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Slutty Halloween Costumes: A male perspective

Charles Grove, Sports Writer

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It’s Halloween. A time of year where it’s tradition to dress up in costume as something you’re not.

For example I’m dressing up as a Pokémon trainer this year for Halloween.  That doesn’t mean I actually caught and currently have a real life Pikachu with me or go around the world battling gym leaders for badges.  I wish I was a Pokémon trainer, but alas, it’s all pretend.

The same goes for girls dressing up in slutty Halloween costumes. Just because a girl is dressed up in high heels or a short skirt does not mean she’s really a slut. How boring would it be if a girl who was a secretary at an office went to a party dressed up as a secretary wearing her normal work attire?  Where’s the fun in that?

Also I would like to point out this is in fact, as you’ll see in the female perspective column, one night a year. It’s not like you see girls in your lectures on a Thursday afternoon dressed up in 5-inch heels wearing only a bra and panties. This isn’t an everyday occurance. Talk to me when girls are dressing up as slutty schoolgirls for their family Thanksgiving dinner.

If you choose to dress in a provocative costume this year, go big or go home. Nobody is going to remember the 16th girl at the party dressed like a nurse, be creative! It may be wise to keep pictures of yourself dressed like that off of Facebook, go live it up for one night!

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Wright State University
Slutty Halloween Costumes: A male perspective