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Wright State joins hurricane donation efforts

Lucas Gonzalez, News Editor

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Wright State is one of the latest colleges to donate to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

The athletics department has donated ten boxes of clothing and shoes to victims, according to a WDTN report.

To deliver the items, athletics reached out to The Expediting Company, a trucking company based in Vandalia.  The current president, Gabe Knight, is a former golfer for Wright State. Knight has described the hurricane as a tragedy, and said he is happy to help those in need.

Bob Grant, Director of Athletics, said that students, athletes and coaches rallied together to assist victims. After seeing the images of the aftermath, people came together to assist. “We’re trying to do our small part to help with the disaster down in Houston,” Grant said.

A tweet from Kelvin Sampson, basketball coach of the University of Houston, is what prompted the donations to the people of Texas.

“I have had so many of my friends in the coaching profession text and call offering prayers and thoughts for all Houstonians… Well, I came up with something I think coaches at all levels can help with,” Sampson tweeted.

Sampson requested 20 t-shirts, 10 pairs of shoes, and whatever help people could give if they could not meet his request.

Since then, various school athletic departments from across the country have stepped up to donate clothing and shoes to hurricane victims in Houston.

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Wright State University
Wright State joins hurricane donation efforts