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It is almost every guy’s dream to have a fit and muscular body. And it will not be too far-fetched to say that most men also desire to enhace their sex drive, especially the aging lot whose libido ought to have taken a hit. So, what could you possibly do to take care of your fitness while also improving your libido? Some men opt to work out and follow a strict diet to achieve that perfect body whereas a few others may look for other easier options. Going under the knife is another option that many people are trying out of late to get rid of any unwanted fat on their body. This procedure is commonly known as liposuction. However, not all are so daring and would rather prefer an even easier alternative to these. One such product that has been grabbing attention for all the right reasons is Nitro Strength. This dietary supplement claims to help men lose weight and build muscles while also helping them in improving their libido. But, is it worth all the hype? Let’s find out!

Nitro Strength

About Nitro Strength

Nitro Strength is a performance enhancer that is specifically designed for males. It claims to deliver mind-blowing results with regular use. As men grow older and begin aging, one of the main changes that occur in their bodies is a sudden drop in the level of testosterone as compared to their younger selves. This change especially starts becoming evident when men cross their 30’s. Nitro Strength is one of the best testosterone boosters in the market as of now.

Testosterone has many significant in your body. It is an absolute necessity for building muscles and also to improve the sex drive of men. In addition to testosterone, Nitro Strength also contains some other essential nutrients like amino acids and proteins. The presence of these nutrients in the supplement further helps you in building muscles.

If you want to maintain or build lean muscles while also wanting increase your sexual energy, then you ought to give this testosterone booster a try.


Nitro Strength has an impressive ingredient list that imparts all the beneficial properties to it. They include:

  • L-arginine -This is an amino acid that occurs naturally in many food sources like dairy and poultry. Inside your body, l-arginine turns into nitric oxide and assists your body in building protein. This activity of l-arginine offers an array of potential benefits like enhancement of male fertility and building of muscles.
  • Zinc oxide – Zinc is a significant mineral for the development and functioning of the male sex organs. A deficiency in zinc has been noted to cause lower sperm count in males. Furthermore, zinc also helps in managing your muscle health.
  • Tribulus terrestris – It is an annual plant that belongs to the caltrop family and is widely used as a supplement to promote building of lean muscles. Tribulus also helps in boosting the production of testosterone that helps in elevating the overall performance of a male’s body.
  • Maca root extract – It is derived from the maca plant that is native to Peru. This extract is observed to boost secual performance while alleviating stress. Maca root extract also helps in boosting the production of testosterone in the body, which, in turn, helps to build muscles and boost your overall strength.

Now that you have had a look at all the key ingredients present in Nitro Strength, you know why this dietary supplement is capable of standing up to all its health claims.

How Does Nitro Strength Work?

Nitro Strength Muscle

One of the main ways by which Nitro Strength works in your body is via boosting the production of testosterone. This dietary supplement contains nitric oxide boosting ingredients in it, which makes this product a lot more effective than its competitors. Nitro Strength also accelerates the flow of blood in your body, thus also aiding in pumping your muscles.

The boosting of testosterone by Nitro Strength further provides its users with an increase in stamina and energy. Another effect of this supplement is that it helps in enhancing the sex drive of men. It is the improved production of testosterone and nitric oxide that aids in improving the libido of males.

Nitric oxide is known to act as a vasodilator in the body. It thus helps the inner muscles of your blood vessels to relax. The relaxation of your blood vessel muscles helps the blood flow to your vessels to increase. Nitric oxide thus helps the blood vessels of your penile chambers to expand, thereby helping in treating sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.

In addition to blood flow, the flow of nutrients and oxygen to all the blood vessels in your body also increases. This increase helps in boosting your exercise performance and also helps you to recover fast post an intense workout.

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Benefits of Nitro Strength

The following is a list of benefits that you can enjoy by regularly taking Nitro Strength.

