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The Lot 4 gate might not be permanent

Kristin Baughman, News Editor

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The recent gate added to lot 4, one of the largest parking lots on campus, has caused an increase in traffic, as well as complaints from students.

According to Sarah Barrett, Manager of Energy Conservation and Utilities, the installation of the gate was due to safety concerns of both pedestrians and motorists.

“This was a suggestion to eliminate that entrance based on the current layout of the area and the fact that lot 4 has two other entrances,” Barrett said. “We are aware this is a major change to anyone who utilizes University Boulevard.”

This gate was installed as test to change the current traffic pattern, according to Barrett.

“We have been monitoring the area and will continue to, as this test will run until the end of the semester,” Barrett said.

An evaluation will be done at the end of the semester to determine if the gate should remain closed.

“If the gate does not help to relieve the safety issues we will open and/or repurpose the gate once again,” Barrett said.

The installation of this gate has caused one WSU students to change their morning schedule.

“It’s really frustrating, because I now have to leave at least 20 minute earlier than normal,” Mikayla Turner said, 20-year-old business major. “But at this point there’s not much I can do, so I just have to deal with it.”

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Wright State University
The Lot 4 gate might not be permanent