eWatch Review

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Manifestation Magic Review

Introduction The manifestation of the desires by visualization is no longer a secret. Everyone has read the book “The Secret”, and many have used the concept successfully. Another author, Napolean Hill, who has written “Think and Grow Rich”, touches the same topic but with a difference. He states “Our only limitations are those we set … Read more

Skintology MD Review 

Introduction Beauty is an essential part of today’s life. It is not only an integral part but also an identification of yourself. Due to the growing pollution and deterioration of the quality of food intake, beauty is often compromised and skin health gets neglected. Apart from these superficial changes to the skin, some changes like … Read more

Backyard Revolution Review

Introduction With every passing decade, all the conventional energy resources are becoming scarce. What would you think of as an alternate resource for electricity in your home? The sun. For quite some time now, man has been aware of solar energy as being quite a potent and viable energy alternative to the traditional hydropower. Solar … Read more

Venus Factor Review

Introduction With the increase in competition and work pressure, women are constantly proving themselves in both the work and home environments. This has not only empowered women but also made them prone to certain negative aspects like stress, anxiety, unhealthy food habits, etc. These habits, in the long run, has proven to make them gain … Read more