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You wake up in the morning, get ready for work, and check major news headlines while having breakfast. Usually, you just skim through news and go your way. But the past week, you have been breaking into sweats reading about Coronavirus outbreak in China. You stop skimming the news and google a few articles on how to save yourself and your family. ‘Then you give your kids strict instructions on how to maintain hygiene.

Does this picture of anxiety look familiar? If yes, you are not alone. Feelings of horror and anxiety have been common in many households despite no cases having broken in the US yet. It never hurts to take precautions. After all, it is all we can do in the face of a force of nature that is bent on taking lives. Inform ourselves and take precautions to save our loved ones.

Coronavirus is a breath-contagious virus, which means that it can transfer from a sick person to a healthy person through the air they share. To protect yourself against it, you must invest in a premium quality air mask that does not only block out pollutants but also infections. Even if you’re not too concerned about the virus itself, air masks should be a staple in every household.

OxyBreath Pro

About OxyBreath Pro

This is a mask that helps protect against illnesses that spread through the air. It also doubles up as an air pollution mask and serves 2 purposes in one tiny, powerful package. It is hugely popular among joggers and cyclists who do cardio-intensive workouts out in the open. The mask boasts of a comfortable fit that covers both the nose and mouth area snugly. It is also extremely lightweight. You can put it on and even forget you have anything.

The multiple carbon filters in this mask protect against bacteria, dust particles, allergens, and cold. These are all things that cannot be held back by a simple surgical mask. This mask also features advanced nanotechnology filters, which can reduce the risk of infection in case of an epidemic like Coronavirus.

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work

This mask has been designed in a way that it will not let impure or contaminated air touch you. It has several components that work together to clean the air you are breathing in. Let’s see what these components are –

  • Three-layer Filters – The fabric has 3 different layers of filters built-in. The outermost layer is called the particulate filter, which filters out minute dust particles. The second layer is an activated carbon filter that purifies the air you inhale. The third layer is the reinforcement filter that combines and repeats the previous steps. The air that finally reaches your nose is pure as mountain air.
  • 2.5PM Dust Filter – PM refers to particulate matter, which are microscopic pollutants that hang in the air and can cause blockages. 2.5 refers to the size of these particles. This mask is equipped with the best quality nanotechnology dust filter that will not allow PM to enter your body.
  • Built-in Valve – This mask has a built-in valve to the side that serves many purposes. First, it is essential for throwing out the carbon dioxide you breathe out. Second, it prevents dust and air pollution from entering your nose when you exhale. Third, the valve also lets moisture from your breath escape, so you do not feel stuffy when wearing the mask.

OxyBreath Pro review

Benefits of OxyBreath Pro

Breathable and Stylish

This mask is made out of a very light and breathable material called polyurethane which also acts as a filter. This material is very flexible – it allows air to pass through but blocks out impurities. Made using 3D cutting, the mask looks almost designer and will not drag your fashionable wardrobe down. It will only be a stylish add-on to it.

Inexpensive and Reusable

Worried that the mask with get dirty and you will have to invest yet again in another pair? Here’s some good news – this mask can be washed if it gets dirty. It can be washed and reused in this way for up to 30 times. Even if you wash it every day, it will last you over a month. It has stretchable ropes around the ear that do not tug and do not leave red marks.

Protects from Pollution and Illnesses

This is not just a simple air pollution mask. It has several layers of filters, a 2.5 dust filter powered by nanotechnology, and a valve. All of these together protect you from a variety of allergens, bacteria, viruses, and air-borne infections. Along with the usual protection against dust, smog and particulate matter. This mask is a single solution for your face mask needs.

Purchase and Price of OxyBreath Pro

The global scare due to China’s Coronavirus has started prompting people into taking action. Even those who are otherwise lax about using face masks are not purchasing them for themselves and their families. Keeping the situation in mind, the makers of this product are currently offering free shipping. They have also put their product on a 50% discount.

They also offer 3 budget-friendly package deals which are as follows –

  • 1 OxyBreath Pro – One OxyBreath Pro mask retails for $98, but because of the 50% discount, the price down to $49. For single individuals.
  • 2 OxyBreath Pro + 1 Free – This is the best selling deal on the website. You get 3 masks for the price of 2. The original price of buying 2 masks would have been $294, but the discount brings it down 67%. You only pay $98 for 3 masks. This is perfect for small families.
  • 3 OxyBreath pro + 2 Free – This package deal is ideal for big families. You get 5 masks for the price of 3. This gives you a 73% discount on the MRP, and you end up bagging 5 masks for just $135. This is the most value for money deal.

