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The Paleo diet is the newest fitness trend that everyone is raving about. Its list of benefits is endless – from weight loss to improved energy and performance and better skin. The Paleo diet is also one of the only diets that bring results without making you invest in any fancy new products, or suck the joy out of eating by making you count calories before every meal.

Despite how easy it is, most people have trouble sticking with this diet. After starting it, they find that the food they are making does not taste good, or the recipes take too long to make, which causes them to give up on the diet before results can kick in. Let’s be honest – we were not put on earth to eat boring food, even for a noble cause like weight loss. And with the pressures of everyday life, it is just not realistic to devote hours in a day to just preparing a meal.

Are you thinking of going on the Paleo diet but the lack of food options is putting you off? Or have you already tried the diet but couldn’t stick to it because you never knew what to make after the first week? Will going on this diet make you incapable of going out with friends? These are normal questions to ask before trying out a major life change. If you have a good guide and know what you are doing, you will find that Paleo is one of the easiest diets to try.

Paleohacks Cookbook

About Paleo Hacks Cookbook

This digital cookbook is the one-stop guide for anyone who wants to try out the Paleo diet. It features simple, easy-to-make, and delicious Paleo-friendly recipes that have been created by experts who have been in the Paleo Diet community and tried and tested for years. It features over 100 recipes, ranging from sweet to savory, to ensure that you never run out of options while also enjoying good food completely guilt-free.

You are not going to be a fan of every recipe in the book, but you will have the choice and range to experiment a lot. These recipes will give you all the health benefits associated with the Paleo diet. Be it proper meals, snacks, vegetarian recipes, meat recipes, soups, salads, omelets, and soups – no matter what you are in the mood for, you find an option in this book, along with a list of substitutes.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is basically food that takes you back to simple times when obesity and lifestyle diseases didn’t exist. When the earliest humans consumed unprocessed, simple food and were strong with endless energy. This is food that your body was designed to eat before the processed food industry ruined your eating habits. The diet involves ditching everything from bread, pasta, rice, cereals, foods with sugars and preservatives. Taking these foods out of your diet results in weight loss and reduces the risk of diseases.

The Paleo diet follows two basic principles – one, feed maximum nutrition to your body, and two, ditch any food that is toxic or interferes with the functioning of your body. To achieve the first goal, you need to consume natural and organic foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, roots, and organic meats. Over processed foods loaded with artificial flavors, sugars and preservatives, as well as dairy and grains are avoided on a Paleo diet.

When you first learn about the diet, it might sound a bit too boring. Especially if you have grown up on a diet involving cheese, pizzas, hamburgers, and pasta. If this is the reason you are nervous to try the Paleo diet, don’t worry. Years of research and experiments by those in the Paleo community have led to recipes that are the farthest thing away from boring. Think pizzas, smoothies, burgers, pasta. Yes! It’s possible to modify the foods you love to be Paleo-friendly.

PaleoHacks Review

Benefits Of Paleo Diet

Since the years the Paleo diet has been in the world, it has become the reason that many people have gained back their health and energy. We usually associate diets with weight loss, but the Paleo diet has a whole range of benefits not just limited to weight loss.

Increased Energy

When you follow a Paleo diet, you get a meal rich in proteins, carbs, and vegetables from natural and organic sources. Paleo meals keep you full for longer, and without sugar in your diet, you will not crash multiple times a day. Unlike other diets that ask you to reduce calories or restrict what you are eating, Paleo just changes the source of what you eat so that you don’t feel weak or starved. Instead, you will feel fuller for longer because you are consuming a clean diet.

Weight Loss

You might get surprised by how quickly you lose weight when you switch to this diet. Especially because you don’t cut down on the food at all. The reason for this is because all the extra weight in your body is because you are consuming over-processed food. Once you cut that out of your diet, the weight starts dropping.

Prevent Diseases

One of the biggest benefits of this diet is that it makes you consume food with anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a major cause of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, as well as skin problems. Once you switch to a diet that reduces inflammation from within, you naturally become less vulnerable to these illnesses. 

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What you get with Paleo Hacks

This cookbook is not just a list of recipes. It features a range of benefits, which are as follows –

  • Delicious recipes – This cookbook features a wide variety of recipes that are easy to make and will please everyone from friends, family, and children.
  • Clear guides – This cookbook mentions precise measurements and instructions for the recipes, to make sure there is no room for error and you can make scrumptious meals really fast.
  • Tips and tricks – This cookbook has everything from tips on cooking to a list of substitutes. You will not need to refer to any other guide once you have this book.

