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Nor’easter continues to slam New England

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Tevin Carter-Tolbert, Sports Writer

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The New England region of the United States has been hit hard from the nor’easter storms this past week. Many means of transportation and lifestyles have been changed of affected from this storm.

Nor’easter storms are storms that feature winds off the Atlantic Ocean. Northeastern states are usually affected between the months of September through April, according to The Weather Channel.

CNN reports that, “the National Weather Service of Boston officially declared the storm a blizzard at noon Tuesday after three straight hours of blizzard conditions. Wind gusts reached 69 mph in places as much of coastal Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine bore the brunt of the storm.”

Gov. Charlie Baker said Massachusetts saw about 175,000 power outages. They expect this number to rise as an increase of snow fall comes at a pace of about 1-3 inches per hour, according to CNN.

One resident spoke on how she has actually enjoyed this weather. Virginia Riley told CNN that “it hasn’t stopped snowing or blowing and I’d guess we have around 10 inches so far. I love this weather and it hasn’t affected me at all. But I know it is wreaking havoc with so many others. A storm like this on the tail end of the other two we have had isn’t great for some people. I just hope everyone is safe and in a warm place.”

The Boston area is expecting snowfall totals of 12 to 20 inches. Boston schools closed for Tuesday and a snow emergency in the city went into effect Monday night.

As for travel, they have seen heavy cancellations. It is reported by CNN that around 1,550 flights were canceled Tuesday, most of them coming to or from Boston Logan International Airport. Amtrak temporarily suspended its Northeast Corridor service between Boston and New York until at least 11 a.m. on Tuesday. Also, all Massachusetts ferry services have been suspended in expectation of blizzard conditions. The Boston mayor asked residents to stay off the roads and, if needed, to take public transportation.

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Nor’easter continues to slam New England