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Chartwells slashes employee hours in wake of decreased sales

Sarah Cavender, News Writer

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Earlier this month, an anonymous employee reported that Chartwells had cut the hours of employees throughout campus dining facilities.

There has been a decrease in sales across campus dining, according to Wright State Hospitality Services. They credited the decrease in sales with the decrease of population of students, faculty and staff.

This may not be the first time for the hours of employees to be cut or changed.

“Each semester Wright State Hospitality Services adjusts associate schedules based on the level of business in the dining locations on campus,” said Amber Reading, director of marketing.

Although Chartwells is unionized, their president was unable to comment on their current hour’s adjustment.

“These adjustments are based solely on the dining needs of Wright State,” said Reading. The agreement between Chartwells and the union acknowledges that such changes may occur at any time during the semester should the need arise based on the demands of the business.

Chartwells runs dining operations across campus and have both student and non-student employees serving.


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Wright State University
Chartwells slashes employee hours in wake of decreased sales