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Select vending machines across campus now accept credit cards

Dylan Dohner, News Editor

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Wright State students can now use their credit cards at select campus vending machines when making purchases.

Twenty five machines were equipped with the Wright State-funded card readers near the beginning of this academic year. Locations include the Dunbar Library basement, Oelman 1st floor, Millet’s basement and Rike’s basement, with plans to add new vending machines and readers on Medical Sciences 1st floor soon.

Card Reader

The readers take Wright1 and Flex Dollar$, Visa, MasterCard and Discover card at a $3 maximum transaction per swipe.

“The highest-priced item in the glass-front machines is $3, so the reader gives you enough money to buy up to that,” said Campus One Card and Vending Manager Steve Adams. “Any cheaper items cost their normal amount.”

A transaction acts as any other, with normal latency between purchase and purchase history on an individual’s bank account. The transaction reads as “Wright State University Vend” on accounts, and all credit card fees are absorbed by the campus at about 5 to 6 cents per purchase.

The Vending service has been attempting to acquire the readers for around 2 years due to the Payment Card Industry and their tight standards on compliance to accept credit card information.

“So far, we’re seeing a good response at a couple hundred dollars a day,” said Adams of the readers’ revenue.

Students also have favorable reactions to the readers.

“It’s just easier,” said freshman Aaron Neil. “I always use my credit card for all my purchases anyway, and I never have actual money on me, so this actually feels normal.”

Vending has always tried to be for the student, according to Adams, with ease of access and efficiency being key contributors.

“We have to try to be convenient for students,” said Adams. “If this system continues to take off like it’s doing, in the next year or two we will probably have every vending machine on campus equipped with these readers.”


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Wright State University
Select vending machines across campus now accept credit cards