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Fraternities and sororities raise money for good causes through campus events

Kelsey Anne Smith, Contributing Writer

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On March 22nd, some of Wright State’s finest young men participated in Mr. WSU, a
scholarship pageant for men. Judges critiqued the participants on their talent, active wear,
business wear, and interview.

As a fundraiser hosted by the Delta Zeta sorority, Mr. WSU has been a tradition for the last
11 years. “We had guys dancing, singing, playing guitar, playing the piano,” said Brittanie
Koerper . “And they all were really good too, it was great to watch.”

For the past eleven years, Alex Alexander, the MC and teacher in the Communication
Department, has been helping Delta Zeta run the event. Proceeds go to Delta Zeta
philanthropies, such as the Panted Turtle camp, The House Ear Institute, Gallaudet University,
and The Starkey Hearing Foundation.

This year, Trae McClelland was crowned Mr.WSU 2013, with Peyton Jones and Andrew
Robbins receiving first and second runner up. McClelland received a $1500 scholarship, Jones
received a $400 book scholarship, and Robbins, received a $300 book scholarship in addition to
a $350 scholarship for being crowned Mr. Congeniality.


For the past 29 years, Phi Kappa Tau and Zeta Tau Alpha have been teaming up to bring an
annual philanthropy event, Wake, to Wright State.

“Wake is a celebration of the bond that our two chapters formed so long ago,” said Chris
Denman. With alumni from each chapter making an appearance, this event has been helping this
sorority and fraternity together.

This year, the event took place at W.O. Wright’s on March 23rd, and raised over $300 for charity.

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Wright State University
Fraternities and sororities raise money for good causes through campus events