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Hitting the gym at 6 in the morning is a very tough thing to do. Even thinking about it is irritating. But, let’s say it happens. Gym at 6 AM every day and then what? What does it lead to? What happens when there is a break in training? Who takes care of that? To be able to maintain the fitness, shape, and looks of the body is very tough. It takes a lot of spirit and hard work to keep the body in balance. To be able to feel alive is something the general mass craves for.

It is incredibly tough to follow a diet routine. And to follow the diet routine along with the exercise plan is exhausting. Diet plan is mentally exhausting even to just think of it. And in most cases, the diet is improper and only leads to starvation. This way of decreasing weight gives results fast. But it is only temporary.

This doesn’t do any good to the body. It only harms the body more. There have been many attempts to find what is suitable for the human body which is also healthy. But it takes a lot of patience to work to understand what the body needs and why it reacts in a certain way.

As a fix to all of that, there is a new type of routine in town. It is called the one and done workout. This workout routine is completely on another level. It is a very adaptive workout routine. This routine has better qualities when compared with the other plans available in the market. There are no strict diet plans included in this regime. There is no specified time that the workout has to be done. There is no secret formula that has to be consumed. And most importantly there are no shortcuts. This workout plan properly strategist body movement that creates a spike in the metabolism. That’s how it works.

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The Workout Plan

The creator of this workout claims that it needs only 7 minutes to create an effect. One and done workout routine is very simple and is proved to be effective. The workout does not contain any strict and obsessive diet. It does not have any stringent rules are laws to abide by. The creator gives complete freedom to consume anything.

It is only 7 minutes that is needed to create a wave of transformation. The one and done workout routine poses no threat to the human body and well being. All the other workout routines that are present in the market right now are harmful and a huge risk. There is no certainty in which the body is considered at zero risk while following these other workout routines. There is always the risk of injuries and long-term joint and muscle damage.

But in case of one and done workout, there is no issue at all. The workout routine is completely harmless and comfortable for the joints. The creative promises a way to lose weight without going to the gym for having to spend a lot of money on protein or other unwanted nutrition. The creator also emphasizes that there is no problem with a high-intensity workout. It is only the way that it is performed that is dangerous for the human body. High-intensity training is one of the best ways to lose fat and to get fitter. It is the best way to curb the accumulation of fat cells around the belly the thighs the arms and the buttocks.

It is just a matter of perspective that has been changed. the creator has mended the ways of how to do the work out effectively and has come out with the next revision plan to minimize injury and maximize the results of the process.

How Does The One And Done Workout Work?

 The one and done workout routine is very unique. The techniques used in the workout routine are completely different from what you find in other strenuous routines. It is well planned and well-executed to make the least amount of time spent on working out to benefit in the best way possible.

It has regularised movement patterns that are followed. This movement pot patterns come at regular intervals. When this moment patterns are followed in regular intervals the body senses it. Upon sensing this rapid start and stop of body movements, the brain sense out different kinds of signals.

These signals travel to parts of the body where hormones are synthesized. One signal reaches the site where hormones are synthesized, there is a spike in a very particular kind of hormones. It is the function of these hormones that create all the change that is happening to the body.

What happens is, the brain signals which are sent to the hormone synthesis site, influences the production of special kind of hormones. These hormones specialize in burning fat. When the pattern of movement is followed for over 7 minutes, these hormones are stimulated by the brain. This stimulation of hormones stays for over 24 to 48 hours. This causes fat to be burnt by the hormones for a longer period. If this exercise is continued for a longer period, every day, then fat starts burning for a longer duration. This causes faster weight loss.

one and done workout review

How The Workout Is Done

The creator of this work out has planned it very effectively. It does not cause any excessive stress for the joints. It does not demand anything more then what can be performed at the moment. It is designed to be as comfortable as possible. This workout is effective.

What is performed here is called the Sprint Interval Training known as the S.I.T. This training does not involve any running. It does not involve any fast or rapid movements that cause danger to tissue or the body joints.

The creator has found a pattern of movement that is to be done by the body. Then, taking this pattern and putting a specific time, the routine was created.

The routine consists of the following patterns:-

  • The routine starts with a warm-up.
  • After the warm-up, there are 20 seconds of maximum effort put into a particular movement. After this movement is completed, it is followed by a period of active rest. This active rest period allows the body to rest and the heart to come down from its fast pace.
  • The cycle is then repeated.
  • The movement is performed with maximum effort for another 20 seconds followed by a period of active rest.

This pattern is followed and continued for 7 times in total. The total time taken for the workout is just over 7 minutes. The total time taken for intense workout is just over 1 minute.

That’s it! It only takes 7 minutes out of a day to make a huge difference in life.

Positive Features

There are positive features for following this program.