  • Boosted strength and stamina – Nitro Strength provides its users with a boost of energy and stamina that helps them in being more physically active. Men who cross their 30’s often have to take a hit on sex dive as well as physical energy. However, upon taking this supplement, all the men out there will get to experience an energy boost that will help them perform better both at the gym as well as in the bedroom!
  • Enhanced muscles – One of the most important claims made by Nitro Strength is that it will assist its users in building muscles. This supplement is a testosterone and nitric oxide enhancer. Both testosterone as well as nitric oxide helps in the building of muscles as well as in boosting the energy required for men to be able to workout tirelessly.
  • A reduction in recovery time post intense workouts – Along with its ability to assist in building your muscles, you will also notice that Nitro Strength helps you recover faster after an intense workout or exercise. Thus, you will be ready to hit the gym more sooner than you thought.
  • Ability to do intense and pump workout – Nitro Strength helps you become more energetic and also helps in reducing your post workout recovery time. These benefits provided by the supplement makes your body capable of taking up more challenging workouts and therefore also helps you build more muscles in the process.
  • Boosted testosterone levels in the body – This benefit of Nitro Strength has been focused on multiple times in this post. Due to the excellent composition of this dietary supplement, it helps in boosting the production of testosterone in your body. An increased supply of testosterone is what that provides your body with more energy.
  • Improved sex drive – Other than increased energy, another effect of increased testosterone production in the body is that it laps boosts your sex drive. So, if you have seen your libido go down of late, Nitro Strength will help you get it right back.
  • Increased fat loss – While helping you build muscle, the presence of nitric oxide in Nitro Strength also helps in assisting fat loss. Hence, you will get your dream body sooner than you thought.
  • Harder erections – One of the main functions of Nitro Strength is that it helps your body to produce more nitric oxide due to its composition. A boost in the production of nitric oxide in your body causes the blood vessels in your penile chambers as well as other body parts to expand. This expansion results in an increased flow of blood to your blood vessels and you will thus get to experience harder erections during sex.

As already discussed, Nitro Strength is able to deliver all the above benefits to its users owing to its testosterone and nitric oxide boosting properties. These properties of this supplement mainly come from the powerful yet natural ingredients used in making it.

Nitro Strength Reviews

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

For the benefits that Nitro Strength offers its customers, the pricing of the product is decent. Depending on the package you decide to buy, the price of this supplement may vary a little. Given below are the different buying options available for Nitro Strength.

buy Nitro Strength

Nitro Strength is also offering a 100% money back guarantee if you return the product within 30 days of purchase. However, you should be meeting some criteria in order to claim a complete refund. First and foremost, the product must be unused and unopened if you want to get a refund. The second requirement if you wish to get your money back is an RMA number. You must pay for the shipping of all the products that you are returning. A restocking fee of $5 per unit will also be redeemed from the refund amount.

For all returns, you must first contact the customer service of the company. The customer service executive attending you will then provide you with an RMA number that should be placed on the product you want to return.

You can also opt to return or exchange a damaged product that you may have received. To go about with the exchange process you will again have to get in touch with the customer service and follow their instructions.

You can contact the customer service of Nitro Strength at (888) 422-9040, which is a toll-free number.

Side Effects

Since Nitro Strength is mainly composed of all natural ingredients, it has not been associated with any side effects in its users.

However, it is recommended that you keep a close eye for any reactions that you may experience from using Nitro Strength and consult a doctor immediately in case of such a development.

It is also important that you workout regularly, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy while on this supplement. Another tip that you must abide while taking Nitro Strength or any supplements is limit your alcohol intake and avoid any recreational activity.

Customer Reviews

Now, let us take a quick look at what the users of Nitro Strength have to tell about this amazing product.

Shane – I have been using Nitro Strength for about 2 months now and the results are phenomenal! I am a man in my 40’s and it will not be an understatement to say that I had developed a lazy bone with my advancing age. I was no longer all that physically active and this has started reflecting on my physique and strength. But, I knew that I had to take things in control before things began worsening. I came across Nitro Strength online and was ecstatic to see that it was offering everything that I was looking for in a product at that time. I wasted no time and quickly placed an order for it. It took about a week for me to notice the positive difference it had on my strength and stamina. I didn’t feel all that tired as I easily did prior to taking the pills and was also able to workout for longer. I also noticed that Nitro Strength had a positive impact on my sex drive and there is nothing more I could ask of it. I would highly recommend all me above their 40’s to give this supplement a try!

George – The only thing on my mind when I first purchased a bottle of Nitro Strength was to build muscles and also to get rid of all that flab around my stomach and arms. I noticed a remarkable difference in my energy and strength within weeks of using this supplement. I also began to hit the gum a lot more often as compared to before. The surprising benefit that Nitro Strength offered me was that it enhanced my sex drive and how! My partner couldn’t have been happier and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you Nitro Strength!

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

 Nitro Strength looks like a promising performance enhancer that needs to be given a try for one to understand what it has to offer. So, do not waste a second longer and place an order for this supplement immediately if you want to benefit faster from it.

nitro strength review

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