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Wright State Parking: Shut Up and Take My Money!

Charles Grove, Sports Writer

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Yes, this is an article about parking at Wright State.  No, this article is not going to claim WSU needs to build a parking garage or that there aren’t enough parking spots on campus.  There are plenty of parking spots on campus.  Every time I drive past lot 8 by Nischwitz Stadium it’s at most three-quarters full.  So no, WSU parking is fine in that respect.

I challenge you today to walk up to the Wright State Office of Parking and Transportation located at E138 of the Student Union and attempt to purchase any sort of parking pass with United States currency.  Don’t worry; you won’t be leaving the office without it.

Wright State’s Office of Parking and Transportation has a policy that refuses to accept cash as acceptable payment.   If you look at any form of paper currency you’ll find the words “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”  If the federal government states that my cash is acceptable payment, who is Wright State to tell me otherwise?

The Coinage Act, enacted in 1965, made all coins and currency of the United States legal tender.  It is of my opinion that Wright State University flies in defiance of this federal law by denying my right to pay a debt to a public university with legal tender.

As I write this article my vehicle is parked at a parking lot at the Meijer on Colonel Glenn Hwy. as to avoid further parking tickets.  Many commuters do this – however I am no commuter.  I am a resident assistant in the Woods housing areas that is required to park there.  I don’t have the “luxury” of parking at Meijer every day and walking to class from there the few days of the week I have class; I work and live on Wright State’s campus and have done so for three years.

Parking and Transportation also has the policy that you must purchase your parking pass online.  You’re required to give them your license plate number, UID, and so on – which is understandable.  The University obviously doesn’t want one person making copies of their parking pass and handing it out to all of their friends.  But I will now have to continue to park in Meijer, on private property where they could tow my car if they wish, until Parking and Transportation gets around to checking their computers and deciding then whether they can take my money.

When I log into Wright State’s parking website and view the details of my Chevrolet Cavalier I can see lo and behold!  I am the owner of permit number “2D0632” and this residential parking pass is now “Active” until the expiration date of May 5th, 2013.  But am I allowed to pay for and physically hold the parking pass number “2D0632”? Nope.  I now have to wait until the office workers get around to granting it to me.

What can I do in the meantime besides illegally park at Meijer?  Well I could shell out more money to Parking and Transportation for a temporary pass or as the ever-so-helpful student worker at the kiosk told me, “It’s a month into the semester and you should have already purchased a parking pass!”  What a helpful public employee!

The Wright Way Policy, which are the official policies and procedures the University and students are required to abide by, states in section 3601.01 that “Campus permits are sold and issued only by the Department of Parking and Transportation.”  That is a bold faced lie by Wright State. The department may issue campus permits, but they are not for sale.

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Wright State University
Wright State Parking: Shut Up and Take My Money!