It not only decreases the bodyweight but also becomes the reason for the well-being of the body and mind. The features of this program are given below: –

  • Endurance: The proper following of this routine is proven to increase the endurance of the body. When the body burns fat more effectively, it loses weight which has been dragging the muscles down for a long period. This, in turn, increases the stamina of the muscles. This results in the total increase in the endurance of the body.
  • Sleep: A well-balanced body has proper rest. When the workout schedule is followed properly, the body is at work. After work, the body goes into the stage of recovery. To recover the body needs more sleep. Hence, to recover the body, sleep hormones are produced. This results in the inducing of proper sleep.
  • Loss of Weight: After following the diet, the body enters into the state of burning fat. The body sees the pattern of movement performed by the body. This registers a special signal in the brain. This signal causes the synthesis of special fat-burning hormones. The synthesis of hormones continue for 24 to 48 hours in the body. This causes fat burning in the body. This fat burning results in weight loss. This loss of weight causes a lot of good ripples throughout the body. It also affects the mind positively.
  • Flexibility: The One and Done program causes the body to attain a high level of flexibility. The movement along with the loss of fat from the joints makes the body more freely. This, in turn, enhances the flexibility of all the joints in the body. This makes it easier for the body to move and perform activities like dancing, swimming and running. There is a sense of freedom throughout the body.
  • Confidence Boost: With a fit body comes a confident mind. As the body loses more fat from the highly accumulated areas, the body becomes more free and relaxed. All the unwanted tension at the joints of the body is now released. This release of tension causes the total relaxation of the body. When the body is relaxed, the mind is affected by this. The confidence increases rapidly because of better moods. Losing arrogant belly fat creates good moods. Day to day life gets better.
  • Sharp Mindset and Focus: With the following of this routine, the mind attains a level of focus. When the body is at stress because of all the accumulated fat, it is stiff and restricted movement. As the unwanted fat melts away from the body, the same effect happens for the mind. The mind is now able to focus on different subjects with ease. There is a much better chance of success no matter where.

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Benefits of The One And Done Program

There are a lot of benefits for this workout program. The benefits are mentioned below:

  • The body loses weight in a very healthy fashion. There are no secret ingredients that help in the loss of fat. It is your body engineering that helps itself to push out unwanted materials.
  • There are absolutely no chemicals involved in the removal of fat.
  • It helps the mind to be free. The movement pattern helps the body to clear off stressful toxins. This results in a better brain function. There is more focus on all activities performed by the body.
  • The body is now more free, flexible and available for movement. This is caused by the removal of fat that restricts the joints from free movement.
  • There is no need to visit any gym or other facilities to perform these exercises. It can be done in the backyard or even inside the house.
  • The price of this program is very less. It is equivalent to the average price of the dinner that is paid by two.
  • The metabolism of the body increases and hence as the exercises continued, it increases and stays stable throughout.
  • As a bonus, the creator provides a 14-day exercise combination along with 100 green smoothie recipes to reduce fat and 51 red smoothie recipes to remove the toxins from the body.
  • All of these are available at the click of a button.

Side effects of The Program

  • There are no side effects for the program as there are no chemicals or unnatural substances involved.

Purchase And Price

 The entire program only costs $37. The subscription to the plan can be bought from the official website. The medium of instruction is high definition videos of the workouts.

Money-Back Guarantee

The creator of the program offers a 60-day cash-back policy. If there are no results, then the cash is returned to the account. No questions asked. 

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Are there any other charges?
No there are no other charges. There is only a one time charge of $37.

Is there a cash back policy?
Yes, there is a 60-day cash back policy.


  • The program is very cost-effective.
  • The program helps lose weight.
  • It makes the mind calm and lets it focus on things better.
  • It makes the body free and prone to more movement.
  • It helps in inducing better sleep.
  • It helps to have a better core and tighter muscles.
  • It helps develop a better metabolism.
  • It increases stamina.


  • It is available only in video form.
  • There is no hard copy of the program.

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Customer Testimonials

Linda ~ This program completely changed my life. I never thought just 7 minutes of my day would transform my entire being. I started off the workout and it worked magic for me. I look so much better and my confidence has gone up incredibly. I have recommended this program to all my family members and best friends.

Robert ~ I have been struggling to lose fat and weight for a long time. That went on until I discovered the one and done plan. Now my days are much better. I have lost over 30 pounds. My moods are much better and I can perform so much better at work.


The one and done program is very new in the market. It helps lose weight without causing any issue. There is no need to visit any institution or gym to perform the activities that are constructed on the videos of this program.

The body moves into hyper drive by itself because of the particular movement that is performed. The body naturally instigates the production of fat-burning hormones that causes the body to lose weight naturally. There is no use of any harmful chemicals in the losing of weight.

The mind becomes sharper and it can focus better on the activities that are performed. The body becomes more flexible and free.

All in all, this program provides a method to naturally lose weight and regain confidence. The creator has priced the program low and has provided the subscriber access to over 151 smoothie recipes as a bonus.

This program is incredible and has to be tried out.

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