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WSU’s police chief discusses changes in campus safety

Taylor McKinley, Contributing Writer

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David A. Finnie, recently appointed as chief of police for Wright State University, has many plans for the university regarding safety improvements.

First serving as an assistant police chief in 2005, then the interim police chief in 2013, and now the chief of police for Wright State, Finnie is already well-versed in campus affairs. With this experience and the help of faculty, staff and students, he hopes that the university can reach its maximum level of safety.

Finnie has set several goals for the police department at Wright State.

“One of the goals that I set forth for our department is to have partnership and collaboration. As a department we want to be able to further enhance and further develop relationships and cooperation with other campus departments as well as local law enforcement,” Finnie said.

Also on the list of planned changes are increased diversity and a more enriched public image.

“Another important thing is diversity,” Finnie said. “I would like to further enhance and develop to recognize and respect the diversity within the campus community and enhance diversity in our staff.”

A unique way that faculty, staff and students can help maintain a safe campus is through a public safety app. This free app will be customized to Wright State University for individuals who see suspicious activity or witness a crime in progress.

The app enables users to call 9-1-1 or the campus police department. It also allows the campus dispatch center and campus police officers to receive notifications in real time. This hands-on tool features a GPS locator, which signals the location of the person reporting the activity, allowing help to arrive more quickly. Individuals can report activity by phone call or text message and can also opt to include a photo or video of the scene.

The app is set to be available by fall semester.

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Wright State University
WSU’s police chief discusses changes in campus safety