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Student Government Association works with state representatives

Sarah Cavender, News Writer

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Since August, members of Wright State’s Student Government Association (SGA) have been traveling to Columbus every few weeks to work with representatives and lawmakers on bills.

“It has been a combination of meeting with state representatives, senators, chancellor of higher education and testifying before several committees in support of bills,” said Daniel Palmer, Chief Justice for SGA said

Palmer and Ivan Mallett have been the leaders of the work in Columbus.

“We have never been more politically engaged in the history of WSU or SGA,” said David Baugham, SGA President. “One of our SGA principles is to ‘Think big; push boundaries.’ This year, we decided to think big by taking our advocacy for students to the next level and by advocating at both the local and state level. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the incredible work that Daniel Palmer and Ivan Mallet have done in leading the Judicial Branch of SGA.”

Throughout their time at the state house in Columbus SGA has worked with representatives such as Rick Perales, Mike Duffey, Kent Smith, Gary Scherer, Scott Lipps, John Barnes, Martin Sweeney and representative Jim Butler.

“SGA has worked with over 40 representatives and senators since this past August. We have been called the “Wright State Crew” and often times get stopped in the halls of the Statehouse or Riffe Center,” Palmer said.

Palmer also said they hope to meet with the governor soon. “The staff said a meeting could be entirely possible the next time we are up.”

Bills that SGA has worked on have started to make progress; House Bill 66 was passed and will be referred to the Senate. The tax-exempt textbook bill, House Bill 337 will be sent out of committee and the Speakers Challenge was introduced recently.

“It has been such a great experience overall. We are becoming well known up there and the Representatives move their schedule to meet with us. It has been an extremely awesome experience,” Palmer said.

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Student Government Association works with state representatives