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WSU English Lecturer in critical condition after fall

Luke Huelskamp, Contributing Writer

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Wright State University’s Jimmy Chesire is currently in a medically induced coma after falling and suffering a cracked skull at Ellis Pond last Sunday.

According to Yellow Springs News, Chesire, an English Lecturer at WSU, remains in critical but stable condition while recovering. The fall took place on Sun. July, 7th at Ellis Pond, north of Yellow Springs, Ohio, Chesire’s town of residence.

Following brain surgery, doctors at the Kettering ICU placed Chesire into a medically induced coma. The length of time that Chesire will be under the effects of the induced coma is uncertain. There is also an uncertainty about the extent of brain damage resulting from the accident.

Exactly how the accident happened is unknown. Chesire was taking his dog for a walk around Ellis pond that afternoon. An anonymous person found Chesire in wet clothes on a park bench with a bump on his head. The person called 911 but left the scene afterwards, so there were no eyewitnesses.

WSU Graduate student Zach Moore said he hopes that Chesire has a speedy recovery.

Moore said that Chesire had a distinct way of making all the students feel comfortable and on the same level, Shocked by the news of the accident, Moore said he is kept up to date with Chesire’s condition via Facebook.

Chesire’s Facebook page, updated by family, keeps friends and colleagues posted on Chesire’condition.

“It’s like we all feel the pain of the accident, he has touched so many people” said Moore

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Wright State University
WSU English Lecturer in critical condition after fall