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Iraqi students encouraged to attend WSU

Leah Kelley, News Editor

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WSU is in receipt of 60 graduate applications from Iraqi students who wish to attend the Dayton WSU campus. 

In August of last year, a delegation of five WSU staff met with the Iraqi Cultural Office to discuss a resolution to find a placement for Iraqi scholarship students at WSU. The scholarship includes a stipend, as well as paying completely for tuition and related fees, excepting housing and textbooks.

Single students will receive $2,200 monthly while students accompanied by a spouse and two or more children will receive $3,700.  The health insurance of these students will be paid directly by the Iraqi Cultural Office, according to the Iraqi Cultural Office based in Washington D.C.

“At this moment, we have about 60 [students], half MS, half Ph.D.  How many enroll we will not know until later,” Associate Vice President for International Affairs Stephen Foster said in an e-mail.

The incentives to attend WSU are certainly there, but it is yet to be seen how many Iraqi students will attend WSU in the fall semester.

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Wright State University
Iraqi students encouraged to attend WSU