The website accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal. You can also avail of a 3-year warranty on the product by paying just $9 extra.

All you need to do is go on the official website and choose the package you want to buy. You will then be asked to choose your preferred payment method. Add your contact, shipping, and payment details. If you’re going to buy the 3-year warranty, check the box. Voila! It’s this simple to order the product for your family.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy of OxyBreath Pro

Since this product is an item used for hygiene and needs to be quality-checked, returns are not offered. It is for the benefit of the consumer as a no returns policy for a product of this nature helps keep up the quality. However, the manufacturers offer returns and refunds on damaged or defective products. You need to ship the product back to them within 30 days from the date of purchase, unopened and with the original packaging intact. For further queries, their customer support team can be contacted through phone or email.


What is OxyBreath Pro?
OxyBreath Pro is a face mask that protects against air pollution and illness-causing bacteria in the air.

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work?
This mask is equipped with everything to make the air you inhale cleaner – filters to keep out dust and allergens, valve to throw out carbon dioxide, and a layer of activated carbon to purify the air.

Do I need OxyBreath Pro?
If you step outside the non-purified air of the outdoors for even one second, then it is essential for you to own this mask. If you live in any of the countries prone to experiencing a Coronavirus outbreak, then you must not go without it.

Who can use OxyBreath Pro?
Any person of any age can use this mask when they go outside or interact with someone who is ill.

Where can I buy OxyBreath Pro?
You can purchase this mask from the official website of the makers and avail exciting discounts.

Can I Return OxyBreath Pro?
Unfortunately, for a hygienic product such as this, manufacturers are unable to offer returns. However, in case of a damaged or defective product, you can initiate a return within 30 days from the date of purchase.

SPECIAL OFFER: OxyBreath Pro is available at -50% DISCOUNT PER UNIT

Pros of OxyBreath Pro

  • It is made of a light and breathable fabric that does not put weight on the face and doesn’t trap moisture.
  • The ear ropes are stretchable and do not leave marks around the ear.
  • It snugly covers the mouth and nose area, not allowing impure air to enter.
  • The valve on the mask keeps moisture out.
  • It has a three-layer activated carbon filter.
  • It is washable and reusable, thus saving money.
  • Besides delivering what it promises, the mask is also very stylish.

Cons of OxyBreath Pro

  • The product does not come in different sizes and might not be of use to little kids.
  • There is a limit to how many times the mask can be reused.

Customer Testimonials

Carly – I am a marathon runner who trains every morning. I got this mask after I saw literally everyone who trains with wearing it. I must say, this is one of the best quality air pollution masks out right now. It stays put on my face and never slides down, even during heavy movement. It is comfortable to wear in public, even in summers. Pure comfort and quality all the way. So worth the money.

Shaun – These work perfectly! I’m a single dad. When my daughter caught the flu, caring for a sick child was daunting. What if I fell ill too? Who would take care of her? What if she got worse? Then I took the time to invest in this mask. After wearing this, I could stay near my sick daughter without anything happening to me. Major lifesaver!

Chris – Last week, I fell sick right before a work trip. Bought these at the airport. They were so comfortable that I even slept on the plan with them! Nobody around me fell sick and we ended up losing a major deal. This mask is a part of my work attire now. It’s both a lifesaver and a good luck charm now, haha!

Bella – I’m a nurse and masks are a big part of my uniform. I think I’m kind of an expert on face masks now because I need them both inside and outside the hospital. I’ve used so many in my life. But very few come close to the quality of this one. The activated carbon filter and the valve keep out fine dust as well as all kinds of allergens. For those who want to protect themselves from infections, take it from a nurse – this is the one you should go for.


Right now, probably the entire world is lining up to take precautions against the Coronavirus. Even if you don’t live in a prone country, the air you breathe has all kinds of allergens and fine dust particles. This is a sad reality that even the air we breathe is not clean anymore. One of the most foolproof precautions you can take is buying a good quality air mask. It will protect you and your loved ones from both air pollution and the dangers of being exposed to viruses and bacteria. It has become a staple in the lives of those who go out often.

OxyBreath Pro is one of the best quality pollution masks in the market right now. It is extremely light on the face, does not tug, or trap moisture from your breath. You will never feel stuffy while wearing it. It also has 3 layers of carbon filters to clean the air you breathe, as well as a valve that filters dust. This mask is also reusable – you can just wash it if it gets dirty. Forget having to buy a new mask every few days. Invest in something that will last for a while. OxyBreath Pro is one of your best options as it is a complete value for money.

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