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March For Science holds second annual rally

Holly Souther, Features Writer

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On Saturday April 14, The March for Science held its second annual rally globally to advocate for prominent scientific issues such as climate change. The main march took place in Washington D.C., while over 200 minor events were scheduled to happen in other countries, as reported by multiple news outlets.

A variety of speakers at the marches and rallies shared stories about letting people’s voices be heard in the scientific world, particularly people of color and women and making scientific information, resources, and education available to everyone; not just scientists, according to CNN news.

“Science Not Silence” and “Science Serving the Common Good” were popular slogans found on signs, while others chanted about the importance of science. In populous places such as New York and D.C, protesters walked around with signs reflecting their opinions about furthering scientific research or about current policies implemented in for science.

“I also believe science education in school and beyond is vital to create future generations of scientists and develop innovative research and cure various diseases,” said Mackenzie Mittleman, a March for Science protester and supporter, in a CNN news article.

March for Science had larger crowds last year with over 1.3 million people protesting around the world compared to this year’s much smaller numbers.

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March For Science holds second annual rally