When you buy the digital booklet, you also get a bonus gift of five manuals to help make your Paleo journey even better.

  • The Paleo Hacks 30-day Jumpstart – This is a great 30-day meal plan so that you can get started with the diet as soon as possible. Following this diet plan will give you a quick sneak peek of the ways in which Paleo will change your life, without waiting too long
  • The Eating Paleo At Restaurants Guide – Most people get stuck when they visit restaurants. How do they eat out and have fun but also stick to their diet? This book will guide you through options of meals you can order and ingredients that don’t contain sugars, dairy, and gluten.
  • The Paleo Foods And Fails Guide – This guide features customized shopping lists and ingredients substitutes so that you don’t have to consult anyone else if you get stuck when making a recipe. It solves the problem of a lack of options and also tells you which foods are in season.
  • The Paleo 4X Cookbook – This cookbook is for those who are super busy and cannot spend too much time cooking. Even those on a budget have a lot to gain from it because it features over 60 recipes that contain only 4 ingredients and are really quick to make.
  • The One-Month Paleo Meal Plan – To make getting started easy for beginners, this book comes with a guide on what to eat and how much to eat. You will not have to spend time thinking and planning if you follow this guide.

Purchase And Price

The Paleo Hacks cookbook will cost you just $12.95. In addition to over 100 recipes, you also get bonus gifts over $135 in value. The website accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. All you need to do is click on Buy, enter your contact and payment information, and complete the payment. The digital booklet will be available for download on any device.

For just $5 extra, you can also these two amazing deals –

  • Paleo Desserts Cookbook
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PaleoHacks cookbook

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy Of Paleo Hacks

The team behind this cookbook wants you to experience real change in your life. For this reason, your purchase of the book is guaranteed for a full two months so that you can experiment without worrying about money. If the recipes listed in this book don’t work for you, you are entitled to a full refund within 60 days from the date of purchase.


What is Paleo Hacks?
Paleo Hacks is a digital cookbook with 125 quick-to-make delicious recipes for those on a Paleo diet.

Who can use Paleo Hacks?
Paleo Hacks does not need anyone to have prior cooking experience. Anyone from a beginner to an advanced cook can find recipes according to their comfort level.

Where can I buy Paleo Hacks?
Paleo Hacks can be bought on the official website of the creators of the cookbook.

Can I return Paleo Hacks?
If you feel that the book fails to make a change in your life, you can return the book within 60 days from the date of purchase.

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Pros of Paleo Hacks

  • Using this cookbook does not require any previous cooking experience.
  • It contains recipes for every kind of cook – beginner as well as advanced.
  • It also has recipes for those who are busy and those on a budget.
  • It covers a wide range of food categories from soups and desserts to salads and full meals.
  • It comes with many manuals that will help those trying a Paleo diet for the first time.

Cons of Paleo Hacks

  • It can only be bought from the official website of the creators.
  • It only comes as a digital booklet.

Customer Testimonials

Amy – I had tried the Paleo diet about 3 times before. And failed every single time. I’m a working single mom so I don’t have time to brainstorm before every meal and spend an hour making it. This book has solved that problem for me. It comes with a whole meal plan and a list of ingredients. All I need is to choose a recipe, and I already have shopping lists to tell me what to buy. It’s so amazing to be able to follow this diet and watch my body transform!

Henry – I’ve always had a fatigue problem. No matter how much I exercise or how well I eat, I feel constantly tired. A few months ago, I got diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. My doctor asked me to try this diet. The difference has been incredible. I have no words to describe the difference I feel. It’s like having a second chance at life.


The Paleo Diet is one of the most revolutionary diets in the fitness world today. It not only helps you shed the extra weight but has so many other health benefits that it is popular among skinny people too. From helping you overcome conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc, to increasing stamina and improving skin health, the gains are endless. To stick to a Paleo diet, you need a list of easy to make recipes as well as fun and delicious. This is the only way to stick to this diet and make it your lifelong companion so that you can keep diseases at bay and reclaim your health.

The Paleo Hacks cookbook comes with some of the best-tasting recipes for the Paleo diet, as well as valuable tips and tricks to help you get started. The five different manuals that come as a bonus will endure that every aspect of your life is Paleo-friendly, whether you are eating out or at home. Purchase your copy of the cookbook today and unlock the secret to a slimmer body and longer life. Spend just a few minutes crafting amazing paleo recipes and watch the magic unfold.

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