“China Marches West” compares expansion of Qing Dynasty to European expansion

“China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Eurasia” student review Professor Peter Perdue’s China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Asia, undertakes an ambitious study of a much neglected topic: the westward expansion of the Qing Empire that occurred in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Three theoretical perspectives guide his work: frontier environments, … Read more

Coach Brad Brownell tops list of highest paid staff and faculty members

There are two components to student employment: Students who are paid hourly and students who have student leader agreements. In a general week in either fall, winter or spring quarters, there are between 1,900 and 2,100 student employment positions, said Cheryl Kreuger, Career Services director. Over the spring break The Guardian tried to obtain the … Read more