klean Work

Peeps by Carbon Klean works on all types of glasses and lenses. IThe patented invisible carbon formula makes the device easy to clean and without any scratch. It comes with two attachments, a brush with fine bristles that is very convenient to clean particles like dust, sands, and abrasives.

It also comes with a set of pads placed on either side of the tongs that can be held with one hand and the glass can be placed in between the tongs. At the same time, the device can be used to clean both sides of the glass with the cleaning pads.

Variations of Peeps

Peeps come in 5 different color variants and you can choose the color you like. The price of this product remains the same for all colors. The colors available are blue, black, green, pink and violet.

peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner

How to Use Peeps by Carbon Klean

The product is very easy to use and does not need any hassle of tissues and fluid cleaners. This product comes with an inbuilt brush attachment that has fine bristles. This brush can be gently moved on your lens and spectacle to dust off the cells and debris on the surface.

The next part is the tong like wiper, which has carbon wipes attached to its both ends. This part is specially designed to fit your glass in between and then you slowly, with a gentle force, rub it on your screen. It cleans the surface thoroughly from both sides. A single product lasts really long and can be used for more than 500 wipes.

Is the Product Safe to Use

Peeps by Carbon Klean is completely safe to use. It can be used on any spectacles, glasses, and sunglasses regardless of their frame. It does not harm the screen of the glass or special coatings that are sometimes added on the screen for saving your eyes from sunlight. It can easily be used on plastic or glass spectacles without causing any problems.

Peeps Carbon Klean review

Why Choose Peeps

  • Do you constantly find yourself wiping off your spectacles?
  • Are you constantly cleaning off the smudges from your glasses?
  • Are your spectacles constantly staying dirty and filled with dust particles?
  • Are you irritated with the constant smudges and cells that remain stuck to your frames and glasses?

This product is ideal for cleaning spectacles and glasses.

Why Choose this Product Over Other Similar Products

  • Most cleaning products come with easily tearable tissues that make the glasses further messy. This product does not need to be used with tissues or other messy products.
  • Most of the similar products require liquid cleaners that make it messier, whereas Peeps does not need any cleaners.
  • Similar products cost a heap and are often not in the budget of most people. This product is very inexpensive and thus fits into everyone’s budget.

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Benefits of Carbon Klean Peeps

  • Durable – This product is very durable and can be used for cleaning surfaces for more than 500 times.
  • Compact – Peeps is very small in size and compact in size. It has a small size and comes in a small package that makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • Weather Safe – This product is completely safe to use in any weather. It is not affected by any weather, be it humidity, cold or rain, it gives a spotless cleaning every time.
  • Environment-Friendly – This product is environment-friendly and uses no disposable tissues or wipes. It uses scientific carbon technology that is all-natural.
  • Safe – This product is completely safe to use on any type of spectacle, be it plastic or glass and lens. It does not harm the protective coverings on some glasses that are meant to protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • Enhances your Vision – Peeps by Carbon Klean cleans your glasses to give you the Chrystal clear vision that you are worthy of.
  • Diverse – This product can be purchased by selecting from the different color variants, that make it diverse and thus you can buy one each for yourself and your family depending on their favorite colors.  

Side Effects of Carbon Klean Peeps

This product is completely safe and has no side effects on the glass or plastic lens of the spectacles. It neither causes scratch on the ultra-fine glass nor damages the sensitive coatings on the glasses and thus is very safe to use without worrying about side effects. 

Price and Purchase

It is very easy to buy this product from it’s official website. You just need to have a working internet connection to buy it.

A single Peeps by Carbon Klean is priced at $19.99 only. If you are planning to gift this to someone you love, then there are numerous offers going on for bulk orders. If you buy two products, you will get one free with it and each product will come at a price of $13.33 each.

If you buy 3 Peeps, you will get 2 free along with it at $11.99 each and save a whopping amount of $39.98 on your purchase!

The best-value offer is applicable when you buy 5 Peeps and get 5 more free with your purchase ($10/each). You also get to save a massive $99.95!

Money-Back Guarantee

This product comes with a money-back guarantee that is applicable for 30 days from the date of your purchase. To avail of this policy, the product must be in unopened condition or it should have some manufacturing defects. 



Is the product safe for lenses?
The product does not cause any damage to the screens of glasses. It is used by NASA on their space crafts and by the U.S Military.

Is the product safe to use on coatings?
The product can safely be used on glass coatings A/R and causes no damage to it.

Is this product costly?
No. this product is quite inexpensive when compared to the similar cleaning products available in the market.

Can you buy this product offline?
Due to its high demand and limited stock, this product is available only online.

For how long can I use one Peeps by Carbon Klean?
This product can be used for cleaning your glass for more than 500 times.

How often should you clean your lenses?
It is recommended that you clean your glasses or lenses at least once a day.

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  • Thorough Cleaning– The product comes with a fine brush that cleans all the dust particles and carbon wipes that thoroughly cleans your glasses of oils and spots and helps you have a crystal clear vision.
  • Easy to Use– Peeps is a very user-friendly product and can be used by everyone. It requires no following of instructions or hard manuals and is thus very easy to use.
  • Trusted by Optometrists– This product is trusted by eye specialists and optometrists throughout the world and they recommend this product.
  • Scratch-Free– The product is completely scratch-free and causes no harm to your glasses as it contains a unique secret carbon formula.
  • Wide Approval– The product is widely approved by companies and individuals along with eye specialists. It is also used by NASA in their space stations and by the U.S Military.
  • Variety– Peeps by Carbon Klean come in different colors and thus, you can choose your product accordingly.


  • Availability– The product is available only online, on the official website of the manufacturers and thus not available on local shops. You must have a working internet connection to buy it.
  • Limited Stock– Peeps is limited in stock and is high in demand due to its unique properties. To get your product, you must place your order, before it goes out of stock!

Customer Testimonials

“ It is so different from other cleaners, as it needs no cleaning fluids or tissues. Thus, it is less messy and leaves no fine threads on the screen. This product is very sophisticated and small in size, thus making it very easy to carry around.”- Mike, 26, New York.

“ I love this product as it comes handy whenever I need it to clean my glasses. I hate oil smudges on my glass yet end up having them every time. After I purchased this product, I am able to get rid of these smudges and look crystal clear.”- Suzy, 24, California.  

“ It’s been almost 5 years that I have been using glasses. I always would find cell debris, dust particles deposited in the corner of my frame and fingerprints on the glass. Not only did I hate it I also ended up cleaning it with local fluid cleaners that would spoil the thin protective layer of my spectacles. One day I saw one of my friends using this and wanted to give it a try. After using it for once, I fell in love with it and purchases 3 for me. Now I have one in my car, one in my purse and one in my drawer. Thank you, Peeps!”- John, 31, New Orleans.

“ I am a practicing eye specialist and have spectacles myself. I often end up being asked how do I take care of the cleaning of my spectacles to which my answer was always different to different patients as I myself was searching for the best product for it. To my surprise one day I heard about Peeps and when I used it, I fell in love with it. It not only cleanses the glass thoroughly, but it also makes sure you don’t have a compromised vision. Today, I recommend it to all my patients.”- Monica, 42, California.  


Spectacles are one of the most important things in the lives of the people who have blurred vision. Dust particles and smudges not only ruins the quality of the vision but also deteriorates the glasses’ properties. Common glass cleaners damage the UV coverings on the glasses and often leave behind threads and particulates.

Peeps by Carbon Klean uses the unique secret carbon formula that is patented and cleans your glasses and lenses thoroughly. It causes no damage to your glass and is completely eco-friendly as it does not need any disposable tissues or clothes.

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